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Search of Diego Hurtado de Mendoza records

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By Visitor - Posted on 22 May 2016

Davis wrote the following in an earlier post:


"Marquez de los Olivos/Hurtado de Mendoza
Submitted by The Genealogist on Tue, 2015-09-01 18:48.
Hello Rick,

You can get a copy of Holcombe’s Letters by following this link:

The marriage you are referring to is on page 91. I do not have an original copy of the marriage record and only have Holcombe’s notes to go on here:

Holcombe’s letters Page 91:
“In the same volume of marriages from the Sagrario(Cathedral) parish in Mexico City (not microfilmed) … is this matrimony:
Entry No. 140: 2 July 1570. Joseph Márquez, a son of Joseph Márquez and Luisa de Acosta, and María de Lerma, daughter of Diego Hurtado and María de Lerma.. “Testigos fueron el Sr. canónigo García Machuca, sedero y Cristóbal Rodríguez Proaño.” Could be the parents of you know-who [referring to Joseph Marquez de los Olivos (husband of Maria de Ornelas)]. Suggest you see if pasajeros a Indias data for the parents of both is in the digests and look for christenings of the married couple’s children in the Sagrario, to see if they had a son Joseph (he’d be the third in a row). [If] … not in the Sagrario, try the Santa Veracruz parish.”

As he says the record is not microfilmed so presumably one would have to go to Mexico City to thoroughly research this reference. Until then, we will not know if Maria “de Lerma” is really a misreading of Maria “de Luna.”

As for a connection between Isabel Hurtado de Mendoza and the Marquez de los Olivos line. Isabel Hurtado de Mendoza was a grandmother of Maria de Ornelas (wife of Joseph Marquez de los Olivos). This couple had a son Diego Marquez de los Olivos, whose progeny spreads through Lagos de Moreno. It still needs to be determined if Capitan Miguel Marquez de los Olivos, whose progeny spreads through Colotlan, is a son of this couple, or a natural son of the husband, or the son of a different couple all together.

Some food for thought:
It also still needs to be determined if Joseph Marquez de los Olivos (husband of Maria de Ornelas) is the son of Joseph Marquez and Maria de Lerma/“de Luna?”. If he is, and if Diego Hurtado (father of Maria de Lerma/“de Luna?”) is also the same Diego Hurtado (father of Isabel Hurtado de Mendoza, whose paternity I feel still needs to be more solidly determined), than Joseph Marquez de los Olivos and Maria de Ornelas would be cousins once removed. If this is the case, theoretically there could be a dispensa hiding somewhere for their marriage, 28 April 1614, Lagos de Moreno.

There are still many “if’s” to be flushed out here, but I hope this helps.



My response:

I took a look at Jaime Holcombes and believe that he has done tremendous work. I have been a student of his wonderful work for decades. However, I do not believe that he is a hundred per cent correct in his findings. I disagree in his assumptions on Toribio Hernandez, and believe that he may be combining two Diego Ochoa when he talks about two marriages.

I will not be traveling to Mexico City so I won't be able to check the Mexico records on Diego Hurtado de Mendoza and Maria Lerma(Luna?)
If someone that lives in Mexico City takes on this task they may find the missing pieces as to to who Isabel Hurtado de Mendozas parents are.

Rick A. Ricci


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