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Assistance with reading parents names Re Francisco Suarez de Ibarra

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By 245luigi - Posted on 13 July 2015

Could a forum member please help me read the parents names of Francisco Suarez de Ibarra. The names are about halfway down the first page. I can make out the mother "Juana Suarez" but I cannot read the father's name. Thank you!

Hi Alex,

That link didn't work, but I'm looking at his Informaciones from 1598, and it looks like his father's name was Luis de Ibarra.

Manny Diez Hermosillo


Thats what Im looking at as well. I think is says Luis too but I think there is also some sort of charaacter between "Luis" and "de"



Just out of curiosity what is your connection to Francisco Suarez de Ibarra? I have also been researching him and his family to see if he connects with any of the other Ibarra families in the area.




I connect to the ibarra family through the marriage of Geronimo Sanchez de Porras to Mariana Suarez de Ibarra. Her grandfather is Alferez Mayor Francisco Suarez de Ibarra. The furthest back I am now is the Luis Ibarra above.


Are you conneced to Francisco?


Its possible but I don't have anything linking my Ibarras to Francisco at the moment. My Ibarras descend from Antonio de Ibarra and Maria de Escobar residents of Teocaltiche in the later 16th century and early 17th century. However, since it seemed like a lot of the early Ibarras were related I had looked into his family and did find an interesting potential connection. A descendant of Antonio's daughter Catarina named Francisca de Medina Arriola y Gomez married Juan Antonio Sanchez de Porras Ibarra the son of Geronimo Sanchez de Porras and Mariana Suarez de Ibarra.

Also something interesting from Francisco Suarez's informaciones is that at the time he had been working as a notary for about 15 years and had worked I think for the Audencia in Granada. I wonder if that is where he was from or if he was just working there temporarily before making the move to Mexico? Its a fascinating family!



Thanks for the additional info. I do have Francisca de Medina Arriola y Gomez married Juan Antonio Sanchez de Porras Ibarra in my tree as well.

Hopefully I can tie in Luis somewhere to these old Ibarra's.


As an update to this I think there is a character between the "Luis" and "de". Looks like an abbreviation starting with "P" so maybe Francisco's father is Luis Perez de Suarez. Total speculation

I may have some more information about Antonio de Ibarra and Maria Escobar from Teocaltiche.

I was reading through Genealogias de Nochistlan by Jose Luis Vasquez y Rodriguez de Frias and on page 381 he transcribes a document dated 1616, which states that: "una merced original hecha por la Rl audiencia deste reyno a Alonso Martin residente en Teocaltiche, con una venta hecha al dho Sebastian Perez de Frias por Antonio de Ybarra hijo del dho Alonso Martin." Given the dates and location, it seems then that Antonio de Ibarra's father was Alonso Martin. I have not been able to find any other information about Alonso Martin and had to return the book before I could really go through it.

However, I also found a reference online to a merced de tierras in 1571 to a Catalina de Ibarra.
I wonder if Antonio could have been the son of Catalina de Ibarra and Alonso Martin and chose to go with Ibarra because of its relative importance? Have you come across anything concerning Alonso Martin and Catalina de Ibarra?

I also have read here and there that the Ibarras from Teocaltiche descend from Miguel de Ibarra, the conquistador and encomendero of Teocaltiche. Have you come across any actual documents that claim this relationship?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Tocayo,
I too descend from Antonio de Ibarra and Maria de Escobar. I would appreciate any information on their ancestry.

Rick A. Ricci

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