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i found a marriage dispensation for pedro chavez y banuelos and agueda olague

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By katy_brecht_quesada - Posted on 16 August 2015,171974101,179930601

Katy I'm confused again. I have in my records Miguel Olague married to Juana de la Torre del Rio y Loza
marriage dispensation 3rd degree igual
...trunk..Miguel de Olague and Juana de la Torre
Leonor de Olague.. Agueda de Olague
Angela Ortiz...............Francisco Chavez
Christoval Villavicencio..Gertrudis Chavez
source: sagrada mitra 167989
this has Juana Gamboa Moxica as her Mother and makes her daughter of Juan Campo de la Torre and Angela Velasco Renteria y Moxica.. is this correct? I do have a Juana Gamboa Moxica mother of Antonia Gamboa y Moxica married to Nicolas Gonzales de Haro. Is this the same Juana Gamboa Agueda names as her Mother?
Also the dispensation says Pedro had 3 children but are they with Agueda? Also if Pedro is second cousin to Aguedas grandfather Juan Campos de la Torre, any idea who and how???
Linda, confused again in Olympia, Wa

Sorry for the interruption, just have a quick question for Katy. Where did
you find the old map that's at the top of your blog page? I would be interested in looking it up. Thank you.

yes erlinda, based on the info. given in the marriage dispensation, it appears that juana de la torre is a daughter of juan del campo de la torre and angela velasco y mojica.

also guscar, i found that map here

the image was a pain to save. first i had to save it as a pdf then convert it to a image file

Thank you very much for the link Katy. I really appreciate all the the work
that you do for us here. Thank you.

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