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Roots So Deep

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By Yolie - Posted on 27 July 2015

Greetings fellow history buffs, researchers and Sherlock Holmes types. I
feel privileged to become a member of this group. I became interested in
genealogy after my mother passed away in 2009 and I realized she was the
last person left from her family line. I know I felt empty and lost without
her and at the same time wondered where our cousins and the rest of our
ancestors. We talked about family when mother was alive, but, I never
really paid attention or really listened. I decided back then I had to find
the answers and perhaps connect with cousins I never knew. I've been
digging for five years now and have found many answers but with the answers
came the mysteries. So interesting how women were molded to think and how
the rules for proper anything were one sided. I spend to much time
researching, so I'm told. I'm like a detective who has to solve a mystery
that just keeps haunting my mind.

My family roots come from the state of Zacatecas and my roots are the Tello
family lineage. San Pedro Ocampo, Melchor Ocampo, Concepcion Del Oro,
Mezquital Del Oro, Bonanza, Cedros are just a few towns and church names
I've found along the trenches. One place I have not found information on is
"Rancho de Los Tellos" where some of my ancestors were born and married.
The men in the family worked the silver mines, so they moved around the
various towns to work. They also lived to the San Luis Potosi and Saltillo,
Coahuila; many were born and died in there. I found myself overwhelmed with
discoveries I never imagined would keep me awake at night. My detective
type mind swells with thoughts and solutions to these mysterious puzzles
called family roots. I know nothing about Mexico and the states my roots
came from. I read about Mexico and try to imagine my ancestors there during
the 1700-1900s. I now see how brave and hard working my ancestors were. I
could never survive those conditions and extremely hard work, what a
spoiled human being I am.

I am Yolanda Kline and hope that I will find more answers with the help of
this great meeting room.

Welcome to the forum, Yolanda. Are you looking for anyone specific?


Hi Paige! So wonderful you sent me a question. Gosh, where do I begin. I'm looking for my Tello ancestors whose names I have, but the stories are so hard to connect with what I know and have discovered. I wish I could find more information about my ancestors who came from San Pedro Ocampo, Zacatecas but ended in Saltillo, Coahuila. That is where my great grandfather Anastacio died. I have his death record. I've been looking for his birth record.

Have you head of a Rancho de los Tellos?

Please take a moment to view my ancestor file.

Hi Yolanda,

I don't actually know were Rancho de Tellos is and I only have one Tello in
my tree, Marcella Tello de Lomas, but, I know that no one will really be
able to help you unless you give specific names of people you're looking


Welcome to the wonderful frustrating satisfying world of research. It's a place you will be excited to find a birth or marriage record and cry when you find they lost their children to Spanish Flu, hunger and scorpion stings. You will learn the history of Mexico in good and hard times. You will discover a sense of pride know how strong and courageous they were.
My Castanon/Caldera family left Jerez, Zacatecas in 1916 when the revolution hit their village and they had nothing left except their lives.
I do have Tello and Tello de Orosco in my files.
In Zamora, Michoacan in the early years then in Jerez and Tepetongo, Zac. My earliest in Michoacan would be Simon Tello abt 1640 married to Geronima Mendez de Torres.
My earliest in Zacatecas would be Francisca Tello Orosco abt 1625 married to Diego Carrillo de Avila.
I have put my files on, file name Mexico.
Linda Castanon-Long in Olympia, Wa

Hi. Have been extremely busy with much and finally had time to check my Ranchos conversation room. How far into the present did you find the name Tello Orosco and dd you find any where the Orosco was dropped? I find many Tello within the Tello Orosco that appear to be related since the same names are passed down several generations. My ancestors moved around so much and it's difficult to confirm them. They also married a few of times and have not found marriage certificates to verify if they are the same people. Do you suspect the Orosco was dropped by some of your ancestors?

Hello Yolanda
Welcome aboard and it is good to have another Tello de Orosco family member. My first Tello de Orosco family member is my 5x Great grandmother Maria Cresencia Teyo married to Jose Acevedo Santillan on the 17th of Feb. 1830 in Nochistlan Zacatecas. Below is the link of the doc, image # 184.,147337402,160013301

As you can see the name Tello is spelled Teyo, you can also find it under Thello. Two generations earlier my 7x great grandfather Jph. Mariano Thello is getting Married to Maria Manuela de Sandoval on the 15th of May 1775 in Nochistlan Zacatecas. The image # is 473 and here is the link. In the doc. it also states that he is originario del Real Minas del Mesquital,147337402,159979001

I have more Tello de Orosco family information going all the way back to the early 1600 living in area of Jalos Jalisco in the Altos de Jalisco. If you would like to compare notes you can e-mail me at

Hello Yolanda, I'm not sure which Tello Orozco you're looking for but there
are some Tello Orozco's on the Austin Perez Wikitree. there on this link

I recently joined the Wikitree too. but Im way at the beginning.

Danny C. Alonso

Hi Danny,

That's great you joined Wikitree. I think many of us in the forum have benefited from Wikitree and especially from Austin's extensive research.



you should join. I just went to the Wikitree and signed up and then Austin
added me. I'm already adding people. I just added my first biography today
on my direct ancestor Luisa,

Danny C. Alonso

Hi Danny,
I think I probably should join, Luisa de Rubalcava is my 4th Great Grandmother, I didn't realize we were that closely related. There's the answer to why we have a lot of the same ancestors. It looks like Manuel Alonso is the first non living person on your tree that you descend from, I don't know who that is and I don't have him in my records, but his parents are my 3rd Great Grandparents, so I think we're about 4th cousins. I'll sign up Danny and you can help me.
  From: Danny Alonso
Sent: Tuesday, September 1, 2015 5:12 PM
Subject: [Nuestros Ranchos] Tello de Orosco


you should join. I just went to the Wikitree and signed up and then Austin
added me. I'm already adding people. I just added my first biography today
on my direct ancestor Luisa,

Danny C. Alonso

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