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San Francisco near Degollado or Ayotlan?

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By Steve G. Apodaca - Posted on 27 June 2016

This time, I'm researching my wife's ancestors, and I'm trying to find the location of this town called San Francisco, I assume, in Jalisco.

Antonio Martinez and Maria Merced Ramos were married on March 16, 1872 in San Ignacio de los Encinos (now Degollado). It mentions that at that time, Degollado was an auxiliar parish of Ayo el Chico (now Ayotlan). Both Antonio and Merced are mentioned to be from a place called San Francisco "en este partido".

I can't find any San Francisco's around Degollado. Can someone more familiar with that parish tell me if this place's name changed over time or any idea where is it located at?

Steve in NC

I've seen a rancho de san francisco on records in ayo el chico, so i would say its in ayo el chico.

Danny C. Alonso

I have also seen mention of a place named " rancho San Francisco" in San Ignacio de los Encinos (now Degollado).

Jose Juan Martinez Ramos was born in "Rancho de Ferrero" according to his baptism. If you look at the bottom of the next page you will find a baptism record of Jose Juan Garcia who is born in the "rancho de San Francisco."

Antonio Martinez is the son of Antonio Martinez and.Maria Ygnacia Hernandez

Maria Merced Ramos is the daughter of Jose Maria Ramos and Maria Meza

Maria Merced Ramos
mentioned in the record of Jose Juan Martinez
Name Maria Merced Ramos
Gender Female
Husband Antonio Martinez
Son Jose Juan Martinez
Name Jose Juan Martinez
Event Type Baptism
Event Date 28 Jun 1883
Event Place La Resurrección, Degollado, Jalisco, Mexico
Gender Male
Father's Name Antonio Martinez
Mother's Name Maria Merced Ramos

México, Jalisco, registros parroquiales, 1590-1979, database with images, FamilySearch( : 28 July 2015), Maria Merced Ramos in entry for Jose Juan Martinez, 28 Jun 1883; citing Baptism, La Resurrección, Degollado, Jalisco, Mexico, parroquias Católicas Jalisco (Catholic Church parishes, Jalisco); FHL microfilm 222,558.

Thanks to both of you for your replies. I'm starting reasearching my wife's maternal grandmother's family, and most branches are leading me to both Ayotlan and Degollado, as well as Yurecuaro, Michoacan, which is right next to these municipalities.

Another family of interest for my research is the Bernardino family. I'm still on early stages, but they are recorded in Ayotlan and mentioned to be from Jalpa. At first, I thought it meant Jalpa, Zacatecas, but I just learned there is a place in Guanajuato called Jalpa de Canovas, which would make more sense (closer to Ayotlan and Degollado). I'll share additional info as I progress.

R.A. Ricci, the info you shared, is that part of your research, do you have this family in your family tree?



I know this is an old post but did you ever find this ranch? I have found a few documents with this ranch but I am not able to find it on any maps. I asked some of my family members that still live in Degollado, if they know of this ranch but they have not heard of it.

Thank you,

I looked for this ranch too. There are a number of places named San Francisco in the Altos Sur and Ciénega regions, but in this case I think it might be San Francisco de Rizo. It’s across the state line in Guanajuato. A hundred years ago the people there would have had to make the choice between going to the parish in Degollado or the one in la Piedad for their sacraments and I think going to Degollado would have made more sense for them.

La Piedad is on the other side of the Rio Lerma and it would have been a hassle to cross it before the construction of the modern bridges, especially en las aguas. Degollado is also closer I think than going around the river bend to the old bridge over the Lerma at Santa Ana Pacueco. In contrast, one just has to cross an arroyo (also the state line) near Charapuato to get to Degollado.

San Francisco de Rizo happens to be just beyond los Fresnos, las Adjuntas and Charapuato, and we know that residents from these ranches appear in the church records for Degollado then and now.


It could be that San Francisco in now known by a new name, and has been for some time, or that it’s at the bottom of the Presa de la Pólvora near Huáscato.

I think you might be correct, it's pretty close to Degollado. I found this site with the general population census for the municipio de Degollado. It starts on page 179 and you will see el rancho de San Francisco on page 180. So it still existed in 1921 but like you said the name might have changed. I found a map from 1824 but can't find the ranch on there. Would be great if we could find an old map. It

The reason I am trying to find it is because I have been searching for my great great grandfathers baptism record and I have had no luck in 1845-1855 Ayotlan, Arandas or Jesus Maria so my next search is La Piedad.

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