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Introduction: Contreras of Santiago De Pinos, Jalisco

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By ricardo.infante - Posted on 16 October 2016

Greetings all.

My name is Ricardo Contreras Infante. Genealogy has been a passion of mine for over five years. This all started back in 2010, when my paternal grandfather passed away. At the time of his death, I did not know how he looked nor what his name was. The same goes for my grandmother who died prior to me being born. After finding my father's birth certificate, which listed the names of my grandparents, great grandparents, and where they lived, I became interested in ancestry. After years of searching through every single microfilm in the San Sebastian Del Oeste archives on, I was able to use this information to find the names of my grandparents's family. In 2015, I traveled to San Sebastian Del Oeste on my own to locate potentially family members. Despite not speaking Spanish well enough, I was able to track down my grandmother's last living sister, who also lead me to my grandfather's surviving siblings who now live in Mexico city. I take solace in that despite not meeting my grandparents, I got to know them through their family and through visiting the rancho.

Though I've barely opened an account here, I've actually been a frequent viewer of this site. I greatly appreciate the users here in the past who have posted very informative information here concerning genealogy for Jalisco and Aguascalientes.Through this website, I have wider grasp on things such as the Casta system used by the Spanish and the terms one has to be knowledgeable when reading records.

After years of research,I was able to trace my lineage back to Xptobal(Cristobal) De Contreras and Catharina Sanchez of Mascota, Jalisco. Both individuals were born in the late 1600s and fathered a son named Xptobal De Contreras Sanchez, who was born around 1702 and whom later went on to live in Santiago De Pinos in the San Sebastian Del Oeste municipality. Unfortunately, the records for Mascota only go to the 1800s. I also believe that Mascota may not have had a church in the 1700s as evident by all the people who lived there who would go to San Sebastian Del Oeste to get married and to baptist their children. However the most of the records for the early 1700s and the 1600s in San Sebastian are missing. It's my belief that they were lost in an earthquake in 1868 when the church was damaged.

Anyway, what got me to make an account here is what a user said in this topic: Gmotovar :"Este Alonso de Contreras sería el genearca de varios de ese apellido en la región (antigua Provincia de Avalos)"

It is my belief that my oldest ancestor, Xptobal De Contreras of the village of Mascota, Jalisco, is possibly a great great grandson of the Conquistador. Alonso De Contreras Lerma. This conclusion is based on the on what Gmotovar said as well as researching the whereabouts of Alonso known descendants whom lived in areas like Autlan, Cocula, Zacoalco, Tljaomulco, Tecolotlan, and Sayula. All these locations are very close to Mascota.

If anyone can confirm that Alonso is the ancestor of the Contreras family members, who settled in Western Jalisco in the early 1600s, that would be greatly appreciate.
If anyone can give me any hints on where to look for baptism records for people in Mascota for the late 1600s, I would be very grateful.


Algunas familias se asentaron tempranamente en Colima. Hay en línea un libro PDF llamado "andariegos y pobladores de nueva españa y nueva galicia s.xvi" de Miguel Romero de Solís, hay varias personas con el apellido Contreras.

Podrías revisarlo, está en orden alfabético. Espero te sirva.



He finalice la búsqueda que pdf. Se señalan los miembros de la familia Contreras que vivió en la antigua provincia de Avalos en la Nueva Galicia, cerca del pueblo de Mascota.It hace que yo también podría ser un descendiente de Miguel De Contreras y Guevara.

He buscado a través de las despensas de Guadalajara y me pareció el registro de matrimonio de un Miguel De Contreras Sánchez, que es el hermano de mi antepasado Xptobal (Cristóbal) De Contreras Sánchez. Actualmente estoy pasando por este registro de matrimonio y con la esperanza de encontrar más pistas sobre mi linaje Contreras.

El registro es bastante difícil de traducir. Dice cosas como "tiene parentesco con ALGUNAS Familias nobles" y "emparentado con mucho Familias del".

Tengo enlace al registro de matrimonio aquí.

Esto es lo que sé ahora. Mis antepasados ​​más antiguos conocidos, Xptobal (Cristóbal) De Contreras y Catalina Sánchez eran residentes de Mascota y nacieron en algún momento a finales de 1600. Tuvieron dos hijos conocidos: Miguel De Contreras Sánchez y mi antepasado Xptobal (Cristóbal) De Contreras Sánchez, que nació alrededor de 1702. Más tarde se trasladó a Santiago de Pinos.

I have been looking for my 4th great grandfather Joseph Alvino Contreras whose children were born in Salinas, San Luis Potosi, but I don't know where they lived before, since they married into the Rodriguez Delgado in my maternal line, Rdz from Asientos, Aguascalientes and Delgado from Zacatecas. But Jalisco is nearby and the Contreras were in Abundance and married to everyone it seems.

So I looked at your dispensa de 3er Grado and though I am not great at these old records, I understood that all eligible men were related to her in Grado 4th and up and she was an orphan of a father and her mother had to leave a lot to the mines and she was taken care of by her stepfather Cayetano Peres who had 5 girls to take care of as well so she was poor though her many relatives did help they would not be able to take care of her forever so it would be in the best interest if they (Church) gave the dispensa so he (miguel Contreras) could take care of her.

Petrona de la Pena is related to Miguel de Contreras as follows:

Pedro Sanches + Catharina de Oliva They had two girls, francisca and maria sanches

Francisca had Juan de la Pena who had Petrona de la Pena

Maria had Catharina Sanchez who had Miguel de Contreras

So are Catharina Sanchez's parents are Francisco Sanchez and Maria Sanchez? Hopefully I can use this info to track down the name of her husband, Xptobal De Contreras's parents.

While searching the Guadalajara Dispensas marriage records, I found another son of Xptobal and Catharina Sanchez. This child is named Pedro De Contreras, who married Theresa de Amaral in 1732.

Says here that Xptobal is the first cousin of Theresa's mother, Juana De Garcia, through their mothers. Unfortunately, that doesn't give me a maiden name to attach to Xptobal De Contreras.

I feel that I'm so close to a break through. Does anyone else know of available records for Mascota, Jalisco that are earlier than 1750?

In answer to your question FRANCISCA (husband's name not mention) Sanchez had a child name juan de la pena. Juan de la Pena had the Bride Petrona de la Pena

Maria Sanchez (husband's name not mention had Catharina (husband name not mention but is known as Christoval de Contreras per your records as your ancestor) Catharina and Christoval had Miguel de Contreras.

Could you include the dispensa for Pedro de Contreras and Theresa de Amaral of 1732?
I checked for records and did not find any but maybe their dispensa has some info that might help.

I first want to say thank you for the help so far.

Here's Pedro's marriage record.

I've also made a tree for the info being discussed.

L5BH-K46 this is record ID in You can also use their names to locate record created with this information of dispensa that is attached. What is odd that there seems to be no records matching at all. They seem to be like those of San Luis Potosi where they have not been worked on. This could mean you will have to find records and add them from the record image since they have not been added. Maybe someone can help find out if the records of Mascota, Jalisco of the early years are located with another town and then if they have been indexed.

The Dispensa states that Theresa Amaral 18 yo Born abt 1714 is pregnant and that Pedro de Contreras 18 to 20 yo born abt 1712 (this is what priest wrote) promised her marriage and has not honored his proposal. She fears her father will kill (lo mata)(not susre if baby or Pedro) She has moved out of the house to the house of Don Thomas de Abalos so that her parents will not try to reach her with little notes as they (thomas and wife) won't allow it.​ Pedro de Contreras states he has not honored his proposal in fear of her father. The testigos are Don Manuel Fernandes de Lara 37yo, Pedro Rubio Feliz 60yo and Estevan Navarro 60 yo.

Only the names of the couples parents are given and only Estevan Navarro states they are children from sisters but no names.

Sister 1 married to Mr. Garcia has Juana Garcia (+Lorenso Amaral) who has Theresa Amaral

Sister 2 marries Mr. Contreras who has Christobal de Contreras (+Catharina Sanchez) who has Pedro de Contreras

Had no idea marriage records went into that much detail.
You don't happen to know how old Miguel De Contreras was in his record? Maybe by using all their ages, I can determine when Cristobal and Catarina got married.

I have my ancestor Cristobal De Contreras's marriage record to my grandmother (his 2nd marriage) if it helps.

I'm gonna go through all of these microfilms this weekend. A lot of people from Mascota came to San Sebastian for marriage and baptism. Unfortunately there's a gap in the records around the early 1700s and late 1600s. If they're willing to travel that far, makes me think that they're probably wasn't a church until the 1800s in Mascota?

In his IM it does not state he was married prior to this marriage. Christobal is 41 yo and his bride Gertrudis Casares is 18 yo. It also states he was originally from Mascota and is now a citizen of San Sebastian Martir, Encarnacion de Diaz, Jal. of 3 years. The age given is usually off a couple of years for females and sometimes up to 10 years for men (my experience only). His testigos are 50 yo, 49 yo and 36 yo. None of them mentions his prior marriage only that they knew him well and his parents.

His Brother Pedro has a birthdate of around 1712 and women usually had children up to 25 years if they married young (my experience only) All of this together would help you set a timeframe of birth for parents.

Thanks for your help. Ill let you know if I find more info when I search all the marriage records San Sebastian has available.

I had a question: Has all the guadalajara dispensas been indexed yet or is it still in progess? I found the marriage records of Pedro and Miguel via guadalajara dispensas Tumblr.

Btw based on your experience, how common is it for a son to name a child after his father or grandfather? I've seen that happen a lot in my tree. Makes me wonder whether Miguel or Pedro could be named after the father or grandfather of Xptobal De Contreras. IF that's the case, I'll make sure to save any records with those names.

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