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By CindyF - Posted on 31 October 2015

Hi Arturo,
I'm replying to you directly and also via the list, just in case this helps anyone else too.
Most of the Mexican records I've come across at Ancestry are indeed duplicates of I know that a lot of what I've seen are "index only" records. I'm not sure if I recall seeing any that include the original digitized record. I should add that I've been doing my Mexican research mostly at FS, so I may not be the best person to answer that particular aspect. As far as I can tell, the Ancestry version of the FamilySearch records seems limited. I could be wrong on this too --hopefully someone will correct me if so.
However, there are other databases of Mexican records in their library. Presumably all the Mexican databases are available during the Dia De Los Muertos promotion. Here is a cut-and-pasted list of those that AREN'T categorized as "Birth, Marriage, Death". It's not a very long list, unfortunately:
U.S., Returns from Military Posts, 1806-1916 Military 3,993,758Jewish Given Name Variations Reference, Dictionaries & Almanacs 721,272 Hispanic Surnames and Family History, 1996 Reference, Dictionaries & Almanacs 341 The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft Stories, Memories & Histories 31,558 Mexico Historical Postcards (in Spanish) Pictures 12,242 Mexico, European Immigrants to USA Arriving at Vera Cruz, Mexico, 1921-1931 Immigration & Travel 4,438 JewishGen Yizkor Book Master Name Index Stories, Memories & Histories 17,306 An Illustrated history of southern California : embracing the counties of San Diego, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange, an Stories, Memories & Histories 926 World Foreign Gazetteer, Vol. 1 Maps, Atlases & Gazetteers 1,545,127 Coahuila y Texas : desde la consumacion de la independencia hasta el tratado de paz de Guadalupe Hidalgo Stories, Memories & Histories 1,098 Coahuila y Texas en la época colonial Stories, Memories & Histories 756 Nacogdoches, Texas, Spanish and Mexican Government Records, 1729-1836 (in Spanish) Immigration & Travel 15,964 Historical and Genealogical Account of the Family of Vance (Vans, Vaux, and De Vaux) Schools, Directories & Church Histories 46 Journal d'un missionnaire au Texas et au Mexique (in French) Stories, Memories & Histories 490
Sorry that it loses its formatting. The first column is the title of the database, second is the collection type, and the number at the end of each line is the number of records within the database.
Hope this helps you,
Cindy (Barela) Fahrbachemail:
Researching: Banegas, Barela, Cutler,
De La O, Fahrbach, Jimenez, Keller,
May, Navarro, Starnes, Utley, Ybarra
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> Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2015 12:04:49 -0400
> From: Arturo Gonzalez
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> for Free for D?a de Muertos Offers Up 220M Mexican
> Records for Free for D?a de Muertos
> Is there a list of the available Mexico records for by
> state, municipality, year, etc?
> ...
> I don't have a paid account on Ancestry, but I suspect their records
> are merely duplicates of
> Please correct me if there's any value to this site for Mexican records.
> Thanks, Arturo

The only records with digital images that I have come across are Civil Registration death records.

I am also using FamilySearch for the most part. But I do use for other searches. Yesterday I realized that the Civil Registry entries from 1901 - 1960s is indexed in This is a huge help - I don't have to look page by page like I do in FamilySearch for 20th Century searches.

It's a huge help to have this index and to be able to use as a source on your family tree page. I've never used familysearch as a citation source except in the comments section.

In regards to using Anestry free 14 day free trial, it's really worth it. I use it whenever I'm stuck and need another avenue. I do put in my credit card and when my 14 free days are just about up, I cancel. So easy! No questions asked, and I've never been charged even at the eleventh hour. It's worth it for one little nugget of new info. Carol

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