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Gaspar de Avalos, Alonso de Avalos, Gabriel de Avalos & Sebastian de Avalos

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By jrefugioghermosillo - Posted on 03 June 2016

Gaspar de Avalos cc Luisa de Quezada y Mendoza
Alonso de Avalos cc Catalina de Orosco
Gabriel de Avalos cc Maria Quezada
Sebastian de Avalos cc Mariana de Castro

Hola prim@s,

Do any of you have any of the above mentioned couples in your lines? I have it documented that Gaspar and Alonso were brothers, and also that Gabriel and Sebastian were brothers. I think it's likely that all four are brothers, and I'm trying to compile enough info on each, to establish this theory. I also think it's possible that another brother is Baltasar de Avalos cc Juana Ruiz de Aldana.

¿Tendra alguien los mencionados en sus líneas ? Lo tengo documentado que Gaspar y Alonso eran hermanos, y también que Gabriel y Sebastián eran hermanos. Creo que es probable que los cuatro son hermanos y busco mas información sobre cada uno para establecer esta teoría. También creo que es posible que otro hermano es Baltasar de Avalos cc Juana Ruiz de Aldana.

Does anybody know if Gabriel de Avalos, who married Maria Quezada, is the same who married Augustina de Velasco?

¿Alguien sabe si Gabriel de Avalos, que era casado con María Quezada, es el mismo que se casó con Agustina de Velasco?

Gracias y saludos,
Manny Diez Hermosillo

Hi Manny,

It's a been awhile since I looked at these families. But I thought we had all basically decided they were brothers -Gaspar, Gabriel, Alonso and others. Was I wrong? The only mention I found of Maria de Ludena is this passage I think from Rodolfo Hernandez Chavez, where Gaspar is identified as Gaspar de Avalos Ludena:

Gaspar de Avalos-Ludeña casado por 1620 con Doña Luisa de Quesada y Sánchez de Mendoza, hermana de Doña María de Quesada ó María de Mendoza; Doña Juana de Avalos, madre de Juan de Orozco que casó con María de Quesada y Alvarado, hija de Francisco de Quesada y Sánchez de Mendoza –hermano de Doña María y de Doña Luisa de Quesada-, y de su esposa Catalina de los Ángeles Alvarado; Doña Ysabel Avalos-Ludeña / “Ysabel de Orozco”, esposa de Don Sebastián Pérez de Ortega; y a caso Doña María de Ludeña, casada en Patzcuaro y, velada el 26 de Noviembre de 1615 en Lagos con Rodrigo de Órnelas y Mendoza… ¿Tal vez?, debamos de incluir como hijo de Alonso de Avalos y de Catalina de Orozco, a Francisco de Avalos, esposo de María de Espitia, quien según investigaciones de Don Jaime Holcombe procreó en Beatriz Sánchez de Lara –también conocida como Beatriz Sánchez de Carranza, Beatriz Sánchez de Mendoza ó Beatriz Gómez propietaria de una casa en la Villa de los Lagos, descrita en el padrón de 669 como “Casa de María Gómez Viuda”, donde vivía Antonia de Avalos doncella, en compañía de Bernarda Ortiz doncella, y de la “Estancia de San Nicolás de la Ciénega” en la jurisdicción de San Juan/Jalostotitlán, registrada en los padrones de 1670 como “Rancho de Beatriz Gómez”, y en los de 1672, 1673 y 1679 como “Estancia de Beatriz Gómez”,

Hi Danny,

We’ve documented that Gaspar, Juan & Alonso were brothers, Gabriel & Sebastian were brothers, and Baltasar and Juana were siblings; we know that Gaspar, Alonso, Gabriel and Sebastian and their families all had contact with each other, and that Gaspar and Gabriel appear to shadow each other in their movements between Lagos, Pinos, Armadillo and Irapuato. Also, none of their children nor grandchildren intermarried, and we’ve seen only 3 dispensations for great-grandchildren. As for being certain whether all 7 were in the same family group, we still can’t say, but they were definitely at least cousins.

Thanks for reposting Rodolfo’s piece, I had forgotten about that. I’ve been foraging through the Lagos de Moreno church records, and I’ve found something that ties into that: Rodrigo de Ornelas and Maria de Ludeña appear as padrinos for 3 baptisms in 1637, and on the partidas she is given the name “Maria de Avalos.” We already have Alonso de Avalos using “Ludeña” - I’d like to see Rodolfo’s sources, with Gabriel using that surname, as well as Ysabel de Avalos cc Sebastian Perez de Ortega.


On 18 Dec 1664, in Lagos de Moreno, buried was Ana de Montoya española, wife of Gaspar de Avalos:

On 17 Nov 1665, in Jalostotitlan, buried was Beatriz de Montoya, wife of Gaspar de Avalos el Mozo. She was a resident of the estansia called Ornelas in San Juan.

There were 3 men named Gaspar, associated with these lines: Gaspar de Avalos cc Luisa de Quesada, their son, Gaspar Garcia de Avalos (b 19 Sep 1639), and Gaspar, son of Baltasar de Avalos cc Juana Ruiz de Aldana (b. 6 Jul 1636). This last one used the name “Gaspar de Aldana” in later records, and appears in the 1672 & 1673 San Juan padrones. The 1st Gaspar and his son were in Lagos de Moreno as early as May 1664, when daughter Andrea married Roque Flores. Ana de Montoya could’ve been married to either 3, and Beatriz to either of the younger ones. Anyone?


Buried on 10 Dec 1665 in Lagos de Moreno was Nicolas Garcia de Avalos. If you remember, Nicolas was the oldest son of Gaspar de Avalos and Luisa de Quezada. He started using the alias “Garcia,” as early as 23 Feb 1654, when he married Ysabel del Castillo in Armadillo. I don’t know if it is an ancestral surname, though his brother, Gaspar, also used it. I was surprised to see him buried in Lagos, because the last we had heard of him was the previous Aug 1665, when he and his brothers Gaspar & Juan were extradited to San Luis Potosi, probably for those murders and robberies committed in 1656. Looks like his sentence was carried out in Lagos, since the burial record says he was “justiciado” (executed). It took 8 years, but justice finally caught up with him:


Here’s something I had overlooked: Gaspar de Avalos & Luisa de Quezada’s daughter, Ysabel de Avalos, married Geronimo de Arroyo in 1647 in Pinos. On their 1646 IM, the first witness was Nicolas de Ribera, age 20, who said he was “primo hermano de la dicha Ysabel de Avalos.” So, either Gaspar de Avalos or Luisa de Quesada had a sibling who married a “Ribera”:


Regarding Beatriz Sanchez aka Gomez etc: on 21 Jun 1628, in Lagos de Moreno, baptized were Phelipe and Ana, both “hijos de la Yglesia,” and Antonio hijo de Alonso de Quesada cc Ysabel de Alarcon, and the padrinos for all 3 were Juan de Malaber and Beatriz Gomez “su nieta.” On 11 Jul 1628, baptized was Madalena hija de la Yglesia, her madrina was Beatriz Gomez “nieta de Marta Sanchez.”

I don’t know who Juan de Malaber was, but Marta Sanchez was married to Juan Sanchez de Lara. Could this possibly be the same Beatriz Gomez aka Beatriz Sanchez etc?

Hope you’re all well!
Manny Diez Hermosillo

Hi Manny,

I think if i remember Juan de Malaber was the second husband of Marta Sanchez de Mendoza. But it's been a long time since I looked at these families. So when it says "su nieta" for Beatriz Gomez aka Sanchez I think they just don't know how to describe the relationship of Juan de Malaber. Technically Beatriz Sanchez/Gomez would be the step-granddaughter, if that's even a thing. Based on the multiple names Beatriz Sanchez/Gomez uses and since we know she is the actual granddaughter of Marta Sanchez de Mendoza, we can reasonable assume that her actual grandfather is Juan Sanchez de Lara. Juan de Malaber i think may be discussed in this thread:



I have a question about Beatriz Sanchez. If she's the granddaughter of Marta Sanchez de Mendoza, does that mean she's the daughter of Maria Sanchez? Also I was wondering if you were familiar with Francisco Sanchez de Quezada, son of Lazaro Sanchez and grandson of Maria Sanchez. If Maria Sanchez is the mother of Beatriz Sanchez then she would be the sibling of Lazaro Sanchez. So my question is where does Sanchez de Quezada come from. It appears to come from Lazaro Sanchez since Lazaro's wife's parents are known. Was Maria Sanchez married to a Quezada or descend from a Quezada? I do know one of Maria Sanchez's children uses Ornelas but where does Quezada come from?



That’s a really good point. It reminds of what Jaime Holcombe revealed, regarding how everyone assumed that the Delgadillo’s descended from Juan de Renteria, when they descended from his wife Ysabel Calderon’s first husband, Diego Delgadillo.

Manny Diez Hermosillo

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