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Parents of Cristobal Leal cc Francisca de Ayala

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By Nandin - Posted on 03 October 2016

Hello, Cousins.

Recently saw in my inbox a discussion on the Leal de Ayala family. Don't know how to respond via that method, so I'm posting my comments on this forum.

I, too, descend from Agustin Gomez de Mendoza and Maria Leal de Ayala (dtr of Joseph Leal de Ayala and Josefa de Carvajal y Lomelin). Maria's paternal grandparents are Cristobal Leal and Francisca de Ayala. All this is researched and well-known. Jaime Holcombe wrote of them and Mariano Gonzalez-Leal included a chapter on Leal de Ayala in his invaluable Retoños.

What I have not seen published are the parents of Cristobal Leal. Of course, I may have missed it. But just in case...

In the Guadalajara protocolos of Diego Perez de Rivera is the 30 Nov 1665 testament of Cristobal Leal originally from La Huasteca, Provincia de Panuco. His parents were Juan de Cervantes and Juana Leal, both deceased. He named his wife Francisca de Ayala, hl of Antonio de Llamas and Mariana de Ayala, and stated her dowry had been 1500 pesos. He named the following eight children: Joseph, Maria (cc Felipe de Rivera), fray Tomas, Juana, priest Antonio, Cristobal Leal, Francisca Leal de Ayala and Gertrudis de Ayala y Leal.

In the Guadalajara protocolos of Jose Lopez Ramirez is the 30 Jul 1687 testament of Francisca de Ayala, hl Antonio Llamas and Mariana de Ayala, both deceased. Her husband Cristobal Leal was also deceased. She named the following seven children: Maria, Gertrudis, Francisca, Joseph Leal, fray Tomas, priest Antonio, and Juan Leal (deceased).

On page 137 of his edited letters, Jaime Holcombe referred to Cristobal Leal's testament and mentioned where to find it. I don't think he ever had a chance to see it.

I just posted in Dropbox my FGS of Cristobal Leal cc Francisca de Ayala and Joseph Leal de Ayala cc Josefa de Carvajal. These were done some time ago and are incomplete, but may be of help to someone.

Mary Lou Montagna

Dear Mary Lou,

I did not have this valuable information. After I finish my Esparza book, I will get to work on trying to extend those lines.

Thank you,


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