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Family Search Indexing

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By Sherri Mora - Posted on 08 March 2016

Have you heard about this? Family Search is allowing indexers to choose projects. I've often wondered about that as I looked through each image, I thought that it would be so easy and a good use of my time to index as I search. Can you imagine what we can do for the Los Altos area? I'm excited for this.

That's good to know.

I did indexing a few years ago for them. I was accurate but received too much criticism from them because I didn't use the Ñ "énye" or put the accents over some of the letters (that have it) in the Spanish language.

Many other indexers didn't do it either,and I decided to give up indexing due to the "nit-picking".

Joseph de Leon

they don't have that many mexico projets open last i checked

You are correct if the 200 plus members of NR all helped index it would be amazing.
I also stopped indexing because I got frustrated with their accuracy assessment. Granted I did make mistakes, so a review process is necessary. You download data and enter it using a prescribed format, then another person reviews your work for accuracy. Some projects were easier than others, for example, I enjoyed the 1940's Census, but indexing ship manifests was difficult.
I had to study the handwriting and possible names in foreign languages, only to have the work considered erroneous.
I feel I need to concentrate on my family genealogy now, before I run out of time.
I encourage you to try it, many of us on this forum would benefit from your work, and it would be a labor of love.

Hi Sherri,

Thank you for the info. This is exactly the tool I was looking for and I did not know family search had it available- I guess since it is in the pilot stages they are not promoting it too much yet?

I downloaded the chrome extension to start indexing on family search already. And I worked on indexing a record as a test and it was very easy. The system allows you to index any record that has not been indexed so you can pick any record/film you want to work on.
Apparently, the files indexed with this tool are not searchable in the regular family search page yet, but only through this family search pilot tool. But they do plan to make them searchable in the near future on their website.

I agree that it would be great to have a Los Altos/Nuestros Ranchos Group for this tool- please let me know if one is set up to join in. The benefit to be part of a group appears to be that researchers can search easily all the records indexed by a group- this would allow good collaboration between people working on the same region/area.

Thanks again Sherri.

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