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Gaspar de Avalos, Alonso de Avalos, Gabriel de Avalos & Sebastian de Avalos

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By jrefugioghermosillo - Posted on 03 June 2016

Gaspar de Avalos cc Luisa de Quezada y Mendoza
Alonso de Avalos cc Catalina de Orosco
Gabriel de Avalos cc Maria Quezada
Sebastian de Avalos cc Mariana de Castro

Hola prim@s,

Do any of you have any of the above mentioned couples in your lines? I have it documented that Gaspar and Alonso were brothers, and also that Gabriel and Sebastian were brothers. I think it's likely that all four are brothers, and I'm trying to compile enough info on each, to establish this theory. I also think it's possible that another brother is Baltasar de Avalos cc Juana Ruiz de Aldana.

¿Tendra alguien los mencionados en sus líneas ? Lo tengo documentado que Gaspar y Alonso eran hermanos, y también que Gabriel y Sebastián eran hermanos. Creo que es probable que los cuatro son hermanos y busco mas información sobre cada uno para establecer esta teoría. También creo que es posible que otro hermano es Baltasar de Avalos cc Juana Ruiz de Aldana.

Does anybody know if Gabriel de Avalos, who married Maria Quezada, is the same who married Augustina de Velasco?

¿Alguien sabe si Gabriel de Avalos, que era casado con María Quezada, es el mismo que se casó con Agustina de Velasco?

Gracias y saludos,
Manny Diez Hermosillo

Dear Manny,

What do you think of the possibility that Baltazar descends from this Nicolas Villaseñor D'Avalos?

I know of a Nicolas Villaseñor D'Avalos, but I don't know who he was married to.

Nicolas Villaseñor-Tovar D'Avalos y de la Torre is the son of Diego Villaseñor and Jerónima de la Torre (born abt.1623)

Diego is the son of Diego Villaseñor-Tovar and Jerónima D'Avalos

I already posted Diego and Jerónima 's ancestry.

Rick A. Ricci

Mr. Ricci and Manny,

I found this about the Villasenors and Cervantes and other families like Perez de Bocanegra: de Villasenor.pdf

also, Manny have you connected Gaspar and Alonso to Gabriel de Avalos

Manny, you also mentioned that you have a person that uses Ruiz de Villasenor, i just found a person that uses Ruiz de Avalos here:

Danny C. Alonso

Dear Danny,

Even if you already have a lot of information, it is always a good practice to look at new sources that someone provides to see if you can find additional puzzle pieces. A source that you provided gave me such a gem. For Diego de Villaseñor y Cervantes I had only "Mariana Zuñiga" as her name. Your source says that her name is Mariana Zuñiga Villasagra.

Thank you,
Rick A. Ricci

Manny, Danny and Rick,

I've begun linking these families on Wikitree. It will probably take me a few days to add all the people Manny gave on this thread, but since several people descend from the Avalos, Villasenor and Tovar families, I think it will make it easier to find a connection. I've also linked Sebastian, Gaspar, Gabriel and Alonso as siblings. Here is Sebastian and from him you can link to the others. I think it's important to help in locating the origin of the Avalos Villasenor.


p.s. Danny, Thanks for that marriage of Simon Oviedo, I did not have that in my records.

Hola prim@s,

I’m still sorting through what I have on alteña families using “Avalos Villaseñor”:

Bernardino de Avalos and Joseph Perez de Bocanegra were married 26 Apr 1664, Nuestra Senora de Guanajuato, Gto. Parents aren’t named, only that he’s from Jalostotitlan, and she’s from Gto. They likely moved back to Los Altos; most of the Avalos couples issued dispensations in San Juan and Mascota are related to this couple.

From various dispensations, we know they had two children:

1. Maria de Avalos y Bocanegra cc Juan Fernando Cordero
2. Joseph Bernardino de Avalos cc Paula Quezada.

Also, Bernardino de Avalos y Villasenor had 2 sisters:

1. Ysabel de Avalos, who was mother of Miguel de Avalos y Villasenor cc Maria Vasquez de Aviles (or Avila).
2. Augustina de Avalos, who had a daughter named Juana Gomez.

I don’t know who their spouses were. These 3 siblings were born roughly 1640-1650. I think they’re grandchildren of Baltasar de Avalos and Juana Ruiz, but only because the other Avalos left Los Altos. Does anybody know who they are?

The aforementioned Miguel de Avalos y Villasenor cc Maria Vasquez de Aviles (or Avila) aka Maria Gutierrez, had two sons:

1. Miguel de Avalos y Villasenor cc Catalina Cordero-Avalos, dispensed at 3o grado, 8 Mar 1713, San Juan.
2. Juan Bautista de Avalos m1. Luisa de Limon Quezada, (daughter of Alonso Quezada cc Felipa Limon y Ortiz) m2. Maria Josefa de Aguirre y Paz (daughter of Lorenza Aguirre cc Maria de la Paz).

Hi Danny,

No, I haven’t found any hard documentation that links Gaspar and Gabriel as brothers, just my hypothesis, that I laid out earlier in this thread. It’s hard to say who their parents are: you’ve narrowed it down as I have, but then, Rick has shared a lot of new info, which I still need to process. Thank you, Rick, this is all super helpful!

Here’s the Nicolas Castaneda cc Maria Gomez dispensa:

The name given for Maria Gomez’s great-grandfather is incorrect, he wasn’t Baltasar de Avalos, but Sebastian de Avalos:

Sebastian de Avalos cc Mariana de Castro
Augustin de Avalos cc Magdalena Ruiz
Ysabel Ruiz de Villasenor cc Mathias Gomez
Maria Gomez y Ruiz cc Nicolas de Castaneda

Question: Nicolas de Castaneda was son of Tomasa Carrion, who I have as daughter of Capitan Antonio Carrion; Antonio Carrion married twice, to Francisca Rodriguez del Alamo, and then to Maria de San Jose de Asa y Oropesa. Which one is Tomasa’s mother?

In his 10 Dec 1700 IM for his second marriage, Antonio Carrion’s mother’s name is given as “Ysabel de Alarcon Villasenor”:

We know she was daughter of Gabriel de Avalos and Maria de Quezada. I’ve never seen “Alarcon” associated with the Avalos OMG, so I originally thought this was a typo (unless it originates with the Quezada?). But after learning what we’ve learned about the Avalos OMG, and knowing how some family members used aliases, “Alarcon” might have been a surname Antonio pulled out of the air. Either way, if it was purposeful, it’s interesting how “Avalos” was still poison in Pinos, and 50 years after Gaspar [and Gabriel] were run out of town! Chris - that might explain why Lugarda used "Villasenor."

I’ll reply to other inquiries and comments when I get a chance.

Gracias y saludos!
Manny Diez Hermosillo

Your welcome Manny and Chris,
I was trying to be helpful without any serious thought that I would be adding or changing information in my tree. It seems that I am being rewarded for helping out. There may be a change in my Villaseñor Lomelin line because of this research.

I have been digging deeper into the Villaseñor and D'Avalos connection. I found some interesting information on the Villaseñor family. This is from a secondary source but the author provides primary sources that I need to go back and check. There is a big implication for my family tree if this information is correct.

I had been researching the Villaseñor and Avalos connection without being a descendant of the Avalos line. I descend from the Villaseñor Lomelin family. In my research of the Avalos and Villaseñor I found that The web of the Avalos and Villaseñor is providing new information that is a little different than some of the information on the Villaseñor that we have taken for granted because genealogists from a long time ago had stated that so and so was the daughter of "Fulano". If this new information is correct, then my ancestor is not the great granddaughter of Luis (Luciano) Lomelin(i) and Maria del Olmo. This new information adds another generation so she is a great great granddaughter of Luis (Luciano) Lomelin(i) and Maria del Olmo. It also adds another generation in my Villaseñor line. I need time to look up all the primary sources to see if this is true. This is going to take some time. It may also ruffle some feathers because two prominent genealogists have different information in their books that many people, myself included, had taken as fact.

If this new information is true then I descend from a second wife of a Villaseñor after his first wife D'Avalos dies, and I am even more closely related to the D'Avalos Villaseñors. Like you said, there is a lot of information to be processed. One D'Avalos and Villaseñor line intermarried for four generations before finally marrying outside of the family.


Mariana de Zúñiga y Villasirga's parents are Don Alonso de Zúñiga y Doña Isabel de Villasirga, according to Fr. Gabriel de Ibarrola.

Dear Carlos,

Thank you for sharing Mariana de Zuñiga's parents, Alonso de Zuñiga and Isabel de Villasagra.

There is a slight difference in the spelling Villasagra/Villasirga. Does Fr. Gabriel de Ibarrola provide any sources that we can use for leads and the correct spelling?

Thanks again,
Rick A. Ricci

Mr. Ricci,

here is a story about a convent in Villalcázar de Sirga which was probly combine to make Villasirga. they also mention a Mariana de Zuniga, not sure if its the same or differnet generation, but probly a relative for sure.

Danny C. Alonso

The original name of Villalcazar de Sirga was Villasirga as it can be easily found.

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