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Physical Description of Juan De Rebolledo 1717

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By MADERA_32 - Posted on 09 September 2015

I was reading the pasajero de indias (Cadiz, Espana) a la Nueva Espana of Juan De Rebolledo year 1717 and here is a physical description of him:

21 anos de edad, blanco, poco barba, ojos grandes negros, pelo castano oscuro:

Pars website:

Reference to look up: CONTRATACION,5469,N.3,R.98

Description on page 6

Juan De Rebolledo was the husband of Juliana De La Campa, the youngest daughter of Don Fernando De La Campa y Cos of the Hacienda of San Mateo, Valparaiso, Zacatecas, Mexico

Since Juan Rebolledo was single in 1717. I have seen an article from "La Gaceta" newspaper year 1722 where it mentions of a visit to Zacatecas, Juan Rebolledo for some special occasion of Juliana De La Campa y Cos

Juan Rebolledo was also the Capitan/Governor of the Provincia of Texas De La Nuevo Espana(Mexico)

On page 8, gives another description about Juan De Rebolledo in the Pasajero de Indias.

But where I put a blue arrow it mentions that he was on the Flotilla of the "Jefe De Escuadra Don Antonio Serrano."

Here is a painting of Teneniente General De La Real Armada Antonio Serrano (1649 - 1733)

Here is another Juan Olivan Rebolledo year 1712 Pasajero de Indias

Reference code to enter into Pars website:


Now I am getting confused when I filtered my search on Juan Rebolledo for years 1702 - 1719:

Seems like Juan Olivan Rebolledo traveled overseas in 1712 but had an esclavo name Juan Marcial. They traveld on a navio "Almiranta" I think it is a class type of a ship (pg 11):

Which looks like the one that says "equivalent Almirante"

But on pg 6 of that document it says "Galeon Almirante"

Mentions several times through out the document that Juan Olivan Rebolledo was "Oydor de La Audencia en Guadalajara de La Nuevo Espana"

Also looks like he had a salary of 2 mil ducados de plata por his role as Oydor:

Here is some information as to what the Almiranta ship was:

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