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Tracing Aztec Lineage

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By LasFlores - Posted on 13 April 2016

A lady in one of my other genealogy groups asked if there is a way to trace one's family back to the Aztecs. Any and all information will be appreciated.
Thanks, Gloria

IN familytreedna you can start a group for your tribe.

Jose Luis Zambrano De Santiago "El Euforia".

On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 10:55 AM, JOSE L. Zambrano

> I am 30 to 40% native american. The best web page that has dna analysis is
> gedmatch. Using oracle 4.
> You need to get dna test in one of the mayor companies 23 and me,
> familytreedna , ancesntry or National geo. The best was 23 and me but it
> has change. Fanily tree dna is the best in market i think.
> Then you can up load data to
> : this is the best it has oracle 4 and you can
> choose what territory to search on.
> Jose Luis Zambrano De Santiago "El Euforia".
> On Sun, Apr 17, 2016 at 10:37 PM, Danny Alonso
> wrote:
>> I had a question about the science site with the Mayan, Huichol and Nahua
>> mixtures but my question is not very clear. I know that some of my
>> ancestors were from the Caxcan tribe headed by the Mendoza's and I don't
>> know what happened to the Caxcan people, maybe they disappeared or maybe
>> they just mixed with the Spanish people like Chief Blas de Mendoza. but
>> does anyone know how that DNA is researched? are they part of the Mayan,
>> Huichol or NAhuas or have they just disappeared? so as an example say that
>> all my indigenous ancestors were Caxcan people from Teocaltiche and since
>> I don't see the Caxcan tribe listed as one of the tribes of the Native
>> Mexicans on the admixture picture, would my Caxcan DNA be reclassified
>> under another tribe or would it be redistributed among several different
>> tribes or just not be listed
>> Danny C. Alonso

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