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Glad to be here.

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By XCruzGomez - Posted on 06 April 2016

Hello everyone. My name is Xochitl Cruz Gomez. My fathers family (Cruz) comes from Teocaltiche Jalisco and my mothers family (Gomez) is from Nochistlan, Zacatecas. I am very excited to join this group and look forward to learning, helping and contributing to this wonderful site. I am an open book with any information I have.

I have been doing extensive research for a little while now (3 months). Every free moment I get, I am researching every site I can find. I have discovered exciting facts which I share with my family. It makes me happy when I can find one more generation. I'm sure you all know the feeling. I have been able to trace some family back to 1700 - "Espanoles nacidos in Nochistlan" which is super exciting.

I have hit a brick wall, I hope you all can help with. My 3rd Great Grandfather Narciso Arellano is from Teul de Gonzales, Nochistlan. Narciso Arellano was born abt 1826. He married Juana Villareal who was born abt. 1835. They were married about 1853 In Teul de Gonzales and had a son named Refugio Arellano in 1854 in Teul de Gonzales. I can not find any further information on Narciso Arellano (1826) or Juana Villareal (1835). Any help you can give me would be very appreciated.

Again, I am excited to read the forums and hopefully provide some information to others here.

Somos primos,

First, Welcome!

I did find and merge records for Narcisco Arellano married to Juliana Villarreal. They do have a son named Refugio. Narcisco's father Rosalio Arrellano may be the same rosalio married to Maria Ambrosia Contreras. I have not reviewed those records as it seems rosalio was either married twice or two separate individuals. On the Villarreal I merged records to 1785 about. If I find that rosalio is married to contreras you can find out by selecting the Star marked WATCH. I have many contreras in my family so she might be family.

Sorry, new to this site (first day) and I'm still navigating it. Where do I find the merge records you are referring to.

I did find through Ancestry a Narciso Arellano married to Juliana Villareal My Narciso (abt 1826) is married to JUANA Villareal. It could be that they are the same person. I would like to view what you merged. How do I do that. Thanks so much.

you can find it in

I'm having a hard time confirming that Juana is Juliana. Both are married to Narciso. . I understand that women had two or even three names but I can't find proof that Juana is Juliana. Refugio's marriage certificate indicates Juana as his mother. All the other children's documentation is the baptismal certificate that indicates Juliana is the mother, however, Refugio does not have a baptismal certificate to indicate that Juliana is his mother. Refugio is my direct descendant and so I need more proof that Juana is Juliana on a record related to Refugio.

Did you find Refugio's baptism certificate? That would be solid proof.

I went back to look at the record but the name of Juliana was removed. Juliana is the person for this record as she is mentioned on several of the children's records. If you have a blank, the computer cannot check for other records that might reveal more information. You can always put Juana as an AKA.

Check out this link which is a marriage doc of Refugio Arellano and Magdalena Garcia. The doc says Refugio is 26 years old in 1877 which would make his birth year around 1851. It also says he's an hijo natural, so his parents were not married when he was born. I'm not sure if this is the Refugio you are looking for, but it lists his parents as Narciso Arrelano and Juana Villareal.

This may be his brother:

Jose Agustin Arellano Villarreal
Mexico Baptisms
Name Jose Agustin Arellano Villarreal
Gender Male
Christening Date 08 Apr 1852
Christening Place El Teul, Teul de González Ortega, Zacatecas, Mexico
Father's Name Narciso Arellano
Mother's Name Juliana Villarreal
Paternal Grandfather's Name Rosalio Arellano
Paternal Grandmother's Name Norberta Flores
Maternal Grandfather's Name Jose Maria Villarreal
Maternal Grandmother's Name Ygnosencia Lara

Good luck,

Juan Aguayo

Thanks for the links. I see where it state "hijo natural". Very interesting because I do have an image through ("Refugio Arellano and Magdalena Garcia in the Zacatecas, Mexico, Civil Registration Marriages, 1861-1952") of their marriage certificate which state "hijo legitimo de Narciso Arellano and Juana Villarreal" So I'm a little confused. I think I'm just overthinking this. Thanks for the help. Sometimes I just need a second opinion, actually you are the third.

I'm going to go with the "AKA Juana" and add Juliana to my tree as Refugio's wife which will populate the rest of the tree.

Muchas Gracia Juan.

(BTW, I do have Aguayo in my family. Feliciana Aguayo who married Longino Gomez in Nochistlan in 1859)



I think sometimes the baptisms will say a child is an hijo natural if the
parents are not married in the church. Or they could've gotten married
after the baptism but before they recorded the birth.

Danny C. Alonso


We do have common ancestors. My paternal and maternal lines are from Nochistlan. In looking at your files, our common ancestors are Antonio Corona and Maria Dolores Ximenez. I'm sure we have other common ancestors via the Gomez, Aguayo, Duran, Munoz, Alvarez, Macias, Ruiz, Marin, Acosta, Martinez, Ulloa, Jauregui, Martinez, Cervantes, etc.

If you run into roadblocks with your Macias line from Nochistlan, that last name was interchangeable with Alvarez. This was a roadblock of mine for a few years until I realized that some siblings were listed as Macias and others as Alvarez.

Saludos prima,
Juan Aguayo

wow! That's pretty cool. I was hoping I would find a common relative. Glad to know you, if only via this website. Antonio Corona and Maria Dolores Ximenez are my 5th Great Grandparents on my Grandfather Florentino Gomez' side. What is your relation to them? I read up on relations and how the cousin line works, 5th cousin twice removed and so on. I'd be interested.

Thanks for the hint on the Macias line. I'll look into that.

Gracias Primo

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