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Joseph Francisco Tejada Sandobal from Jerez

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By JimPojke - Posted on 10 September 2015


I have been researching the Tejada line in Jerez and I found this Francisco Tejada, son of Juan Antonio Tejada and María Ascensión Sandobal.

First, I found a baptism record for him in Jerez, on 16/10/1757.

Then, I found another José Francisco Tejada ( who was married to María Francisca Saldívar Ortiz. Even though the parents are listed as José Tejada and Ascención Sandoval, on the translation for his son Cosme, it's stated that they were Antonio Tejada and María de la Ascención Sandoval.

Finally,I found a third José Francisco Tejada ( who was married to María Hilaria Martínez Díaz.

These 3 records could easily belong to the same person, as they match name and parent's names, also, the timeline is possible.

Does anyone has any further information about this person or the Tejada line in general?

Thank you in advance.

I have all 3 Francisco's in my records as separate people but Jose could be Antonio.
My file is on My file is called Mexico and you can go to the index to find what you are looking for. Cosme Tejada is cousin by marriage and his daughter Mariana also married a family member.

yeah i'm thinking it's quite possible they are the same person. but of course there's the possibility of 2 francisco's who happen to be brothers. for example one of my 4th great grandpas, celedonio, had two sons with the name francisco who made it to adulthood and had children of their own.

on another note: cosme's brother martin is my 4th great grandfather also

3 of Martins children married into my lines. Juliana married to Romulo Luna, Antonia married to Miguel Carrillo and Julian married to Maria Refugio Carrillo
Linda in Olympia, Wa.

i happen to be descend from martin through his daughter antonia. antonia is the mother of my double great grandma jeronima carrillo.

also linda you made a mistake on who the parents of victor garcia mentioned on this link

this marriage record in the link below states his parents are pioquinto garcia & nicolasa espinosa,147336902,160163401

thank you for the heads up but looks like he had two different fathers listed on the two records. Which one do you think is correct?
marriage information recorded 23 Jan 1795 in Jerez, Zac
Victor Garcia Espanol single from la Gavia age 25
parents: Joaquin Garcia deceased and Nicolasa Espinosa
with Maria Petra Gomes Espanola single from Nino Jesus age 25
parents Gregorio Gomes living and Maria Josefa Garai deceased
source: 439900 film
page 29 Familysearch online,147336902,153334401
church marriage 6 Feb 1796 in Jerez, Zac
Jph Victor Garcia Espanol vecino
parents: Juan Pioquinto Garcia deceased and Nicolas Espinosa
with Maria Petra Gomes Espanola from Nino Jesus
parents: Gregorio Gomes living and Maria Josefa Garai deceased
source; 440060 film
page 431 Familysearch online,147336902,160163401

Katy I'm going with this record for the baptism of Victor Garcia. This would also explain the record for her child that says her surname is Morillo.
baptism 7 Sept 1773 in Jerez, Zac
Jose Bictor Espanol born in la Gabia 30 days old
parents: Juachin Garcia and Nicolasa Morillo
godparents: Jose de Espinosa and Juana de Espinosa
source: 439847 film
page 105 Familysearch online

so i guess she went by 2 different surnames. on anoother note i'm trying to find francisco tejada and francisca saldivar's marriage record starting with looking through Información matrimonial 1793-1795.

also i think luciano lopez maybe a son of casiano lopez and marcela alvarez

due to this baptism record (i'm pretty sure the luis lopez in the link below is a triple greatgrandfather of mines),147565602,148130701

yes i think they are all the same person after finding the record below,147336902,153084201

edit: op, do you have a link to the baptism.

i'm interested in this guy/line also since he's an ancestor of mines

Katy I have this.

baptism 16 Oct 1757 in Jerez, Zac
Joseph Francisco Espanol
parents: Juan Antonio Texada and Maria Sandoval
godparents: Bernardo Puente and Maria Michaela
source: 439845 film
page 453 Familysearch online
marriage 7 Sept 1783 in Jerez, Zac
Josef Francisco Texada Mestiso from San Thomas de Buenavista
parents: Antonio Texada deceased and Maria Sandoval
with Maria Ylaria Martinez Espanola from San Thomas de Buenavista
parents: Julian Sereno Martinez and Felisiana Liverata Dias
source: 0440060 Jerez marriage
page 357 Family search online

thanks erlinda. luckily i found francisco's marriage record today. so yes the one who married ylaria martinez is the same one who married francisca saldivar.

also did you see my post on this thread about luis lopez?
i think his dad luciano maybe another son of casiano hipolito lopez and marcela alva

also i think casiano and marcela weren't from jerez/tepetongo. besides the fact luis was born in villa del refugio, my mom remembers being told that while felix was born in jerez, some of his family came from somewhere else. not sure where though exactly. he's kind of a mystery in that sense. it doesn't help that he died when my great grandma maria victoria was young.

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