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Vicente Ferrer Lomelin and Ysabel Rodriguez de Frias

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By Visitor - Posted on 18 July 2015

Hello promos,

Does anyone know the ancestors of:

Antonio Lomelin son of _____bisente___ferrer______Lomelin + Isabel Rodriguez de Frias

Maria Josefa Hija de Joseph Gerardo Rodriguez + Maria Marsala de ruvalcaba

Name: Visente Ferrel De Lomelin
Spouse's Name: Ysabel Rodrigs.
Event Date: 12 Feb 1736
Event Place: Nochistlan,Zacatecas,Mexico
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M60625-7 , System Origin: Mexico-ODM , GS Film number:226726,147337402,159979001

Vicente Ferrer De Lomelin
mentioned in the record of Lucia Petronila Lomelin Rodrigues
Name: Vicente Ferrer De Lomelin
Wife: Ysabel Rodrigues De Frias
Daughter: Lucia Petronila Lomelin Rodrigues
Other information in the record of Lucia Petronila Lomelin Rodrigues
from Mexico Baptisms
Name: Lucia Petronila Lomelin Rodrigues
Gender: Female
Christening Date: 04 Jan 1750
Father's Name: Vicente Ferrer De Lomelin
Mother's Name: Ysabel Rodrigues De Frias


RA Ricci

Hi Rick,

I am researching the ancestors of Vicente Ferrer Lomeli (94PW-7QX)) and Ysabel Rodrigues de Frias (9Q1W-8DX) as well. I was just rechecking some research on them and I found your message. Have you found anything else about them since the time you posted this message?

Below is the only lead I have at the moment, about Vicente’s parents.

Here is a link to the marriage certificate of Joseph Gabriel de Lomelin Rodriguez (son of Vicente Ferrer Lomeli and Ysabel Rodrigues de Frias) dated 06/May/1778.

The certificate mentions the following individuals:

--- Joseph Gabriel’s brother and his wife are listed as godparents (Juan Francisco De Lomeli y Andrea Gomes (11/Oct/1762).

---And as witnesses it lists one of his brothers-in-law (Pedro Mercardo married to Maria Thomasa de Lomeli – 04/May/1761); also listed as witnesses are Julio de Lomelin and Juan Gabriel de Lomelin which I thought could be Joseph Gabriel’s cousins or uncles.

I also found two brothers with the names Julio de Lomelin and Juan Gabriel de Lomelin in Nochistlan at the time. They were: Julio Joseph Lomelin born in 14/May/1722 and Juan Gabriel de Lomelin born in 12/Sep/1725- both sons of Fernando de Lomelin and Ysabel de Calderon.Based on the year they were born, I believe they are Joseph Gabriel’s uncles and not cousins.

Therefore, at the moment, I think Fernando de Lomelin and Ysabel de Calderon are Vicente Ferrer De Lomeli’s parents. But their names are not listed as parents on Vicente’s marriage to Ysabel Rodrigues, and I haven’t found their names mentioned on any of the grandkids’ baptism certificates I have found so far. The baptism certificates from that area sometimes did not list grandparents, and some marriage certificates did not mention parents.

Other names mentioned as witnesses or godparents on baptism certificates of the children of Vicente Ferrer Lomeli and Ysabel Rodrigues Frias are:
---Francisco Xavier Alvares and Maria Ana Lomeli (On Vicente Ferrer JR’s)
---Benito? Munoz de la Barba and Petra de Lomeli (On Joseph Joachin’s)
---Diego Manuel Villalpando and Ana de Herrera (On Joseph Gabriel’s)
---Nicolas Rodrigues and Melchora de Lomeli (On Maria Nicolaza’s)

I haven’t found much about Ysabel Rodrigues’ parents yet. Only the following clue (just listed above): The baptism certificate of Maria Nicolaza (daughter of Vicente Ferrer Lomeli and Ysabel Rodrigues) listed Nicolas Rodrigues and Melchora Lomelin as godparents; this couple married on 09/FEB/1728 in Nochistlan. Ysabel married Vicente Ferrer Lomeli on 12 FEB 1736. There is an 8 year difference between the marriages of these two couples. So Nicolas could be Ysabel’s brother, but he could also be a young uncle. So that is where I am with Ysabel at the moment. And I do not know who Nicolas’ parents are in any case.

Do you have this book? "Genealogía de Nochistlán antiguo reino de la Nueva Galicia en el siglo XVII según sus archivos parroquiales"

According to this link: chapter 15 and chapters 90 to 98 discuss different Rodrigues Frias families from Nochistlan. Ysabel Rodrigues de Frias was born in Nochistlan before or on 1721, so I am hoping her parents are mentioned on that book.

If you find anything else please let me know,

Best Regards

Dear Minerva,

I have not found the parents of Vicente Ferrer Lomelin and Ysabel Rodriguez de Frias. I stopped looking for them, and have been working on many other projects. I will take out my notes on them next week and compare them to your added information.

I do have the book "Genealogía de Nochistlán antiguo reino de la Nueva Galicia en el siglo XVII según sus archivos parroquiales" After buying this book I was put into contact with the author, Jose Luis Vasquez y Rodriguez de Frias, by one of the members of SHARR. I don't remember if it was Mary Lou, or another member, that brought us together.

Thanks for sharing,
Rick A. Ricci

I am researching my ancestor Julio Jose de Lomeli and I was excited to see your information above about Julio Joseph de Lomelin. I'd love to be able to confirm that they are the same person.

The info I have is this: my Julio was married to Maria Marcela de los Dolores de Jauregui. They had 3 children that I know of, Maria Antonia de Lomeli (married 3 Dec 1800 in Mexticacan to Jose Santiago de Aguirre), Nicolas Josef de Lomeli (born 1777 in Mexticacan), and Maria de San Jose de Lomeli (married 3 Mar 1783 de Pedro Anastacio Fernandes Cordero).

Any further info you have I'd sure appreciate.
Thank you.
Rick Fernández

I have Vincent Ferrer Lomelin being the son of Antonio Lomelin and unknown wife. Antonio was the son of Gabriel Lomelin and Melchora de los Reyes Peres de Frias Delgadillo.

Here are my sources:

Dear Alex,

It's great to finally have Vicente Ferrer Lomelin's father. Now to find his mother.

Thank you very much for sharing this information,

Rick A. Ricci

Please analyse the following Marriage dispensation thoroughly. It is exactly what you need. Trust me and open the following link. PLEASE LOOK AT THE TRONCOS DE PARENTESCO

Dispensa matrimonial de Rafael Iñiguez & María de San José Gómez - 24 de diciembre de 1803, Jalostotitlán

Fueron dispensados de dos parentescos de afinidad, ambos en tercer grado igual.

Fuente: Mexico, Jalisco, Catholic Church Records, 1590-1979, Guadalajara, Diócesis de Guadalajara, Matrimonios 1803-1804 [Image 397-404 of 493] -

Very nice! Looks like the wife of Antonio Lomelin is not so unknown!

Dear Steven Hernandez,
Thank you very much for the records,
Happy New Year,
Rick A Ricci

Hi Rick,

Sorry for my late response, I am just seeing everyone’s answers to this post now.
And yes, I believe we are talking about the same Julio Jose de Lomelin (h.l of Fernando Lomelin and Isabel de Calderon)

Julio Joseph Lomeli married Marcela Xaurigui on 09 Jan 1763. Here is their marriage certificate:

The marriage certificate says that Julio Joseph is h.l of Fernando Lomelin and Isabel Henrriquez. I believe this Isabel Henrriquez is the same as Isabel de Calderon since all the other information matches but more information is needed to corroborate that they are the same person.
Marcela de Xaurigui is h.l of Lorenzo de Xaurigui and Ana Ximenes and widow of Xristobal Garcia.

They had the following children that I could see:

-Ana Isabel de Lomeli born on 11/Apr/1763 in Nochistlan, Zacatecas (Note: her godparents were Juan Manuel Basquez and Isabel Calderon).
-Maria Antonia de Lomeli born on 16/Feb/1767 in Nochistlan, Zacatecas.
-Nicolas Josef Santiago Lomelin Xauregui born on 06/Aug/1777 in Mexticacan, Jalisco.
-Jose Rafael de Lomelin married to Maria Olaya Perez on 17/Nov/1802 in Mexticacan, Jalisco.
-Maria de San Jose Lomelin married to Pedro Anastacio Fernandes Cordero on 03/March/1783 in Mexticacan, Jalisco.

And thanks to the much appreciated and wonderful help of Alex Mercado and Steven Hernandez, we now know that Fernando Lomelin and Antonio Lomelin were brothers and sons of Gabriel Lomelin and Melchora de los Reyes.


It would not be weird to see Calderon and Enriquez interchanged in this case. Pedro Enriquez married Isabel Calderon where Isabel Calderon is the daughter of Juan Delgadillo and Maria de la Concepcion Islas and Juan Delgadillo is the son of another Isabel Calderon. I have not researched the ancestry of Isabel who married Hernando Lomelin but my money is on her descending from Pedro Enriquez and Isabel Calderon.

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