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Gaspar de Avalos, Alonso de Avalos, Gabriel de Avalos & Sebastian de Avalos

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By jrefugioghermosillo - Posted on 03 June 2016

Gaspar de Avalos cc Luisa de Quezada y Mendoza
Alonso de Avalos cc Catalina de Orosco
Gabriel de Avalos cc Maria Quezada
Sebastian de Avalos cc Mariana de Castro

Hola prim@s,

Do any of you have any of the above mentioned couples in your lines? I have it documented that Gaspar and Alonso were brothers, and also that Gabriel and Sebastian were brothers. I think it's likely that all four are brothers, and I'm trying to compile enough info on each, to establish this theory. I also think it's possible that another brother is Baltasar de Avalos cc Juana Ruiz de Aldana.

¿Tendra alguien los mencionados en sus líneas ? Lo tengo documentado que Gaspar y Alonso eran hermanos, y también que Gabriel y Sebastián eran hermanos. Creo que es probable que los cuatro son hermanos y busco mas información sobre cada uno para establecer esta teoría. También creo que es posible que otro hermano es Baltasar de Avalos cc Juana Ruiz de Aldana.

Does anybody know if Gabriel de Avalos, who married Maria Quezada, is the same who married Augustina de Velasco?

¿Alguien sabe si Gabriel de Avalos, que era casado con María Quezada, es el mismo que se casó con Agustina de Velasco?

Gracias y saludos,
Manny Diez Hermosillo

Thank you again Carlos for providing the information on Marianas parents.

Rick A. Ricci


you mention that the Alarcon might come from the Quesada's. Here is an Alonso de Quesada married to a Doña Ysabel de Alarcon. they arent old enough to be the other ysabel Villaseñor Alarcons grandparents, but, since these people kept intermarying it at least shows a quesada connection to the alarcons.

also, i was looking for other Avalos and i think this Alonso de Avalos was the first Avalos here:

it says he came here with five Avalos brothers, cousins to Cortes

This books calls him Alonso de Avalos Savedra and gives his parents Pedro Lopez de Saavedra and Isabel Alvarez Rangel. Lopez de Saavedra was also the parents of Aldonza de Avalos de Hijar that married Gonzalo de Villasenor, so there's another connection between these famileis. I think all the Avalos and villasenor share common people.

then this book talks about other Avalos and their connection to the Bracamonte family and their coming to our Nueva Galicia area.

Danny C. Alonso


do you know who this Miguel de Ávalos is? or his mother Isabel de Ávalos? Or who she was married to?Ávalos-58

Danny C. Alonso

Hi Danny,

It's probable that the Alonso de Quesada you mention, husband of Ysabel de Alarcón, is a sibling of Luisa and María de Quesada, that are married to the two Ávalos. All three Quesada's are probably the children of the Alonso de Quesada y Puga, alférez real and Juana Bautista Hernández de Arellano that Manny mentioned earlier.


Paige i agree with you. thats why i added the alferez real Alonso de Quesada and Juana Baptista Hernades de arellano to the Wikitree and started adding the quesada ancestors, in case we connect our Quesada's to them. The Quesada's connects to the king of portugal through the Venegas family, you can see here Quezada-Family-Tree-100

Danny C. Alonso

Baltazar D'Avalos Villaseñor y Espexo was baptized on 22/Jan/1653, in León, "hijo de Don Gonzalo de Avalos Villaseñor y Juana de Espejo".

This Balthazar was married to Maria Ruiz de Velasco in abt. 1679 in Ayo el Chico, Jalisco

Rick A. Ricci

Hola prim@s,

Here's the marriage record for Nicolas de Avalos Villaseñor cc Ynes Macias Ortega, 21 Aug 1651, Sagrario, Zamora, Mich:

I just noticed that there were some posts that were directed to me, and that I had missed - my apologies, I'll try to respond to them, when I can.

I also have an update on Gaspar de Avalos cc Luisa de Quezada, which I'll be posting soon - stay tuned!

Manny Diez Hermosillo

We last saw Gaspar de Avalos and Luisa de Quezada in March 1657, living on their rancho, called "El Ojo de Muerte," near Valle de Armadillo, SLP. Their sons, Nicolas Garcia and Gaspar Garcia, along with cousins, Juan and Geronimo Aparisio de Avalos Orozco, plus another accomplice, had just been tried and executed for murder & robbery. After their deaths, the condemned were decapitated and quartered, their heads placed on poles on the 4 roads leaving San Luis, and their bodies, gibbeted where the murders took place. Within days, the heads of Juan and Aparisio de Avalos had disappeared from their poles, and authorities had gone to the rancho of Gaspar de Avalos, searching for them. Gaspar and his sons were gone, and only the women remained. And that's where we left off.

Cut to 3 years later: it's 4 Feb, 1660, and Gaspar de Avalos and Luisa de Quezada are now residents of Huaniqueo, Michoacan, where they had been living for well over a year (since 1658). Alonso Rodriguez de Montemayor, of Pachuca, has petitioned to marry their daughter, Luisa de Avalos y Quezada (confirmed 22 May 1624, Sta Maria de Lagos), but there's an impediment (my heart jumped...): Alonso Rodriguez has had a previous relationship with a cousin of Luisa's, requiring a dispensation for 2o con 3o de amistad ilicita (!!GOOOOL!!).

Now, as I was reading this document, I was super impressed with the amount of information given by the notary - on the testigos, in particular: not just their castas and ages, but also, in some cases, their occupations, or who they're married to (Ysabel de Liebana Española de 50a, casada con Juan de Torres, vnos de Huaniqueo). And then, for the number of testigos, of which there are several, including a couple of surprises. I just hoped that the dispensation gives us something new, like Gaspar's parents' names, or perhaps confirming a link to Gabriel & Sebastian de Avalos, or to Baltasar & Juana de Avalos? Or a new branch, altogether?

Well, it appears to be the latter:

“dixo conosse a dho alonzo hernandes de montemayor dos messes y a luissa de abalos desde que nasio que es su hija lexitima y que cotidianamente hastado de baxo su obediencia y amparo como donssella birtuosa y que pueden contraer el matrimonio que an tratado y conossio a juo de abalos su herno lixitimo [hermano legitimo] que mataron en este puo [pueblo, i.e. Huaniqueo] y conossio a bartolome de abalos hijo bastardo de dho Juan de abalos el qual tubo una hija llamada maria con quien dho alonso hernandes dissen tubo amistad ylicita la qual fue sobrina de dha luisa de abalos su hija porque dho bartolome de abalos fue Primo de dha su hija y la hija de dho bartolome de abalos es sobrina de dha luissa de abalos su hija y que todo lo referrido lo bido y passo como esta dho y es la berdad … “ - Declaracion del padre de la contrayente, Gaspar de Abalos, edad de 60a, lo firmo con el sr cura, 22 feb 1660 (Image 079).

Yup. Gaspar de Abalos himself. Giving an account of a brother named Juan de Avalos, whom "they had killed in Huaniqueo" (years before, according to another testigo), and who had a bastard son named Bartolome de Avalos (Mestizo), who had a daughter named Maria de Avalos, with whom Alonso Rodriguez had relations. All of the witnesses give the same account, but there are some additional snippets of info:

- Testigo Juan de Yepes Esp 50 says Juan de Avalos Difunto was married to his aunt.
- Testigo Juan Sidbensiz (or Juan Bensisio - anyone?), Esp age 24, says he's a cuñado de Luisa de Avalos, who is sister of his wife. The only daughter of Gaspar de Avalos and Luisa de Quezada that I don't have married, is Mariana de Avalos, who was baptized 04 Jul 1638, in Sagrario, SLP.
- Several of the testigos say they knew the Avalos from Lagos, with none mentioning Armadillo nor Sierra de Pinos. Of course they wouldn't!!!
- The biggest surprise (and the creepiest...), is testigo NICOLAS GARCIA, age 30, brother of the bride. But how can this be?? Nicolas Garcia de Avalos was hung, beheaded and quartered, 3 years before, in San Luis Potosi!!?? The only explanation: one of the younger siblings adopted his name, after his death. This family was all about aliases and shadows.

So, now we know that after the executions, Gaspar de Avalos and Luisa de Quezada would have collected and buried the bodies of their sons, when the authorities allowed it. They were then likely forced to leave SLP, perhaps even forfeiting whatever property they owned. They still had 2 sons, under the age of 16, and 4 daughters, all of marrying age. Gaspar de Abalos & the OMG then headed south to Huaniqueo. We've seen them in Irapuato, Gto, but this is the first time we've placed anyone from this branch in old Michoacan. And now we know that he had a brother named Juan de Avalos, who lived & died there. This gets us that much closer to the Avalos/ Tobar/ Villasenor / Cervantes etc.

Additional notes:

- Daughter Andrea de Avalos still has to marry Roque Flores, on 02 May 1664, in Lagos. Women usually lived with their parents until married, though in her case, she was at least 40 years-old (most of their 8 daughters married rather late - well after 30). But it's possible that she still lived with her parents, and that Gaspar and Luisa returned to Lagos before 1664. Que vida mas loca!

- I've located 2 men named Bartolome de Avalos, one, who was Mestizo, living in Angamacutiro and married to Catalina Gutierrez Mulata Libre, and another, who was categorized as Morisco, and who married Melchora Juana India, 25 May 1659, in Indaparapeo. Since his daughter, Maria de Avalos, was said to have had her affair with Alonso Rodriguez in 1659, our Bartolome is likely the first. It's possible they're the same person, or perhaps father and son.

- Gaspar de Abalos signed his name, revealing that he had received an education, and that he had at least a middle-class upbringing.

Manny Diez Hermosillo

04 Feb 1660 IM de Luisa de Avalos y Quezada, con Alonso Rodriguez de Montemayor.
"México, Michoacán, registros parroquiales y diocesanos, 1555-1996," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 20 May 2014), Morelia > Arquidiócesis de Morelia > image 72 of 1421; parroquias Católicas, Michoacan (Catholic Church parishes, Michoacan).

This new information only adds to the questions of this family but it sure is a read.
Thanks Manny for your the added information and story.

This is really great stuff Manny. This family is never boring. I just wish
we could finally find out who the parents are especially because so many of
us, including me, descend from them. Also who do you think the 2nd Nicolas
really was?

Danny C. Alonso

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