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Jose Antonio Castellanos & Maria Luisa Navarro

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By nesska - Posted on 06 June 2016

Hello, I am interested in the couple Jose Antonio Castellanos & Maria Luisa Navarro. They are my fifth great-grandparents and I am having trouble finding any information on them. M. Luisa is especially important as she is the furthest line in my mtDNA that I've been able to track. Here is what I know:

Maria Luisa Navarro was born abt. 1787 near Ocotlán, Jalisco, Mexico. She married Jose Antonio Castellanos (same age estimates) around 1806 near Ocotlán, Jalisco, Mexico. I was able to locate two daughters: i. [Maria Primitiva Castellanos Navarro (born about 1811 in Santa Clara, Ocotlán) who married Jose Abato Padilla Ortega on 25 Mar 1829 in Ocotlán, Jalisco, Mexico. They had three sons I could locate: Fermin Padilla Castellanos (6 Jul 1833, Ocotlan), Jose Catarino De Jesus Padilla Castellanos (24 Nov 1838, Ocotlan) and Benigno Padilla Castellanos (12 Feb 1841, Ocotlan)...]

ii. [&&& my 4th maternal great-grandmother Magdalena Castellanos Navarro (born about 1816 in Santa Clara, Ocotlán) who married Jose Camilo Navarro Vargas (BIRTH ABT 1810 in Pochote, La Barca, Jalisco, Mexico) on 29 Jul 1830 in Ocotlan, Jalisco, Mexico. They had two children I could locate: M. Francisca Navarro Castellanos (3 Apr 1833, La Barca) and Antonio Navarro Castellanos (abt 1836, prob La Barca)]

Both daughter's marriage records as well as their daughter's children's maternal grandparents are named as some variation of Jose Antonio Castellanos & Maria Luisa Navarro.

I have seen a record for a Maria Carlota Castellanos Navarro whose baptism date was 14 Oct 1805 in Ocotlán but the parents are listed as only Jose Castellanos and Maria Navarro. Those were common last names so I don't want to assume.

Also, I found a record with an Antonio Castellanos who married a Magdalena Navarro on 9 Jan 1780 in Ocotlán and had a daughter named Magdalena on 27 Jul 1784 also in Ocotlán. However, none of Antonio and Luisa's children's or grandchildren's records show Luisa listed as Magdalena so again I don't want to assume.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Vanessa,

You mentioned a Jose Castellanos and Maria Navarro as being possibly connected to your family. There is a Don Juan Jose Castellanos and Doña Maria Navarro that baptized a son named Jose Antonio Castellanos on 27 Jun 1782. Here is the link:


Thank you, Chris. I am trying to tie all this information together. I just wish their was a child baptism record with Luisa Navarro and grandparents so I could try and tie it to the rest of the documents. I haven't seen any connection to Tepatitlán de Morelos with this family but I will keep looking.

I've ruled out Luisa also being named Magdalena since her daughter Magdalena's marriage record shows that she was only 14 when she was married so she couldn't have been born in 1784. That would have made her well into her 40s when she was married. I am guessing that this could potentially be Antonio's parents and he may have named his daughter after his mother. I am going through the Bautismos 1810-1822 of Ocotlan page by page to see if I can find what I'm looking for.

Hi Vanessa,

I have some family in Ocotlan too and haven't found anything. It's possible those records haven't been indexed. You may have to just go through the bautismos and matrimonios one by one until you find something.


I totally agree Paige. Anytime I try to look things up for Ocotlan in Family Search, I hardly ever see any information that pops-up from Ocotlan. I am going day-by-day with this since I have 500+ pages to go through on a computer screen. I felt compelled to almost index the entire thing myself on an Excel sheet since I have to go through all of them anyway, but my work schedule doesn't allow me to do so.


If you go to Family Search and search the catalog (this is one of the drop down search menu options) for Ocotlan you can find out which films have been indexed/extracted. The baptisms and marriages have been extracted through the late 1800s.

For most areas in Mexico this usually means the early 1880s, with a few later. Some death records have been extracted, but this is not very common. I have not found any matrimonial investigations that have been extracted. Occasionally you will find a film that has not been extracted, which then means a page by page search.

From the catalog search you can get the film number. You can then search by this film number. Some searches by film number and first name can be fruitful. These searches can give a lot of results which can be further refined by using a date range in the search parameters.

Hopefully this will save you some unnecessary work.

George Fulton

Thank you, George. Yes, I have gone through the films in Family Search through the search function but I did not know you can see if a film has been cataloged. I just did so and it seems the particular film I am needing isn't cataloged as suspected.

I think I may have found who I am looking for but they have been given the wrong last name and there is not abuelos paternos/maternos listed so I will continue to search for a possible sibling page by page with the correct last names.

In regards to matrimonial investigations, are they at all beneficial? Every time I try to look through one all I see are words in Latin and don't understand much of it. What exactly are in those records?

Vanessa Venegas


I have used the Aguascalientes matrimonial investigations extensively. For marriages prior to about 1740 in Aguascalientes they give information that is generally not in the early marriage records: in the declaration of the bride and groom they give ethnicity, residence (sometimes place of birth), parent's names and/or prior spouse (sometimes when and where the prior spouse was buried), and age. Most of the time, the statements of the witnesses are standard language and add little. If a dispensation was granted, it may be there, but the details of consanguinity or affinity usually are not there. You need to go to the diocesan records for that.

For any given parish the format is relatively standard, so with a little practice you can get the essential information, even, as in my case, your Spanish is limited.

I have indexed the earliest Aguascalientes matrimonial investigations and they are posted her at NR in the reference materials section. After I posted the first index Family Search reposted the films, so the image numbers are off. However, with a little practice you can still find the documents without too much trouble - at least you don't have to look through lots of films as they are not in chronological order!

George Fulton
Pleasanton, CA

Hi Vanessa,

I'm curious if you might have your ancestry researched published anywhere online? My mom's ancestors (esp her father - Jose S. Navarro) are a very elusive branch of the family. I only have scant info on him from the short period while he lived in California. Supposedly he was born in Jalisco, purportedly in Guadalajarra, but I've had no success finding anything on him in Mexico.

It is probably grasping at straws, but I'd be curious to see descendants of your Navarro line (and Padilla --his mother was Maria Luisa Padilla). I realize these are all common names, but your message piqued my curiousity.

Let me know if you do have a gedcom or a tree in some other format online that I could take a peek at. Thanks!

Cindy Fahrbach

The Castellanos and Navarro families are linked from the 1600's. The Castellanos Navarro that you are talking about are most likely linked to the Castellanos and Navarros that intermarried in Tepatitlan, Jalisco. Your best bet is looking for a marriage dispensation since the Castellanos already had Navarro ancestors.

Good Luck,
R.A. Ricci

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they know of this region?

I am continuing the search for my maternal 5th grandparents Jose Antonio Castellanos and Maria Luisa Navarro. I still haven't been able to find any of their children's birth records although I have discovered two new children Jose Cruz Castellanos and Maria Benita de la Trinidad (married German Perez).

I just located Jose Cruz' marriage record to Hermenegilda Diaz Macias/Muniz in Atotonilco de Alto.

In the record it states " y vele infacia eclecie a Jose de la Cruz Castellanos soltero de veinte años originario de los Planes del Portillo jurisdicción de Santa Anna Acatlán, de donde paso a la Loma Larga de la de Ocotlán en edad de dos años y vivió hasta la de diez y ocho, en que paso al Rancho del Valle de la de esta, en que ha permanecido, hijo leg. de Jose Antonio Castellanos y de María Luiza Navarro..."

Can someone please tell me where Santa Anna Acatlan is? I haven't had much luck in Ocotlan and wanted to see if anyone has come across this jurisdiction. Any info would help immensely!


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