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Year 1785 (document Milicias Fresnillo) Huejuquilla El Alto Mentioned in Verso 29

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By MADERA_32 - Posted on 04 July 2016

Reference No: SGU,LEG,7016,4

Look up Verso 29

Huejuquilla is mentioned again in Recto 3.

Bloque 2:
Recto 6 - something of interest. Mentions a map

Recto 7 - Found what looks like a Census of soldiers for each town including Huejquilla:

Huejuquilla again mentioned in a list in:

Recto 12
Verso 12
Recto 13

Here I found the Teniente Protector Capitan Comandantes that governs La Frontera "Don Jose Del Valle Europeo" who was also governor of pueblo Huejuquilla:

In (Bloque 2, Recto 16), (Bloque 2 Verso 16)

bloque 2 rector 19 found some chart of militia members:

bloque 2 verso 19 (fish drawing):

Another Chart of Militia that shows names of Capitans, towns (Bloque 2, Recto 20).

Capitan Jose Duval - Huejuquilla

Page (bloque 2, recto 28) (bloque 2, verso 28) (bloque 2, rector 34):

Mentions Jose Duval as Capitan De Dragones of Huejuquilla

Huejuquilla mentioned in:

(bloque 2, verso 38)

In (bloque 2, recto 39) describes their uniforms

(bloque 2, recto 45) mentions that of 14 companias of Dragones (militias) 3 were in Huejuquilla, Hacienda Santa Teresa and Congregacion de Cuculiten

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