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By jrefugioghermosillo - Posted on 23 December 2015

Hola primos y primas,

My g6's are Francisco Carrillo and Maria Guadalupe Diaz de Leon, residents on Real de San Nicolas de los Angeles, in Pinos (and at times, in Asientos Ags). He also went by "Diego Carrillo," so I'm going to refer to him as "Francisco Diego Carrillo," to avoid confusion. They married 10 Aug 1728, Limpia Concepcion, Cienega de Mata, Ojuelos, Jal. According to their partida, they did their IM in both Cienega de Mata and in San Matias, Pinos, but I've been unable to find either:

I've established that Maria Guadalupe Diaz was daughter of Joseph Diaz de Leon and Antonia Delgadillo, of Encinillas (see, but I'm still brickwalled on Francisco Diego Carrillo. I thought I might present what I have on him, to see if any of you might be able to help me shake a brick or two loose. This is relevant to descendants of Andres Diaz de Leon-Duron and Maria Gertrudis Estefana Carrillo-Diaz, many of whose children would populate Montesa, Zacatecas.

Francisco Diego Carrillo was testigo on the 06 Feb 1723 IM for Cristobal Marquez and Maria Simona, in Pinos. Unfortunately, his age isn't given, nor does he sign his name. He says he had known the pretenso for about 10 years, who was originally from Aguascalientes. Incidentally, the next testigo on this IM is Francisco Xavier Carrillo, who I believe is the same who married Maria Candelaria de Rosas, residents on Salitre. The 2 Francisco's would cross paths, over the years, being padrinos for each other's children. Likely cousins, maybe even brothers:

When a testigo on the 26 Apr 1743 IM for Joseph Cayetano Diaz and Maria Quiteria Carrillo (daughter of Francisco Xavier Carrillo and Maria Candelaria), Francisco Diego Carrillo gives his age as 53 (b. 1690), and is given the name "Francisco CARRILLO BISAIS." He could not sign his name, so I'm unable to verify the second surname:

When a testigo on the 27 Oct 1743 IM for Francisco Xavier de Lira and Juana Maria Quintanilla, Francisco Diego Carrillo is listed as "Francisco CARRILLO DE YSAIZ." He again gave his age as 53, and said he was originally from Teocaltiche, and had been living on Angeles for 30 years (ca 1713). Now we know where he was from, and when he moved to Angeles:

By the way, the Notary in Pinos in 1743 was Andres Hilario de Baena (beautiful penmenship; detailed info, including occupation and spouses of some testigos), who did both of these IMs. We know scribes used phonetics, when transcribing, so this tells us that, either Andres Hilario was partially deaf, or, Francisco Diego Carrillo annunciated his name, very poorly! "Bisais"? Or "de Ysaiz"? "Bisais" is French, but could be "Vizaez" and variants of, though I think it's likely "de Isaiz," "de Isaias" or "de Isassi," all which I've seen, during my research in Los Altos (there HAS to be a Carrillo-Isassi union in this timeline, somewhere... anyone?).

In marriage records for their children, I've seen them listed with the surnames "CARRILLO LIZANDI" and "CARRILLO Y SANDI," which is obviously "Carrillo de Sandi" (could "Bisais: and "Ysaiz" be corruptions of "de Sandi,"??).
IM for Joseph Antonio Carrillo Lizandi and Maria Antonia Galban:
Marriage of Jose Maria Lopez and Maria Guadalupe Carrillo (granddaughter, daughter of son, Antonio Carrillo, who is listed as Antonio Carrillo y Sandi) bottom left:

Checking the baptism records, 1680-1695, in Teocaltiche, for "Francisco" or "Diego Carrillo," I have 2 candidates:

Diego (Español), son of Geronimo Carrillo and Maria Delgadillo (Lozano-Sandoval?), b. 17 Jun 1688. I believe Geronimo Carrillo was son of Diego Carrillo de Sandi and Maria Lopez de Rubalcava, which would give us "Sandi":

Francisco (Mestizo), son of Francisco Carrillo and Elena Diaz, b. 29 Jul 1687. Francisco Carrillo and Elena Diaz, who appear in the 1681 Teocaltiche Padron, were Mestizos, whereas Francisco Diego Carrillo is always "Español." I've seen several individuals, born Mestizo but categorized as Español, later in life, so I take that with a grain of salt. One thing leading me in their direction, is the fact that Francisco Diego Carrillo and Maria Guadalupe Diaz had a daughter named "Elena Josepha Carrillo," who could've been named for Elena Diaz - though, I've seen "Sandi" appearing in no record related to this family group:

While searching archives in the Sagrario, Leon, Gto, the 12 Feb 1691 marriage of Joseph Carrillo and Juana Morales Prieto caught my eye: he was son of Joseph Carrillo Altamirano and Catalina de Lira Ysaias. I haven't been able to do much research on this family group, but "Carrillo" and "Ysaias" together is too uncanny, and the timeline would correspond. Does anybody have anything on this couple?:

Thanks for any assistance!

Gracias y saludos!
Manny Diez Hermosillo

Diego Carrillo cc Maria Diaz de Leon vs
Francisco Carrillo cc Maria Guadalupe Diaz de Leon

Hola prim@s,

After years of believing them to be the same couple, I recently figured out that they weren’t. I had them living between Real de los Angeles, and Las Letras, moving from one hacienda to the other. But upon looking at the 1764 and 1765 Pinos padrones, I found Diego Carrillo and Maria Diaz living on Letras, and in the same padrones, Francisco Carrillo and Maria Guadalupe, living on Angeles. So, they weren’t the same couple!

Diego Carrillo married Maria Diaz de Leon on 10 Aug 1728, in Cienega de Mata, Ojuelos, Jal. They would live on Letras, just northwest of Ojuelos de Jalisco. From a dispensation for their granddaughter, Gertrudis de Silva, we know that Maria Diaz de Leon is the daughter of Joseph Diaz de Leon and Antonia Delgadillo. Their son, Antonio Carrillo, used the name Antonio Carrillo y Sandi, so Diego Carrillo likely descended from that dynasty,

The children of Diego Carrillo and Maria Diaz de Leon are:

a. María Estefanía Gertrúdis Carrillo Díaz, m. Andrés Díaz de León, 23 Mar 1743, San Matías, Pinos, Zac. Dispensed 3º grado consanguinidad.
b. María Margarita Carrillo Díaz, m. Juan Esteban de Silva, aka Juan Esteban Macias Valadés.
c. Antonio Carrillo y Sandi Díaz, b. 1733, San Matías, Pinos, Zac; m. María Dolores Macías, 7 Feb 1758, Ciénega de Mata, Ojuelos, Jal.

Francisco Carrillo was married to Maria Guadalupe Diaz de Leon, and they lived on Real de San Nicolas de Los Angeles, up near Asientos, Ags. I don’t have their genealogy, but he was from Teocaltiche. As mentioned earlier in this thread, various compound surnames are associated with him, including Carrillo y Sandi, Carrillo Lizandi, Carrillo de Ysaiz, and Carrillo de Bisais. I have a hunch that he is Francisco, baptized by Francisco Carrillo and Elena Diaz on 29 Jul 1687, because of the redundancy of names.

The children of Francisco Carrillo and Maria Guadalupe Diaz de Leon are:

1. María Trinidad Carrillo Díaz, b 1723, San Matías, Pinos, Zac; m. Juan Navarro, 23 Apr 1739, San Matías, Pinos, Zac.
2. Elena Josefa Carrillo Díaz, b. 19 Feb 1726, San Matías, Pinos, Zac; m. Nicolás Navarro, Jun 1743, San Matías, Pinos, Zac.
3. Michaela Carrillo Díaz, b. 1730, San Matías, Pinos, Zac; m. Juan Baptista Quintanilla, 2 Jul 1750, San Matías, Pinos, Zac.
4. Pedro José Carrillo Díaz, b. 1734, San Matías, Pinos, Zac; m. Juana Eugenia de Vargas, 9 Feb 1755, San Matías, Pinos, Zac.
5. José Antonio Carrillo Lizandi Díaz, b. 1738, San Matías, Pinos, Zac; m. María Antonia Galván, 28 Oct 1757, San Matías, Pinos, Zac.
6. Anna Francisca Carrillo Díaz, d. 25 Feb 1809, San Matías, Pinos, Zac; m. Antonio Díaz de Sandi.

A neighbor of Francisco Carrillo on Angeles was Francisco Xavier Carrillo, who was married to Maria de la Candelaria de la Rosa. The 2 couples had contact, and Francisco and Xavier were testigos on some of the same IMs. He was also from Teocaltiche.

Manny Diez Hermosillo

Hola Manny:

Hace tiempo investigué sobre el apellido Sandi y hasta el momento hay dos hipótesis:

1. El Sr. Victor Cano ha investigado a unos parientes comunes, la familia Sandi-Sandoval de Salvatierra Guanajuato, que puede estar relacionada con el registro de la mujer que utiliza tanto los apellidos Delgadillo como Sandoval. Fue una familia muy importante en los aspectos económico y social.

El Señor Cano ha detectado que hubo dos ramas de la familia Sandi, una en Francia y otra en Italia, también se dio cuenta que la rama de los Sandi-Sandoval emparentaron con la familia Arenas en Salvatierra, que puede ser una variante de Sandi, ya que etimológicamente podrían significar "arenas".

2. Yo me di cuenta que el apellido Sandi podría ser griego y referirse a los naturales de Creta, ya que algunos de los individuos Sandi utilizan también las variantes Sande, Cande, Candi, Candía, Sandía, etc. Pues algunos griegos se incorporaron a las entradas de conquista y hubo trasiego de marinos y soldados a través de la Orden de San Juan. En Salvatierra hubo un Juan de Candía casado con una mujer de apellido Rodas.

O el apellido podría tener los dos orígenes, que algunos fueran de ascendencia francesa y otros de ascendencia griega.



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