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why did this couple need a dispensation?

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By katy_brecht_quesada - Posted on 11 July 2015,171974101,176123203

no where in the document did it mention them being related, but yet i found their marriage record here instead of the monte escbed informaciones matrimoniales.

I'm guessing it's because anytime a widow/widower remarries again, the Church needs to verify and document that the widow/widower is truly eligible to marry again under Church doctrine.

Joseph de Leon

That is not an actual "dispensa", its just a verification by a higher authority of the declarations. reason (although not stated on the document) is because the priest in the parish wasn't sure of the facts. The three witnesses are from the same area than the groom, (this is no bride witnesses) plus two of them are related. Usually the Priest would just send the declarations to the parish where the groom belongs to, then the other priest there could verify if the groom was in fact who he said and that he was eligible to marry. For some reason (I believe because it was out of the jurisdiction of Nueva Galicia) they did not send it to Samora but rather to Guadalajara.

Interesting Katy and thank you for viewing the Diocesis De Guadalajara Archive. Your in 1762 and in the Monte Escobedo area?

Have you seen any information on:

Antonio Madera (1660 - 1709)/ Maria De La Candelaria Angon (1655 - 1735)

You had found the surname of Maria De La Candelaria which is Angon which was a big help for me. Any more information would be greatly appreciated.

Also looking for:

Joseph Madera(1684 - 1734) / Josepha Basquez? (Velasquez)

Blas Madera / Maria Theresa Avila

Those three generations were in the Mezquitic area before moving over to Huejuquilla

while i don't remember coming across those individuals, it's psosible there's a marriage record for at least one of those couples in the ordenes since a few ordenes collections have marriage records mixed within them.

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