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links to my indexes in progress

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By katy_brecht_quesada - Posted on 08 September 2015

to anyone here who wants to see what indexes i'm working on but haven't finished yet

the reason why i'm sharing this is because when i start college again after september 24, i might not have much time to work on these since in addition to three regular classes, i'm doing an 'internship' for units towards i plan on taking a a thesis paper class for winter 2016, and if i get in, i'm gonna be quite busy then as well.

if you want editing privileges just give me an email that you often check regardless if it's your main or side so i can add you to the list of people with editing privilieges.

also if you decide to edit a document, please put edited by -insert your initials,nickname, or first name here- in either the title or first line of document to ensure i can credit you

I was looking at informacion matrimonial page and I see that you put down:

106 Juan Madera & Serefina Gonzalez

When I clicked on the link and went to page 106 to look for it. It says "Juan De Medina and Serefina Gonzalez.

It is on the right side:,171934802,172684301

oh thanks for the correction. i'll fix it asap

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