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Introducing myself

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By raynababette - Posted on 16 June 2015

Hello, my name is Rayna Babette Allen. My great-grandmother, Pascuala Aceves, was born in Sayula, Jalisco in 1854 and moved to California when she was about 16 years old. After decades of searching by her descendants, I finally found the names of her parents in December 2014. Pascuala's parents were Manuel Asebes and Maria Juana Lopez, both of Sayula. Because I was able to find Baptismal records, other names also opened up.

The parents of Manuel Asebes were Bernardo Asebes and Maria Urzula Villalbazo.
The parents of Maria Juana Lopez were Mario Lopes and Antonia Cuevas.

The parents of Bernardo Asebes were Pedro Asebes and Maria Gertrudis Paz.
The parents of Maria Urzula Villalbazo were Francisco Xabier Villalbazo and Maria Francisca Dias.

Pascuala also had siblings: Agustina Aceves (married Fernando Teodoro Marcus Bengsohn), Maria Clara Aceves, Atilano Aceves, Maria Romula Aceves (married Emil Tiburce Murat), Jose Eucebio Acebes, and, Bernardo Aceves (aka Fernando). Pascuala married William Francis Adams.

At this point I am stuck, however, I am very grateful for what I've found after years of searching.

I have taken the DNA test and uploaded my results to Because of the DNA test I have found great-grandchildren of Pascuala's sisters Agustina and Maria Romula. It is so exciting for all of us and we are in contact almost daily. These 3rd cousins and others in our family have also taken DNA tests.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this group!


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