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Valdes/Tobar Death Record

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By juanitahenniger - Posted on 17 December 2015


It has been a long time since I posted here. I have been researching since 2012. I have been off researching the Torres/Estraca side of my family, but recently I returned to researching the Valdes side of the family. I knew from my grandfather's death certificate that he had been born in San Luis Postosi and his parents were Pedro Valdes and Mateana Sandate. I had been researching Mexquitic de Carmona. Everything had been going well in this search. I had found Mateana's and Pedro's civil marriage record and their informational record. I had found my grandfather Pilar's baptismal record (with the birthdate that is on the death certificate)and his civil birth registration and I had even been able to go back as two and even 3 generations on both the Valdes and Sandate lines. I had found the children of Pedro and Mateana and some of the marriages and deaths. Then just the other day I came upon a death certificate for Pilar Valdes son of Pedro Valdes and Mateana Sandate at the age of 5 years of age. I have never come across another record for another Pedro Valdes/ Mateana Sandate linking. So, this really depresses as it seems I spent the last 3 years researching the wrong family. Of course, my Spanish is not the greatest, but in my research I have learned to pick out the main information from a record and I think besides sometimes confusing the colonial letters g's p's r's o's and h's I think I've done pretty good. My beggies problem is not being able to find a marriage record for Pilar Valdes and Romona Tobar. Family talk has always been that my great grandmother Romona was Indian of the Yaqui nation, but no one had anything to prove it. Other than talk about the india`.

So, the reason for my long post is this question--Has anyone ever found a death record for a relative that was still alive?


it's not unusual for a family to name more than one child by the same name. In my family there are two sons, Juan Jose and Juan Francisco and both are sometimes called Juan. Also not unusual to name twins both the identical same name.. do no despair..
Linda Castanon-Long

I wondered if maybe Pilar had a twin. Since, he has a set twin sisters and possible a set of twin boy/twin girl. Though, the boy/girl are listed as Maria Felipa y Santiago. Felipa later died. Have not been able to fine Santiago. I just never thought that they would use the name twice. Though that would explain the same birthdates.

Thank you,


I've seen examples in which after a child dies, they give the same name or a similar one to a sibling. Also examples in which a parent gives the same or a similar name to children from his/her first and second marriages.
Victoriano Navarro

I appreciate the encouragement. I have found another marriage for a Pedro Valdez and a Martina Sandate that do not match the parents of my great grandfather, yea!! unforantely, the death record for Pilar age 5 mentions that the mother's name is Martina (Maetina) but doesn't not give Martina's parents names. Thank you for the taking the time to leave a message. It means the world to me. :)

Juanita Torrez Henniger

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