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Ximenes de Alvarado - Jalisco

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By jimenec80 - Posted on 29 July 2015

Hello, I am looking for information on the "Ximenes de Alvarado" line from Teocaltiche, Jalisco. This is what I have so far: Luis Ximenes de Alvarado (mid 1600's) married to Maria Delgadillo, Cristobal Ximenes de Alvarado married to Petrona Delgadillo, Mariano Ximenes de Alvarado married to Gertrudis Yanes. I'm searching for documentation of a second marriage of Mariano to "Luiza Martin" around 1770-1772.

Luiza may be of the Martin de Campo line - father Francisco Leandro - mother Maria Anna Gomes Hurtado, but I cannot make this assumption. I need verification. I'm searching page by page, but I have not found their marriage records yet as of today since there are many districts where this could be recorded.

Their children's birth records are in San Lagos and Mexticacan, but they do not list grandparents. My line is through Mariano Ximenes and Luiza Martin's son Nicolas. There are ties to this family in Nochistlán, Zacatecas, Mexico and I found a Nicolas Ximenes - in that district - same time era - with parents listed as Mariano Ximenes and Luiza Martin'es' - no grandparents listed.

Thank you


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