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Maria de las Ruelas y Sotomayor

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By dcalonso - Posted on 05 March 2016

Hello Nuestros Ranchos Forum,

This question is really meant for Mary Lou, but if anyone else knows the answer that would be good too. I was recently reading about Maria de la Ruelas on Mary Lou's dropbox:

and I had a question about Ysabel Marin, daughter of Maria de las Ruelas and Andres Martin Camacho. I had no clue she was the daughter until I read the dropbox. I had thought maybe she was related to the Marin de penalozas until today. But now Im wondering where did she get the Marin name. I thought maybe it was a mistake for Martin but I have 2 records that write her name as Marin. Do you know where it comes from.

Danny C. Alonso

Hi Danny,

Thanks for reposting the link to Mary Lou's dropbox, I couldn't find it the other day. I don't have the answer to your question, although, I do descend from Isabel Marín.

My question is about the daughter Antonia de las Ruelas, wife of Alonso de Laredo, that received the dowry of 4000 pesos. I'm curious if anyone is aware of her children. Because, I have a couple that I've hit a brick wall on, Captain Juan Laredo de Sotomayor and Juana de Laris y Otalora and looking at the name Laredo de Sotomayor, it would make sense that his parents might be Alonso de Laredo and Antonia de las Ruelas, knowing that the Ruelas family also use Sotomayor. If anyone is aware of the children of Alonso de Laredo and Antonia de las Ruelas, please let me know.



That sounds right. I looked at the Wikitree for Juan Lerado de Sotomayor and guess he was probly born aroun 1640 or earlier. it would make sense that his parents might be Alonso Lerado and Antonia de la Ruelas.

Danny C. Alonso

Hello, Danny.

I don't know why Isabel used Marin. Early in my research on Andres Martin and Maria de las Ruelas/Sotomayor I would occasionally come across Andres with the surname Marin. And some of the kids, too, like Isabel. I even started some FGSs with Marin. But as the family expanded, Martin was the dominant surname. Later I would sometimes come across Marin and even Martinez, but I stayed with Martin and blamed the scribe!

Mary Lou

Hello, Chris.

I have looked everywhere for my FGS on Alonso and Antonia and finally gave up. From other sources I have the names of three children:

16 May 1636 Luis (padrino Francisco Sanchez)
24 Aug 1639 Margarita (padrinos Felipe Gomes y Maria de Arrona)
Juan Laredo de Sotomayor cc Juana de Lares

I assume these children were born in San Luis Potosi. I just don't have my FGS to back that up.

I have a FGS on Juan Laredo and Juana de Lares (dtr of Domingo de Lares and Nicolasa de Santoyo y de Mendosa) and have two of their children identified:

Isabel Laredo de Sotomayor b.1685 in SLP but raised in Aguascalientes. She gave marriage information on 28 Sep 1700 in AGS to marry Juan Butron Moxica from AGS viudo de doña Isabel de Araiza. He was 34; Isabel was 15.

Rodrigo Laredo b. 21 May 1681 SLP Real San Francisco de los Pozos. His mother was also know as Juana de Laris y Otalora.

If I ever find the FGS on Alonso and Antonia I will let you know. I also have a note that Alonso was sometimes called Juan. Hope this helps.

Mary Lou

Thanks Mary Lou. This is exactly what I was looking for. And, thanks for making your Dropbox available. It's extremely valuable.


Hello again, Chris.

I have something to add re Isabel Laredo de Sotomayor who married Juan Buitron Moxica. This is from an extraction of a document in the Aguascalientes archives. I was writing rapidly so it is in English and Spanish, whichever was easier.

AGS Caja 7/3.
6 May 1716
Yo Isabel Laredo de Sotomayor mujer legitima de Don Juan de Moxica. Vecina de AGS. Her husband "ausente mucho tiempo y separado de mi sin hacer vida maridable y porque me hallo con un hijo suyo y mio nombrado Don Juan de Moxica"...who is 14 years old. He is to be a carpenter apprentice with Maestro Nicolas Flores for 4 years.

Mary Lou

Thank you Mary Lou. I'll keep looking and see if i find anymore records that say Marin i'll let you know.

Danny C. Alonso

Finally found the FGS on Alonso de Laredo and Antonia de las Roelas y Sotomayor. Added it to Dropbox. Front and back.

When their son Juan was baptized the entry refers to Alonso as Juan. That's the only place I've seen him referred to as Juan. There were several "Juan/Juana" in that entry and the scribe may have been careless. Maybe.

Also note that Philipa's mother is listed as Antonia Marin. Another instance of Marin/Martin.

Very glad that the Dropbox is being used and is of help. I haven't done original research for about 10 years. But I have much in my files that I want to share. I'm working on a project right now that will take a few weeks: my extractions of early unfilmed records of Pinos. Starting with baptisms. A treasure. I don't think anyone else has done these. Stop me if they have.

Mary Lou

Hi Mary Lou,

Yes, the Dropbox is amazing. And, thank you for adding the latest FGS. It's been extremely helpful in my research. Plus, it brings up a lot of interesting questions. I hadn't thought of the Marin/Martin question before, but, now that I've seen 3 records that use Marin, I'm beginning to wonder about Danny's question, because now it no longer seems like a mistake of the scribe. I wonder the origins. Thanks again Mary Lou. And, I await the latest add to the Dropbox.


Hi Chris,

I came upon this in the SLP misc: 18 Jul 1647, Antonia Marin declares that Alonso Laredo has abandoned her and their children, who have been staying at the home of her cuñado, Lucas de Santa Cruz, in SLP (who can barely sustain himself). I’ve only scanned through it, but it looks like she’s trying to free up some of her dowry, or something. They mention that they have a son and a daughter, but don’t name them (img86):

And here’s the follow-up from 14 Sep 1647. One of the testigos was Joseph Martin, who might be her brother, but I don’t see his “Jusepe Martin” signature:

Heavy stuff. This generation was plagued with drama. It’s like one of my mother’s telenovelas!

I’ve found some other documents, regarding the children of Andres Martin and Maria de Ruelas, which I’ll post in this thread.

Manny Diez Hermosillo

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