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Gaspar de Avalos, Alonso de Avalos, Gabriel de Avalos & Sebastian de Avalos

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By jrefugioghermosillo - Posted on 03 June 2016

Gaspar de Avalos cc Luisa de Quezada y Mendoza
Alonso de Avalos cc Catalina de Orosco
Gabriel de Avalos cc Maria Quezada
Sebastian de Avalos cc Mariana de Castro

Hola prim@s,

Do any of you have any of the above mentioned couples in your lines? I have it documented that Gaspar and Alonso were brothers, and also that Gabriel and Sebastian were brothers. I think it's likely that all four are brothers, and I'm trying to compile enough info on each, to establish this theory. I also think it's possible that another brother is Baltasar de Avalos cc Juana Ruiz de Aldana.

¿Tendra alguien los mencionados en sus líneas ? Lo tengo documentado que Gaspar y Alonso eran hermanos, y también que Gabriel y Sebastián eran hermanos. Creo que es probable que los cuatro son hermanos y busco mas información sobre cada uno para establecer esta teoría. También creo que es posible que otro hermano es Baltasar de Avalos cc Juana Ruiz de Aldana.

Does anybody know if Gabriel de Avalos, who married Maria Quezada, is the same who married Augustina de Velasco?

¿Alguien sabe si Gabriel de Avalos, que era casado con María Quezada, es el mismo que se casó con Agustina de Velasco?

Gracias y saludos,
Manny Diez Hermosillo

Hola Prim@s,

I just noticed that I made an error: Luisa de Avalos y Quezada, daughter of Gaspar de Avalos cc Luisa de Quezada, was to marry Alonso HERNANDEZ de Montemayor, and not “RODRIGUEZ de Montemayor.” He was son of Diego Hernandez and Juana de Osorio. I was just excited about discovering a new branch, I suppose, and dear Alonso seemed incidental - which he wasn't!

Hi Danny,

It’s possible Gaspar de Avalos and Luisa de Quezada named 2 of their sons, “Nicolas.” And it’s just as possible that one of their other sons adopted the name, after the first was killed. The only son I haven’t accounted for is Diego, who was baptized 1 May 1642, San Matias, Pinos.


Earlier in this thread, I mentioned some documents that I found indexed at the website for Biblioteca Publica del Estado de Jalisco Juan Jose Arreola:

Archivo de la Real Audiencia Ramo Civil y Criminal: Ramo: Criminal
Año 1 1665/ Año 2 1667
Progresivo 2710, Caja 174, Exp 6
Lugar: LAGOS
Documentos referentes a las discrepancias entre los tribunales eclesiásticos y civiles, a causa de que el artículo de inmunidad de la iglesia no fuera respetado por el Teniente Provincial de la Hermandad de Lagos al sacar de la parroquia a Gaspar de Ávalos, Juan de Ávalos, García Nicolás y Juan Pérez, reos acusados de robo.

“Documents regarding the discrepancies between the ecclesiastical and the civil tribunals, because the article giving the Church immunity was not respected by the Teniente Provincial de la Hermandad of Lagos, when removing from the parish Gaspar de Avalos, Juan de Avalos, Nicolas Garcia and Juan Perez, inmates accused of robberies.”

When I first read that, I thought that the event spoken of happened decades before, since Nicolas Garcia was listed amongst those removed from the parish in 1665, and we know he died in 1657. But now, knowing that another son of Gaspar de Avalos used the same name, I think this happened in 1665. This makes sense, because Andrea de Avalos y Quezada married Roque Flores on 2 May 1664, and women usually lived with their parents, until they married.

So, some time between Feb 1660 and May 1664, the OMG returned to Lagos. And they apparently continued with their evil ways, even after what happened to their sons & cousins. Gaspar de Avalos was around 70, by this time, for crissake.

But more, as I reread the above description of the documents, I realize that I misread it, regarding the word "parroquia" which I misinterpreted as "parish," as in the "jurisdiction of a church." But in this case, it apparently means the "parish church," itself, where the Avalos had fled, seeking asylum. The Hermandad stormed the church, and arrested them, which is the violation spoken of.

You can't make this stuff up.

Manny Diez Hermosillo

Dear Manny,

Congratulations on your findings. I am very appreciative of your work. The band of robbers ties in with the early history of the road being very dangerous between tepatitlan and San Juan de Los Lagos. Stories were made up that my ancestor was the head of the band because she became a bitter woman who always coverered her face after being attacked and her face scarred by a mountain lion. She had been described as a tall beauty, Güera, before the attack. After the attack she always wore a veil and avoided people. People later claimed that her son's inherited much because of what she robbed but she was rich from her parents leaving her a fortune. And she went from a young women who had everything, physical and facial beauty, intelligence, wit, and rich parents to boot, to a bitter woman who shied away from people and no longer the life of the party.

Thanks again,

Hi, I´m new over here and even though I have already read a lot of the posts in this forum I didn´t read all.
So, does anybody notice that in the baptisma-chistening certificate (I really don´t know the english name)of GASPAR DE AVALOS (Lagos 6 july 1636), son of Baltazar de Avalos and Juana de Aldana, the godmother was Isabel de Avalos, daugther of Gabriel de Avalos.

Although, this document doesn´t prove they were brothers, it definitely proves that a link between them existed.

Cheers. Daniel.

Hola, soy nuevo por acá y aunque ya leí una gran cantidad de publicaciones de este foro no logré leerlas todas.
Así que les pregunto. ¿Alguien ya se había percatado que en la Fe de bautismo de GASPAR DE ÁVALOS (lagos, 6 de julio 1636), hijo de Baltazar de Ávalos y Juana de Aldana, la madrina fue Isabel de Ávalos, la hija de Gabriel de Ávalos?

Aunque esto no prueba el parentesco entre ellos, sin duda si demuestra una relación de algún tipo entre ellos.

Saludos, Daniel.

Hi, Rick A. Ricci, I have a doubt about your post. Who is the Gonzalo Villaseñor de Avalos that are you talking about?
-The Gonzalo de Avalos Tobar that married with Antonia de Hurtado Mendoza or his son (Gonzalo Cervantes de Villaseñor also Gonzalo de Avalos Villaseñor? Or I am misundesrtanding everything.

Because if it is the same one, then you have proven the direct connection with Capt Juan de Villaseñor Tovar y Orozco.

Cheers, Daniel.

Hi Rick,

Thanks, and great story, about your ancestor, Güera! If it were a movie, Maria Felix would play the lead…

Hola Daniel,

Sí, ya se mencionó el contacto entre Baltasar de Avalos e Isabel de Avalos, pero le agradecemos su contribución a la conversación. Los detalles son importantes!

Gracias y saludos!
Manny Diez Hermosillo


I thread through this thread and was impressed with the amount of research that you have done with to expand our knowledge on this line and all others who have contributed thus far. I must state that I am related to this line on numerous lines, but do share a close tie through the Méndez de Torres of Zamora, Michoacán.

D. Baltazar de Avalos y Tovar and Da. Juana Ruiz de Aldana had another daughter named Da. Catalina de Avalos y Aldana (based on the various baptismal records she appears as madrina in Santa María de los Lagos and is listed as their daughter) who married D. Balthazar Martín-Barragán y Arias de Bedoya, probably in Zamora or Santa María de los Lagos, I still have yet to locate this record, if it exists. They had the following (so far what I have found):

1. Teresa Martín Barragán y Avalos b.- 7 June 1651 in San Martín de Zamora
2. Micaela Martín Barragán y Avalos b. - 19 Oct 1653 in San Martín de Zamora
3. Juana Martín Barragán y Avalos b. 11 Aug 1655 in San Martín de Zamora
4. José Martín Barragán y Avalos b. 14 Dec 1656 in Santa María de los Lagos

As you can see the family moved sometime between Juana and José's birth to Catalina de Avalos native town of Santa María de los Lagos, present day Lagos de Moreno. I want to draw your attention to their oldest daughter Teresa. She married my eighth great grand uncle's son, D. Diego Méndez de Torres y Ochoa Garibay de Solís, who was a "comerciante" on 27 April 1677 in Aguascalientes. The marriage record does not state Diego's parents, but through other records in León, Guanajuato, I was able to establish the identity of his parents of which I shouted for joy as I soon learned who he was. The couple had at least one daughter Da. Francisca Méndez de Torres y Martín Barragán, baptized 19 Oct 1679 in nearby León, Guanajuato.

Diego's father (my eighth granduncle) D. Diego Méndez de Torres (also Méndez de Sotomayor) y Arias de Bedoya was Alcalde Provisional de León al estado noble y su jurisdicción, until his death, by then he had already remarried and brought all his children to León, leaving the "solar familiar" of Zamora, Michoacán to take on expanded responsibilities in the Cabildo of León. As soon as the children are of age they are married into the García de León, Zúñiga y Mendoza, Vargas Machuca, Salceda Andrade, López de Lara and the Martín Barragán families. I call it very strategic marriage planning as the majority of these families were either directly or indirectly involved with the Cabildo through business or marriages. I would enjoy to further discuss the Avalos families, please email or message me on FB.


Daniel Méndez de Torres y Camino

Hola prim@s,

Over the summer, I finally got a chance to thoroughly read the 1657 causa criminal of Juan and Aparisio de Avalos, and boy! did I get some things wrong: Nicolas Garcia and his brother, Gaspar Garcia, were not captured, and they managed to escape. That's how they are able to appear in Huaniqueo in 1660, and later, in Lagos, where they were finally arrested. They were then extradited to San Luis Potosi; on 7 Aug 1665, Capp Juan Antonio de Pro, Alcalde Provincial de la Sta Hermandad de la Nueva Galicia, delivers Nicolas Garcia de Avalos, Gaspar y Juan de Avalos sus hermanos, y Juan Perez y Felipe de la Cruz Mulatos Libres. I lose the scent there. Gaspar de Avalos father was not among those arrested.

Hello Daniel,

Thank you very much for connecting Catalina de Avalos cc Baltasar Martin Barragan to Baltasar de Avalos cc Juana Ruiz! I had seen her and Baltasar in Zamora, and I wondered who she belonged to. This reinforces Baltasar de Avalos Tovar's & Juana Ruiz de Aldana's presence in Zamora, along with the marriage of their son, Nicolas de Avalos to Ynes Martinez Ortega, on 21 Aug 1651.

Gracias y saludos!
Manny Diez Hermosillo

Hola prim@s,

It’s been a while since I’ve found anything on our favorite gangsta family, los Malos Davalos. I found this one in the Guadalajara Protocolos; it’s a promissory note, dated 21 Oct 1637, in Villa de Lagos: Grabiel de Abalos (how he signed his name), vecino desta Villa (Lagos), as principal debtor, and Alº Davalos Ludena (how he signed his name), as his guarantor, promises to pay Esteban de Anda Altamirano 94 pesos and 4 tomines in Reales, for the same amount loaned to him.

The last time we saw Grabiel de Abalos was 1 Jan 1630, in San Matias, Pinos, when his slave, Maria Negra Adulta, was baptized (her padrinos were Sebastian Perez and Luisa, Negros Esclavos de Luis de Urdiales). If he is the same Gabriel de Avalos who married Agustina de Velasco, then he next appears on 26 Jul 1639, in San Luis Potosi, when they baptize Nicolas.

As for Alonso Davalos Ludena, I don’t know of any other Alonso de Avalos living in Villa de Lagos in 1637, other than the one married to Catarina de Orozco, and who we know was brother of Gaspar de Abalos. If it is him, “Ludena” is a new surname for this branch. I wonder if there is any link to Maria de Ludena/Luduina/Ludueña, who married Rodrigo de Ornelas y Mendoza, 26 Nov 1615, in Lagos, and who died, 19 Dec 1674, in Jalos? Does anyone know who she is? From the timeline, she could easily be a sibling of the Avalos’.

Manny Diez Hermosillo

Luisa Avalos hija de Gaspar y Luisa Quezada caso en Guaniqueo en febrero de 1660 , con Alonso Hernandez de Motemayor , en la dispensas matrimoniales dice que el dicho Alonso tuvo comunicación ilicita con Juana Avalos hija de Bartolome de Avalos este a su vez hijo de Juan de Avalos hermano del dicho Gaspar padre de Luisa , con esto amplia a 5 hermanos Avalos contando a Gaspar

Retired NFL All -Pro Quarterback Jeff Garcia descends from Bernardino de Avalos and Josepha Perez de .Boccanegra.

Rick A. Ricci
Source Mygenes2000

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