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what's this document about?

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By katy_brecht_quesada - Posted on 11 August 2015

Katy this are amazing but I can't read a single thing! I did see there is a record from Jerez so tried but it's beyond my reading skills. This was the first box starting at A-L

That specific page says that in 21/04/1620 Maria Magdalena is reporting a criminal case against Phelipe Mexia son of Ynes de Monrroy, reason because Maria's daughter Maria (same name) was pregnant by Phelipe, a friend of her "a mestiço" called Johan Albares told Phelipe to marry the girl. In retaliation Phelipe went to Maria's house and beat the mother that was saved by people holding him back.

It looks as if she want Phelipe to be incarcerated plus to marry her daughter though.

The following document seems to be similar but definitely not related. They look like just part of a complete "dipensa".

yeah i think the jerez record in that collection is for tomas davila and felipa carrillo davila if i remember correctly

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