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Colio and Covarrubias connection to Suarez de Ibarra and Sanchez de Porras

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By 245luigi - Posted on 29 April 2016

I believe I have connected the descendants of Geronimo Sanchez de Porras and Mariana Suarez de Ibarra to Francisco de Covarrubias y Leyva , Contador, son of Gaspar Covarrubias and Margarita de Quijada and Maria de Colio, grandaughter of Conquistador Diego Gomez de Colio and Catalina de la Torre.

There are many documents that must be gone through to get the whole story on the family. At this point I have gone through:
(Capellanias 1649-1851) Capellanias for Pedro Gomez de Colio and Nicolas de Ibarra, images 5 - 214

Meritos: Diego de Herrera
Pares > Busqueda Avanzada > Buscar: "Meritos Diego de Herrera", Fecha desde 1600 hasta 1650 > Archivo General de Indias > Indiferente General > MERITOS: Diego de Herrera, fecha creacion 1645

I have partially gone through:
Informaciones: Francisco Covarrubias (Contador)
Pares > Busqueda Avanzada > "Informaciones Francisco Covarrubias" > Archivo General de Indias > Audiencia de Guadalajara > Informaciones: Francisco Covarrubias Pages 1 - 45/193

(Capellanias 1692) Capellania for Francisco Covarrubias Pages 62 - 109

I need to go through:
Capellania for Hernan Guerra de Colio (which seems pertinent)

For ease of discussion I'm going begin with Geronimo Sanchez de Porras (son of Geronimo Sanchez de Porras and Leonor de Hermosillo) who was married to Mariana Suarez de Ibarra (daughter of Alferez Mayor Francisco Suarez de Ibarra and Elena Illan de Vargas)

Here is what I believe to be the proper lineage (I say believe because I have never read so many conflicting testimonies in my 4 years of genealogy, the probably conflict because information is provided about people who lived 150 - 200 yrs before some witnesses):

For the Colio side:

Elena Illan de Vargas
daughter of Mariana de Covarrubias y Colio (spouse Melchor Vargas Machuca)
daughter of Maria de Colio (spouse Francisco Covarrubias y Leyva, contador)
daughter of Maria de Colio (spouse Juan Guerra)
daughter of Diego Garcia de Colio and Catalina de la Torre

For the Covarrubias side:

Elena Illan de Vargas
daughter of Mariana de Covarrubias y Colio (spouse Melchor Vargas Machuca)
daughter of Francisco Covarrubias y Leyva, contador (spouse Maria de Colio)
son of Gaspar de Covarrubias and Margarita Quijada

So heres how I put it all together

Capellanias 1649-1851 Img 12 teaches Pedro Gomez de Colio (Arcediano) is the son Diego Garcia de Colio and Catalina de la Torre, both from Spain

Capellanias 1649-1851 Imgs 70 - 72 teaches Nicolas de Ibarra is is the son of Alferez Mayor Francisco Suarez de Ibarra and Elena Vargas, daughter of Melchor Vargas and Juana de Colio, daughter of Diego de Colio, brother of Pedro Gomez de Colio (very different than the lineage above)

For the baptism of Mariana Suarez de Ibarra, Guadalajara 1666 (searchable in FS), Elena uses the surname Covarrubias

Capellanias 1649-1851, Imgs 12,39 appears Pedro Vargas Machuca son of Captain Melchor Vargas Machuca and Mariana de Colio y Covarrubias. Unfortunately the lineage to the Colio's for Mariana is not disclosed thus far in any documents. I believe Mariana is the Juana Colio referred to in Capellanias 1649-1851 Imgs 70 - 72 Nicolas de Ibarra's lineage.

Pedro Vargas is baptized in Guadalajara 1617 (searchable in FS) to Melchor Vargas and Mariana Covarrubias. I believe Pedro Vargas is Elena Illan de Vargas' sister. The latest Mariana would have been born then approx 1577-1601.

Throughout Capellanias 1649-1851 and Capellanias 1692 children of Francisco Covarrubias and Maria de Colio utilize the surname Colio y Covarrubias. Children discloses are Alfonsa, Diego married to Catalina Angulo y Figuroa, and Francisco, a priest. A baptism
for Alfonsa can be found in Guadalajara 1600, daughter of Francisco Covarrubias and Maria de Colio. This would place her mothers birth in a similar range (1560 - 1584) as Mariana de Colio y Covarrubias spouse of Melchor Vargas Machuca. Therefore Mariana de Colio y Covarrubias must be a daughter for Francisco Covarrubias and Maria de Colio.

Smooth sailing from here. In the Informaciones: Francisco Covarrubias (Contador) Pg 1, states Francisco is married to Maria de Colio, granddaughter of Diego Garcia de Colio, conquistador. Pgs 31 - 32 state Francisco is the son of Gaspar de Covarrubias and Margarita Quijada. Maria de Colio, his wife, is the daughter of Juan Guerra and Maria de Colio, this second Maria is daughter of Diego Garcia de Colio and Catalina de la Torre.

That essentially sums up how I concluded the lineage. Further proof Capellanias 1649-1851 Img 13 Pedro Gomez de Colio states Francisco de Covarrubias y Colio is related to him via his sister, Maria de Colio. So any tie with Covarrubias comes from Pedro's sister Maria, and not Diego, as the Nicolas de Ibarra lineage says.

Here is some additional proof that Elena Illan de Vargas probably did not descend from Diego Colio, brother of Pedro Gomez de Colio:

Capellanias 1692 Img 66 Diego de Herrera stated Maria de Colio is his grandmother, sister of Pedro Gomez de Colio.

In Meritos: Diego de Herrera, Diego's parents are Diego de Herrera and Catalina de Colio Alarcon. He is the great grandson of Diego Garcia de Colio.

Capellanias 1649-1851 Img 161 stated Diego de Colio el Mozo married Ines Ramirez de Alarcon, Diego is the son of Diego Garcia and Catalina de la Torre. Since Diego Herrera's mothers surname is Colio Alarcon, I believe Diego de Herrera actually descends from Diego de Colio, brother of Pedro Gomez de Colio and Maria de Colio. Any use of the surname Covarrubias must come from this Maria de Colio.

I have pages of notes from the aformentioned documents. There are loads of inconsistencies. It looks like the priests copied prior incorrect information and it propogated from about 100 years. Also contained in the documents is lots of information pertaining to this family. So far I have gathered that Diego Garcia de Colio and Catalina de la Torre had as children at least Maria de Colio (Juan Guerra), Catalina de la Torre, la Moza, Pedro Gomez de Colio (Arcediano) and Diego de Colio, el Mozo, (Ines Ramirez de Alarcon).

Some names in the documents include:

Isabel Tovar, primo hermano de Diego Covarrubias y Colio, son of Francisco Covarrubias and Maria Colio
Francisco, Diego, and Alfonza Covarrubias son of Francisco Covarrubias and Maria Colio
Francisco Guerra, sobrino Pedro Gomez de Colio
Bartolome Perez de Colio, mi sobrino, son of Rodrigo Gomez Parada and Bernardina de Colio, mi sobrina, relative to Pedro Gomez de Colio
mi sobrina, Agueda Guerra, y su hija, Isabel Tovar, relative to Pedro Gomez de Colio
Alonzo Sanchez Muniz son of the same and Francisca de la Torre, daughter of Diego Rodriguez Ponce and Leonor Ortiz de la Torre, daughter of Catalina de la Torre, sister of Pedro Gomez de Colio
Juan (Berrete Eraso?) son of Maria Guijaro and Martin Berrete? son of Ana Rodriguez Gutierrez daughter of Joseph Rodriguez Gutierrez and Petrona Rodriguez Ponce also daughter of Diego Rodriguez Ponce and Leonor Ortiz de la Torre
Francisco Covarrubias son of Diego Covarubbias and Catalina Angulo y Figueroa
and much more Covarubbias descendants on Capellanias 1649-1851 Imgs 105 - 114, 124 - 129, 134 - 143, 161 - 174, 178 - 212

Dear Alex,

I just caught that mistake and posted it at the same time that you did.

Rick A. Ricci

I placed an updated Covarrubias line in the other Covarrubias thread under Toribio Hernandez Arellano thread.

I have obtained via ILL Fernández, R. (2003). La gran propiedad en Cocula de Ávalos 1539-1700. México, D.F: Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia.

Pg 280 states Francisco Covarrubias and Diego Covarrubias y Leyva were primos hermanos!

Diego de Covarrubias y Leiva was born in Toledo in 1512 and died in Madrid in 1577.

Francisco Covarrubias y Quijada was born in 1543 and died between 13/Jun/1600 & 6/Sep/1600

Francisco Covarrubias y Quijada was born 31 years after Diego Covarrubias y Leiva

Even though the source you provided states that he was a first cousin, the "Diccionario Biografico del Occidente Novohispano" identifies Diego Covarubbias as his "tio".

I think your source was trying to get the point across that they were very closely related, and they are.

If they were first cousins then Gaspar Covarrubias Hegas would have to be Alonso's brother and this is extremely unlikely. Alonso's brothers are well documented as they had a big part in the lives of Marco Covarrubias descendants and Gaspar is not mentioned in these documents.

I have no problem changing the family line if he is a cousin, but the information points to Diego Covarrubias being his uncle.

Rick A. Ricci

Do you know if Antonio Covarrubias, Alonso's brother, was married or had any children?

I will post the source soon. It has a genealogy for Figueroa/Banuelos

Dear Alex,

Yes, Alonso's brother, Antonio Covarrubias Leyva was married. I only know of one daughter that he was living with when he passed away.

Antonio Covarrubias Egas was born in 1524 and passed away on 23/Dec/1602. He was married int 1553 to Maria Tapia. Maria Tapia is a cousin to Saint Teresa de Jesus. St. Teresa D'avila informed Diego Covarrubias Leyva that his aunt, Maria Tapia, was her cousin. He quoted St Teresa's exact words in his writing.

Diego wrote when quoting St Teresa d' Avila:
(Me dijo estas palabras:...... "Sepa vuestra merced, señor prior, que díos le ha traído a esta casa, y que tiene obligación, de hacerme merced, aunque yo no me precío de las noblezas del mundo, no dejo de estimar lo que es de razón; y sepa que la Señora Doña Maria Tapia, su tía, es mi prima.....")

His daughter Maria Covarrubias married Hernando De Vega.

Hernando and Maria have a son "Don Fernando De Vega Covarrubia", Caballero de Santiago, Paje del Rey

There was another family member named "Antonio Covarrubias Leyva"but he was a priest and an official of the inquisition. This priest was a great grandson of Marco Covarrubias y Leyva. Many of the Orosco Covarrubias descendants used Covarrubias Leivas as their surname to as they weren't close to the Oroscos. They sought and received help from their uncles, the sons of Alonso Covarrubias Leyva. The help they received was an excellent education for many of them. These Covarrubias were so educated that even though they were "cristianos viejos" they were suspected of being Jewish by some just because their family put a heavy emphasis on education. The Orosco Covarubbias branch of the family did have Jewish ancestors through their Orosco line.

Alonso's nephew, Melchor, was the primary money source for the University in Puebla.

R.A. Ricci

Dear Alex,

Sebastian Martinez Leyva and Maria Covarrubias had four sons that I know of. The eldest is Marco Covarrubias Leyva. Second is Pedro Covarrubias Leyva. Third is Alonso Covarrubias Leyva. The fourth son is Juan Covarrubias Leyva. I have already mentioned Marco's two marriages and Alonso's marriage. Juan was a priest.

I have no information on Pedro Covarrubias other than that he was the second son. He is not mentioned by his nephews. I believe that he may have died at a young age. I don't see any records of Pedro being married or having children.

Diego and Francisco are not first cousins unless Gaspar is Alonso Covarrubia's brother that was originally named Pedro Covarrubias. I find this highly improbable.

Gaspar Covarrubias is not a son of Marco or Juan. Gaspar Covarrubias is the son of Alonso Covarrubias and Maria Gutierrez Hegas. Francisco Covarubias is the son of Gaspar Covarrubias.

Alonso Covarrubias Leyva and Maria Gutierrez Hegas are the parents of Diego, Antonio, Gaspar, Catalina, Isabel and Guiomar.

Gaspar, Catalina and Isabel definitely left descendants in the Americas. I am still researching Guiomar's descendants.
Melchor Covarrubias is the son of Catalina Covarrubias de Hegas. Melchor and Francisco are first cousins.
Since Diego and Gaspar are brothers, Diego is the uncle of Francisco Covarrubias.


Thank you for the family outline you have. Much appreciated.

Here is the source I was talking about. Ill post it to the Edward III post too and there is Figueroa and Banuelos in that tree.

If you descend from Catalina Figueroa y Angulo Torres cc Diego Covarruvias y Leyva Colio then this is a good reference for you.


Dear David and Alex,

i was hoping to share and discuss my research on the Covarrubias ancestry in person. Are either of you planning on being anywhere near Los Angeles California this summer? Please send me your emails.

Rick A. Ricci

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