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Gaspar de Avalos, Alonso de Avalos, Gabriel de Avalos & Sebastian de Avalos

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By jrefugioghermosillo - Posted on 03 June 2016

Gaspar de Avalos cc Luisa de Quezada y Mendoza
Alonso de Avalos cc Catalina de Orosco
Gabriel de Avalos cc Maria Quezada
Sebastian de Avalos cc Mariana de Castro

Hola prim@s,

Do any of you have any of the above mentioned couples in your lines? I have it documented that Gaspar and Alonso were brothers, and also that Gabriel and Sebastian were brothers. I think it's likely that all four are brothers, and I'm trying to compile enough info on each, to establish this theory. I also think it's possible that another brother is Baltasar de Avalos cc Juana Ruiz de Aldana.

¿Tendra alguien los mencionados en sus líneas ? Lo tengo documentado que Gaspar y Alonso eran hermanos, y también que Gabriel y Sebastián eran hermanos. Creo que es probable que los cuatro son hermanos y busco mas información sobre cada uno para establecer esta teoría. También creo que es posible que otro hermano es Baltasar de Avalos cc Juana Ruiz de Aldana.

Does anybody know if Gabriel de Avalos, who married Maria Quezada, is the same who married Augustina de Velasco?

¿Alguien sabe si Gabriel de Avalos, que era casado con María Quezada, es el mismo que se casó con Agustina de Velasco?

Gracias y saludos,
Manny Diez Hermosillo

I still have not fully absorbed the previous post of the Avalos Saga. With this new post if I understood correctly, are the same Cervantes that have a long line listed in Familysearch to the 1200. With several Conquistadors (Leonel de Cervantes L43M-MS9 ID on Familysearch.
​ One of the daughters Beatris de Andrade Cervantes who married Conquistador Juan de Jaramillo (el Mozo) was married to La Malinche (Marina) and was the guard to Moctezuma when, if I read correctly, was killed.
Also Mentioned in Retoños de España en la Nueva Galicia by Mariano Gonzales Leal was another daughter Ana de Cervantes b:1510 married a Don Alonso de Villanueba. Does anyone know anything about Villanuebas if they are the same as those from Guanajuato that married into cervantes, rocha, perez, Sandovals, Ortas, Pina and others in Villa de Reyes?

I just found a paternal link to the villanuebas in 1750 in Villa de Reyes, SLP, Mexico.

Dear Simona,

This Cervantes line goes back much further than 1200 through a maternal ancestor. That line goes back many, many more centuries because she descended from a rabbinic line that kept very good records of the the family line. Part of the family ended up in Germany and kept up the family tree, just adding generation after generation over the years.

The Bocanegra name you mentioned also goes back many centuries and there is a family connection to many cardinals and Popes.


Mr. Ricci,

Does the post by Enrique say how the Avalos connect to the Villasenor and Cervantes. It makes sense that they connect since so many of the Avalos use Villasenor too. But does It say how theyre linked.

Danny C. Alonso

Hola Salvador,

Gracias por compartir, hay mucha buena información en su mensaje. Esperaba que don Mariano tenía algo que decir acerca de Los Avalos, aunque sea poco y conjeturas, pero sí nos da dirección. De que Gonzalo de Avalos puede ser el genearca de la familia alteña, tiene sentido, buscare documentacion para verificarlo. Ademas Don Mariano parece estar de acuerdo en que María y Luisa de Quezada y Mendoza eran hermanas e hijas de Alonso Quezada y Juana Bautista Sánchez de Mendoza. ¡Gracias!

Hi Danny,

The article quotes Don Mariano Gonzalez-Leal, who names Gonzalo de Avalos as a POSSIBLE origin of the Avalos-Ludeña, Avalos-Villaseñor and Avalos-Tobar surnames in Los Altos, since his descendants intermarried with the Villaseñor-Cervantes families (with whom the “Tovar” surname is associated). He mentions Alonso de Avalos and Catalina de Orozco as the possible parents of Gabriel, Baltasar, Juana and Gaspar de Avalos. He also muses that Maria and Luisa de Quezada are sisters, and daughters of Alonso Quezada and Juana Bautista Sanchez de Mendoza. It is conjecture, and it’s written in that tone, so there’s no confirmation. Nonetheless, the Gonzalo de Avalos/Villaseñor-Cervantes lead is a very good one, and one I will pursue.

Gracias y saludos!
Manny Diez Hermosillo

Thank you Manny for explaining the article. I realy think there has to be a connection with the Cervantes Villasenor family. I hope we're able to make that connection at some point. Thank you for all your hard work Manny.

Danny C. Alonso

Thank you R.A. Ricci for the information. You make me wish I had dedicated more time 20 years ago when I started to ask questions, then I could understand the depth, scope and Magnitude of this information. Thanks, again!

Hola prim@s,

I found some more pieces to the puzzle:

From the Causa Criminal of Juan de la Rosa, we know that he’s the son of Pedro de Avalos, brother of Maria de Mendoza aka Maria de Quesada, who I suggested is the same who married Juan Morales, 16 Jan 1648, San Matias Pinos (source: Pinos Extracts, by Mary Lou Montagna). I also posed that she’s the same Maria that Gabriel de Avalos and Maria Quesada baptized, 09 Sep 1618, Santa Maria de Lagos:

This is the certification for said marriage of Juan Morales cc Maria de Avalos, issued 15 Nov 1646, at Convento de San Augustin, Yuriria, Gto. This establishes that Juan Morales is the son of Francisco Morales and Juana Navarrete (of Sierra de Pinos), and that Maria is the daughter of Gabriel de Avalos and Maria Quesada:

It’s odd that this certification was done in Yuriria, Gto, while the marriage took place in Sierra de Pinos, but it does link one of the bridal couple to Yuriria Gto. I’d say Maria, since we’ve already placed Avalos OMG in Irapuato (44 miles south of Yuriria), in 1642-43. That’s likely where Gabriel de Avalos dies, since he drops off the map.

Gabriel de Avalos and Maria Quesada confirmed Pedro, along with Joseph, on 24 Jan 1627, San Matias, Pinos (source: Pinos Extracts, by Mary Lou Montagna).

From the same extracts, Luis de Avalos married Gertrudis Ponce, 25 Feb 1645, San Matias, Pinos. Parents aren’t named, but padrinos were Diego Carrion and Ysabel de Avalos Villaseñor, who was daughter of Gabriel de Avalos and Maria Quesada. Luis is likely their son, too.


During my research in Leon, Gto, I’ve come upon Alguacil Mayor Gonzalo de Avalos Villaseñor cc Juana Gomez de Espejo. I had them flagged, with 3 sons, born in Leon, Gto, and 1 in Guadalajara, Jal., between 1653-1665, though I didn’t have their ancestry.

While going through Archidiocesis de Morelia IMs, I hit the jackpot, and located theirs, 26 Sep 1650:

“Gonzalo de Cervantes y Villaseñor,” as he’s named, was born 1621 in Valladolid, Mich, son of Gonzalo de Avalos Tobar and Antonia Hurtado de Mendoza (both deceased), and Juana Gomez de Espejo was daughter of Domingo Hernandez Gamiño and Juana Gomez de Espejo.

There you go: “Avalos Tobar,” linked to “Cervantes Villaseñor.” So, it’s possible that Baltasar de Avalos Tobar and his sister, Juana de Avalos, are siblings, or at least primos hermanos, of Gaspar, Gabriel, Alonso and Sebastian de Avalos.

From the looks of it, Gonzalo de Avalos Tobar cc Antonia Hurtado de Mendoza was also their contemporary, so he might be a brother or primo hermano. I just had a breakthrough with one of my Valladolid Mich lines, so I’ll be digging around those archives, I’ll keep my eyes open for him.

Manny Diez Hermosillo

Dear Manny,

You have done great work. Now it's time for me to jump in.

Gonzalo Villasenor d' Avalos (born abt. 1570) is the son of Diego D' Villasenor Tovar y Orosco (bap. 13/Apr/1543, m. abt. 1568, d. Feb.1610) and Jeronima d' Avalos y Gomez.

Diego d' Villasenor Tovar y Orosco (bap. 13/Apr/1543, m. Ant 1568, d. Feb.1610 is the son of Conquistador Juan de Villaseñor Tovar y Orosco (m. 1532, d. 24/May/1566) and Catalina Cervantes (b. 1516)

Capitan Juan de Villaseñor Tovar y Orosco Is the son of Diego de Villaseñor Tovar II and Guiomar de Orosco y Sandoval

Catalina Cervantes is the daughter of Leonel Cervantes and Leonor Lara y Andrade

I have the Cervantes line going back centuries through a maternal Jewish line from the house of David (ha- Levi). The Cervantes line also hooks up with the Boccanegra Italian family. This family's ancestors are not Jewish. This Boccanegra family I have also traced for centuries, again mainly through a maternal line and it hooks up with many priests, cardinals , and Popes in the family, I have many more stories on their ancestors that I have already collected in my book

Besides Gonzalo, I have Diego de Villasenor and Jeronima de Avalos y Gomez as the parents of Juan Mattias Villasenor married to Isabel d' Arteaga y Dejo and another Diego Villaseñor.

Thanks again for the many D' Avalos stories. .

Rick A. Ricci

Source:mygenes2000, R. A. Ricci

Agustin Iturbide, Miguel Hidalgo, and Morelos were all related through the Villaseñor. Agustin Iturbide Arramburu descends from the Villasenor/D'Avalos line.

Juan Villaseñor y Orozco And Catalina Cervantes de Lara y Andrada had at least eight children.
De este matrimonio se conocen 8 hijos (5 varones y 3 mujeres)

Juan de Villaseñor, son of Juan Villaseñor and Catalina Cervantes and is married to Catalina Corona,

José María Morelos y Pavón descends from Juan de Villaseñor and Catalina Corona

Miguel Hidalgo Costilla descends from Francisco de Orozco Tovar y Cervantes and Leonisia de Gasca y Reus

, Diego de Villaseñor Cervantes de Lara and Gerónima de Ávalos y Gómez are ancestors of the Iturbide Arramburu.


Juana Gomez de Espejo (II) is the daughter of Domingo Hernandez Gamino y Velasquez and Juana Gomez del Espejo (I).

Domingo Hernandez Gamino is the son of Juan Hernandez Gamino and Ana Velasquez

Juana Gomez del Espejo (I) is the daughter of Miguel Dominguez del Espejo and Isabel Gomez Maldonado

Isabel Gomez Maldonado is the daughter of Gaspar Maldonado and Juana Gomez


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