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Perez from Arroyo seco "Paso de soto" Jalisco around 1700s

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By ghostops98 - Posted on 27 December 2015

I have found : jose Calletano perez married (1754) to Maria a Magdalena chavez father of Andres perez which is married (1793) to luisa villalpando I hope someone has more information in these area thanks.


Although, I had no luck finding additional information on Cayetano Perez and Magdalena de Chavez; I did locate some of Luisa de Villalpando's ancestry which I have added online at Wikitree:

This is a work in progress for which the next step is to see if there are dispensas that can verify or add to this tree.

Hope this helps.
Austin Perez

thank you for the reply Austin I notice your last name is Perez mine is also Perez maybe no relation but cool. Im going to look at wikitree thanks again.

I just went to wikitree I cant seem to think are you related some how to Luisa de Villalpando only because it looks like alot of work went into researching all these people .I want to thank you for helping me on my brick wall. not to bother you Again because you helped me so much already just wanted to say on Andres Peres his father is Caytano "Calletano" Peres the "Z" in perez on most records is an "S" but I know you know this much I saw a record for Calletano Perez Father being Domingo Peres and mother being Juana Alva from Aguascalientes geting married I could be wrong with this finding thanks again

here is the record that mentions Caytano Peres father to be Domingo Perez and mother to be Juana Alva here is my email if you need to send me any info on my grandparents I do appreciate it.

Hi and happy new year.

My Perez line currently ends with Juan Perez de Ornelas ( who married the widow Leonor Gonzalez de Ruvalcaba. Leonor's first marriage was to Sebastian Perez. I tested for Y-DNA and have my results in Family Tree DNA, GEDMatch, DNA Land and also in Wikitree. Have you tested your Y-DNA?

I did find the marriage record for Jose Perez ( and Maria Magdalena de Chavez and currently have them as a separate couple. They probably are the same couple since they lived around the same time but the fact that the groom is listed as Jose Perez and not Jose Cayetano makes me want to find additional confirming information. Perhaps the marriage of Jose Perez and Ines Garcia will help.

Even if we are not related though our Perez lines, we do have common ancestors through our Villalpando and Esqueda. And very likely we are also related through Chavez, Ruvalcaba, Estrada, Macias and Lopez de la Cerda.

Hasta pronto

...correction to my previous post. I have my Y-DNA results on Family Tree DNA and Wikitree. I also have added my autosomal DNA results on those sites and also on GEDMatch and and DNA Land.


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