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1651 Padron of Nochistlan. Where is it?

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By 245luigi - Posted on 08 April 2016

I have both of Sergio Gutierrez's books "Los Altos de Jalisco" Vol I & II. Vol I contains a census for Nochistlan in 1649 and Vol II has on for Nochistlan in 1664. At the end of Vol II there is a "Relacion o Descripcion del Curato de Nochistlan y Otros Pueblos, con su Padron [de 1651]" which seems to be a description of the people in the city.

Is the description above what is being considered as the Padron of 1651 or is there an actual census? If so, where can I access the census? Thank you

This is the Padron 1649 from Nochistlan if this is what you are looking for.

Padrones, Caja 48 letra-M, 1649-1954

Film # 100563753

Starts at image 31.

The 1664 is on same film.

Starts on image 61.

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