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Informacion Matrimonial

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By dcalonso - Posted on 19 June 2016

Hello Nuestros Ranchos Forum,

In Ancestry trees they have a drop down box for marriages that says MArriage Bann, Marriage License and Marriage Contract, does anyone know what the Informacion Matrimonial is? is it a marriage bann, marriage license or marriage contract? i thought maybe it was a marriage contract, but then i thought maybe a dowry was a marriage contract. ?

Danny C. Alonso

It usually means testimony from both parties and also witnesses. Information as to their marital status: ages, parents' names, if eligible with Catholic previous rite requirements, single status or widow or widower, if they are good Catholics / citizens. Also if and how the prospective bride or groom may be related to each. Witnesses also attest to their status and if they are eligible to marry each other. Often there are "troncos" (pedigree trees) if they are cousins. etc.

So the bann is the public announcement of the pending marriage (nowadays posted in boards outside the churches, previously probably announced verbally), the license is the permit for the pending marriage, and the contract is the document signed by bride and groom after the marriage. So the Información Matrimonial is more like the license since they get information on the bride and groom in order to see if there is no problem with the pending marriage. The Dispensa would also be a license if there was indeed some problem. The marriage record would be the contract and many times they mention the dates of the bann announcements (usually on 3 different dates before the marriage).
In Mexico sometimes they refer to a divorce as the dissolution of the marriage contract.
Victoriano Navarro

Hi Danny,

Even though the IM announces the bride and groom's intention to contract marriage, I would say it's more like a marriage license.


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