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Lope Ruiz de Esparza 'el menor' is the 3rd cousin to St. Francisco Javier de Jasso

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By Visitor - Posted on 28 September 2016

Lope Ruiz de Esparza 'el Menor' is the 3rd cousin of St. Francisco Javier de Jasso

1). Sancho Ruiz de Esparza, alcalde de la Corte Mayor de Navarra, his wife, Juana Zariquegui are the parents of Simon Ruiz de Esparza. Simon has a sister named Catalina Ruiz de Esparza that is the ancestor of Saint Francisco Javier (Jasso). See her line at the bottom of the page. This Catalina Ruiz de Esparza is not the same Catalina Ruiz de Esparza that had an affair and a daughter with King Charles II.

2). Simon Ruiz de Esparza b. Before 1495 and Graciana Huici (Vici) are the parents of Martin Ruiz de Esparza.

3). Martin Ruiz de Esparza y Huici (Vici), señor del palacio de Esparza (Galar), vecino de Pamplona and Maria de Espinosa (Spinosa) are the parents of Lope Ruiz de Esparza. Martin also has a son named Pedro Ruiz de Esparza.

We have lawsuits from Martin Ruiz de Esparza y Huici (Vici) against cousins and possibly in laws that are using the family name without his permission. His brothers, Lope and Pedro also sue distant cousins. Martin and his sons hold the prestigious titles of señor de Los palacios de Estrada and are suing and asking the court to defend their rights.

4). Lope Ruiz de Esparza (el mayor or el viejo) abogado de las Audiencias Reales, señor de los palacios de Esparza (Galar) y Zariquiegui vecino de Pamplona and Ana Diez de Eguino are not married. They have a (natural) son named Lope Ruiz de Esparza.

5) Lope Ruiz de Esparza (el menor) ( b.1569 d.14 Aug 1651 in Mexico, Distrito Federal) married in 1594 to Ana Francisca Gabai Moctezuma, a descendant of Moctezuma II. Lope has a brother named Capitan Andres Ruiz de Esparza (b.1542) that came to Mexico before Lope. There is a third brother named Pedro Ruiz de Esparza that stayed in Spain. I personally read a primary source document dated 1595 that identified Ana Francisca Gabai Moctezuma as a granddaughter (though it should have said Great granddaughter.)

Lope came over as a "personal assistant"(criado) to a descendant of King Charles III named Enrique de Mauleòn. Lope's ancestor Rodrigo was in the service Kings Charles II and King Charles III. Even though Lope Ruiz de Esparza is the son of a nobleman, he still was in the service of descendant of Charles III, through the Nabarro Enriquez Lacarra line. through another line, Enrique Mauleón descends from King Alfonso XI de Castilla. Enrique de Mauleòn is also a distant relative some of the founding families of Nueva Galicia through his ancestor named Carlos Arellano de Luna.

1). Sancho Ruiz de Esparza and Juana Zariquegui are the parents of Simon Ruiz de Esparza and Catalina Ruiz de Esparza that is the ancestor of Saint Francisco Javier (Jasso).

2). Catalina Ruiz de Esparza married in 1403 to Juan Antondo y Beteu, Señor de Adocin.

3). Gullelma (Guillerma) Atondo y Ruiz de Esparzamarries Arnaldo (Arnalt, Artel) Perez (Periz) de Jasso, Señor de Idocin (Adocin).

4). Juan Perez de Jasso y Atondo married to Maria de Azipilicuela y Aznar(iz), Señor de Javier.

5). San Francisco Javier aka Saint Francisco Jasso de Javier y Azpilicuela.

Other Ruiz de Esparza tidbits:

The other Catalina Ruiz de Esparza, is a daughter of Juan Periz de Esparza, alcalde de la corte de Navarra y consejero del Rey. She had a daughter named Juana, born by January 1379, from her relationship with King Charles II. This Catalina married in 1397 to Juan de Bearne, Baron de Beortegui. After

Another member of the Ruiz de Esparza family, Maria Miguel Ruiz de Esparza, (daughter of Miguel Ruiz de Esparza) has a relationship with King Charles III. They have a son named Lancelot that is born in April of 1386.

One of Lope Ruiz de Esparza's brothers was in the Americas prior to Lope's arrival in 1593. This brother, Capitan Andres Ruiz de Esparza traveled to Costa Rica where it has been reported that was named Teniente de Gobernador de la ciudad del espiritú santo. He later returned to Mexico City where he left descendants. Some of his descendants later moved into los altos de Jalisco, though the vast majority of the Esparzas in Jalisco descend from Lope Ruiz de Esparza "el Menor".

I have more information in my book about the Ruiz de Esparza family

Source: Mygenes2000 by Rick A. Ricci

(John Schmal, Guillermo 'Bill' Figueroa, Mariano Gonzalez Leal, Mary Lou Mantagna, George Fulton, Jaime Holcombe and others have contributed to my research on the Ruiz de Esparza family)

There is a booklet available on the Internet as a pdf that gives the ancestry of St. Francis Xavier: "La Familia de Atondo y La Genealogia de S. Francisco de Javier," published in Pamplona in 1920. Do a google search for "La Familia de Atondo" and the link should come up.

George Fulton

Hi George, Rick and Danny,

This is a really interesting discussion. And, Rick, the link you showed between St. Francis Xavier and our Lope Ruiz de Esparza is really fascinating -nice research. I do have a question about the ancestry of Lope Ruiz de Esparza. I have seen the Martin Ruiz de Esparza and Maria Espinoza genealogy now for several years and I suppose it makes sense. But, I wonder if a generation may be missing. If you assume that our Lope Ruiz de Esparza was born in 1569 and we know that Sancho Ruiz de Esparza had a daughter, Catalina that married in 1403 or 1413, that would suggest that Catalina was born between 1383 and 1393 which would suggest that Sancho Ruiz de Esparza was born between 1363 and 1373. It would seem that 1363 to 1569 would leave around 200 years between Sancho Ruiz de Esparza and our Lope Ruiz de Esparza. That's a very large amount of time to cover for just the elder Lope, Martin and Simon, unless we assume that all three were older than the average person when they had their children. It's definitely possible and the the dates are workable, it just seems somewhat unusual for the timeframe.


One of the issues that I had in putting the tree together was that there are two Catalina Ruiz de Esparzas in the court of the King. Since they were alive at the same time, I kept open the possibility that they were the same person with multiple relationships. The conundrum of the multiple relationships of Catalina Ruiz de Esparza had me scratching my head. It was through working with George Fulton that we were able to discover that there are two Catalina Ruiz de Esparzas, with different parents.. He also helped me discover that Simon is the son of Sancho, I had many clues that he is his son, but the final piece that cemented it came about because of George's collaboration. I am deeply in debt to George.for this collaboration.

I have also received contributions by Mary Lou Mantagna. I often share with Mary Lou pieces of my research before I post them. Her input and contributions are invaluable. It was Mary Lou Mantagna, Ofelia Marquez, Steven F. Hernandez, Miguel "Miggy" Gutierrez, and others from the Orange County genealogy group that reignited my passion for genealogy a couple of decades ago.

Thanks again George and Mary Lou,
Rick A. Ricci

Dear Chris,

You are correct that there is a large time gap but there is a reason for it. Our Lope Ruiz de Esparza "el menor" was born when his father was older. The time gap between the birth of of the brothers is twenty seven years. It is documented in separate documents. One set of documents was brought to Mexico while the other set of documents is in Spain. Capitan Andres Ruiz de Esparza was in Costa Rica decades before His brother crossed the Atlantic. The brothers may not have even known each other until Lope came over.

Simon also was much older when he had Martin and that is why some genealogist have made the mistake of calling the saint's father his uncle. The saints father was much older when there was an exchange of land with Martin Ruiz de Esparza and that is why Martin is mistakenly called his nephew when the actual relationship between the two is second cousins.

The third piece of evidence is that Simon is much younger than Catalina. When I was researching I came upon information when Sancho already had Cathalina and another sibling and Simon hadn't been born yet. So Simon was a much younger sibling himself but how much younger I don't know.

You have a sharp eye Chris, you need to send me your email so that I may add you as a collaborator in other investigations.

Rick A. Ricci

Hi Rick,

Yeah, I think the Martin Ruiz de Esparza genealogy makes the most sense, it's just the dates I question. I've seen many researchers give the birth of Simon Ruiz de Esparza as circa 1495, which would make Sancho Ruiz de Esparza around 130 years old when Simon was born. I don't question the genealogy really, I more question the dates. Martin Ruiz de Esparza would have to be born prior to 1495 and Simon born closer to or before 1450 for the genealogy to remotely make sense.



Thank you for the kind words! The recent hard work is all yours.



Would it be possible to put together a time line with dates of other documents you have. This could also help make better estimates of the birthdates, and ultimately help with Chris's point.

It is certainly possible for men to have children late in life, especially with a second or third wife (we see with Juan de Santiago and his three wives and numerous children (perhaps as many as 45!)).


Dear Chris,

I did not produce this tree from what others have posted. It was only at the end that I asked George to lead me to the different postings that he was talking about. I had trouble getting to those posts and found myself looking at a book in a foreign language, other than Spanish. I fooled around and tried to read the book though I only know how to read certain words that have to do with genealogy. I hit the jackpot as Sancho is mentioned as the father of Simon who is the father of Martin Ruiz de Esparza.

This tree is based on evidence. George Fulton said he wanted to see evidence, and that was right up my alley. I want to see evidence. I took out what I had on my research on the Ruiz de Esparza and saw many many pieces to the puzzle, but with important little pieces missing. Some pieces fit together here, and others there, but the little pieces to bring the bigger groups together were missing. The little pieces were needed to prove it. Collaborating with George and Mary Lou added the missing pieces that first solved the problem of so many relationships for Cathalina Ruiz de Esparza. They ended up being two people. The other was what proof did Mariano have for what he states. Discussion with Mary Lou and some more investigating by me showed him to be correct. Finding why the large age gaps existed also solved this issue.

I have a lot more information than what I have posted. Most of the information I had before I posted the material, and before you replied. After reading your reply I was ready to answer you when my wife sent me on an errand to Taco Bell. She was hungary, angry, and wanted some food fast. I exited the house to go to Taco Bell and sitting on the porch was a package containing some documents that I had orderered some time ago hoping for some answers. I opened the package while waiting in the car for our food. In it is a testament that proves the tree that I posted. It is the testament that names Sancho as the father of both Cathalina and Simon. It mentions Simons son Martin. Catalina speaks well of her relatives. There is more, it is a record that supports all the work that I posted from Sancho to Martin.

I have a lot more information and because of this information I believe I know who Sancho's father is. But until I get a little more evidence, there is a small possibility that he is his grandfather. I have much more work to do before I post that information. I have ordered other documents that are supposedly in transit, but I never know when documents will arrive when they are coming from Spain, and even when they do arrive, they don't always have new information. I was extremely lucky with today's arrival.

There are more stories and explanations to come. The Ruiz de Esparza family tree can fill up a book on its own. I may have to separate it from the rest of my book, as a chapter may not do it justice.

Rick A. Ricci

Mr. Ricci,

is there a document that specifically says martin Ruiz de esparza is the father of Lope Ruiz de Esparza

Danny C. Alonso

Yes there is, but that document is not on my possession. The document was needed because our Lope is "hijo natural" so Lope Ruiz de Esparza el Mayor, the son of Martin Ruiz de Esparza, felt that it was necessary in order to identify his sons as descendants of their line of nobility. From Martin to our Lope the tree is based on the documents that Mariano Gonzalez Leal cites. I wish I had the document because I although am not questioning its contents regarding the men, I want more info on the women. The focus on the documents is the descendency of the men. I wish I had those documents to put the women under the magnifying glass. Everybody just focuses on the men, which I believe is wrong. Well it's wrong for what I want, as I desire to investigate all our ancestors, not just the men's paternal ancestry.

I made a mistake when I said that Cathalina speaks well of her relatives, it does mention that Catharina and Simon are siblings, but it is Guilermina (Guillmina) who speaks well of Simon and Martin Ruiz de Esparza. It is the document that leads to the saints father passing over title of their portion of the land to His second cousin Martin Ruiz de Esoarza. The issue that I struggled with before I figured out the tree was that many genealogists wrongly say they are uncle/nephew. I explained this age difference earlier.


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