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Wills and Testaments

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By BobL. - Posted on 22 November 2015

Hello Everyone in the Forum,

I am looking for a transcription of a Will and Testament document that would
be an example of what was written in Spanish in the 1700's. Has anyone run
across such a document? I am in the process of transcribing and translating
a Will written in 1794.


Bob Lozano

Thanks for the confirmation. Back to the research!but befor I go... Do you have anything related to grandparents of Juan masias Perez, baut 16 jun 1644, el sgro AGS AGS hijo de Alonso masias y Catalina Peres?

Sorry no. All I have are that the padrinos were Luis de los Reyes and his wife Juana de Vargas

Danny and Austin,

D. Alonso de Bustos and Da. Ana de Jérez (aka. Da. Ana Pérez--she appears at least once) were married on 20 July 1616 in Santa María de los Lagos, they are my 10th great grandparents. This noble family is always of interest, as they are considered "un apellido fuerte" meaning that some branches that descend would often take Bustos and add it to the new name--it basically carried weight, but was not as heavy as Mendoza, as an example.

I have the following children for this couple as follows:

1. D. Pedro de Bustos y Xérez ch. 8 Jan 1617-Santa María de los Lagos
2. Da. Catalina de Bustos y Xérez ch. 12 Jan 1619-Santa María de los Lagos (rama Villavicencio y Bustos)
3. Capt. D. Francisco de Bustos y Xérez ch. 12 Oct 1619-Santa Fe de Guanajuato (rama del Marqués de S. Clemente)
4. D. Rodrigo de Bustos y Xérez ch. 13 Jun 1630-Santa Fe de Guanajuato
5. D. Nicolás de Bustos y Xérez, Dueño de las Haciendas de Xalpa y Cañada Honda (rama menor Bustos y Moya)

Why do I mention this? I have long suspected that Da. María Pérez aka Da. María Díaz who married D. Nicolás de los Santos, progenitors of the Santos y Bustos family of Aguascalientes-Lagos de Moreno-Sierra de Pinos is their daughter. The Bustos name would have perfectly fit with the "apellido fuerte" philosophy that I previously mentioned. I have thought about the following reasons:

1. Her death record mentions she is from Santa Fe de Guanajuato.
2. For some reason, her children use the "Bustos" name and create a new branch Santos-Bustos
3. The Bustos family maintained close ties to Santa María de los Lagos, they owned several nearby haciendas and half of the Bustos children are baptized in Lagos.
4. In Catalina de Bustos y Xérez's baptism, her mother appears to be using the Pérez surname, is there a link with my María Pérez Díaz.
5. Based on the marriage date of 22 Apr 1637 in nearby Aguascalientes with D. Nicolás de los Santos, it would place María probably around the age of 16 as D. Alonso de Bustos and Da. Ana de Jérez married 20 Jul 1616.

Also, I recently found another branch of the Santos-Bustos family. Based on the time line and wife's last names D. Mateo de los Santos Bustos and Da. Teodora López de Chávez, vecinos de Teocaltiche, would fit perfectly as children of D. Nicolás de los Santos y Da. María Pérez Díaz and D. Pedro de Chávez Fragoso y Da. Margarita López Muñoz de Nava (also my 10th great grandparents). I have not found a record to prove the following link, but strongly believe it was so. Mateo did not used the full name (at last from what I have studied) he only used D. Mateo de los Santos, it would be his son who revealed the family name. I have the following two children, one of them being the Sierra de Pinos line:

1. Da. Andrea de los Santos (did not use Bustos) ch. 12 Jan 1680-Teocaltiche who married D. Tomás Ponce de León y Medinilla on 23 Jan 1701 -Aguascalientes.

2. D. Felipe de los Santos y Bustos (he used the entire surname) ch. 28 May 1683-Teocaltiche and married Da. Sebastiana Barragán y Acosta on 15 Feb 1706-Sierra de Pinos. Their son D. Leonisio de los Santos Bustos y Acosta married Da. María Guerrero on 3 Nov 1737-Sierra de Pinos.

It's a lot of information, but I hope it gives us new light and some direction in establishing the Bustos line. Let me know what you think.

Daniel Méndez de Torres y Camino


This is great information. I was just about to go back to this family because I directly descend from them on three different lines. My most recent Bustos/Santos relative is Juana de Bustos who is mentioned as being originaria de Guanajuato, seen here:

I also descend from doña Beatriz Ramos de Busto, that married Capitán don Antonio de Aguiar y Quiroga y Sánchez de Balboa. And I also descend from Cristóbal de Santos y Bustos that was married to Margarita Ruiz de Esparza so I'm very interested in this family. Thank you so much for posting this information.


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