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Ansaldo - Zacoalco de Torres, Tlajomulco

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By mralvarez314 - Posted on 15 July 2016

My name is Glen and I am a new member to the group. I started this about a year ago, so I am still relatively new to the field. In the beginning I focused my research on the surnames Alvarez del Castillo and Hernandez Gamiño in Arandas, Ayo el Chico, Jesus Maria and Degollado. I then moved on to Quiroz, Bañales, Garcia and others, but I hit a few dead ends so I took a break from them (Massimo Bañales, Faustino Garcia, and Clemente Hernandez.) I plan to revisit them in the future.

Over the past week I have turned my attention to the Ansaldo surname in Santa Catarina, Zacoalco de Torres, Jalisco. In my opinion, the majority of Ansaldos in Santa Catarina (now known as General Andres Figueroa) can be traced to Jose Justo Rufino Ansaldo Montaño. (See my info on him here, if you’re interested:

I am now trying to determine who his paternal and maternal grandparents were. I would appreciate it if someone else took a look at what I have so far and weighed in on who I think they may be.

I believe Jose Justo Rufino’s parents were: Jose Ansaldo=Maria Petrona Montaño

My evidence for this includes the following two records.

Jose Justo Rufino’s first marriage (1791):

Jose Justo Rufino’s second marriage (1816):

I also found the following three records and I am wondering if they are of Jose Justo Rufino’s parents and two sisters.

Joseph Lupian Ansaldo=Maria Lucrecia Petrona Montaño
Marriage (1762)

Maria Josepha Salome Ansaldo Montaño
Sister (1762)

Maria Josepha Thomasa Ansaldo Montaño
Sister (1765)

So, am I on the right track so far?

Can I confidently say that Jose Justo Rufino Ansaldo’s paternal grandparents are Antto. Ansaldo=Felipa Nuñes and that his maternal grandparents are Jph Manuel Montaño=Maria Beatris Gutierres?

Does anyone else work the Ansaldo surname in the area around Tlajomulco in the 1700s or earlier?

Thank you.


I think you can definitely say that Antonio Ansaldo and Felipa Nunes and Joseph Manuel Montano and Maria Beatriz Gutierrez are the grandparents of Jose Justo Rufino Ansaldo.

Danny C. Alonso

Welcome to the group. I haven't found Anzaldos in my family tree, but I also have several surnames in or around Santa Catarina: Apodaca, Gomez, Urena, Castro, Cervantes, Salazar, Meza, Moreno, Bonal. Do any of them match your tree?

My wife has ancestors in Ayo en Chico and Degollado. I haven't researched this line extensively yet, but I remember the following surnames: Martinez, Bernardino, Garcia, Flores, Ramos, Maza, Ayala, and others that I don't remember right now.


Steve in NC

I found a record of one of my ancestors from Zacoalco de Torres, and it looks like the surname was spelled Alsalde. I'm starting to think this was just a typo in the Church marriage certificate because I can't find any information on her. Juana de "Alsalde", married to Miguel de Castro, mother of Patricio de Castro. The document I found was actually Patricio's marriage certificate and that's how his mother's name is spelled. Could it be that her last name was Asalde or Ansaldo?

Both names are used for the same family. I have seen other records for Juana's family that use the name Ansaldo.

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