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Possible ancestry of Phelipe Marquez de los Olivos of Colotlan

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By The Genealogist - Posted on 01 June 2015

Phelipe Marquez de los Olivos and his wife Francisca Xaviera Sanchez are the ancestors of many families associated with Colotlan. I have had trouble tracing any solid ancestry for them, but I have accumulated some possibilities. I am hoping that by presenting them here, other researchers may be able to present other sources that may help confirm or refute these possibilities.

Phelipe Marquez de los Olivos’s father was a Joseph Marquez de los Olivos as shown by the following dispensa:,171974101,1085378051

This Joseph Marquez de los Olivos also appears in Holcombe’s notes page 174-175:

“…Joseph Márquez de los Olivos is in the following “órden sacerdotal”:

Pedro Félix Bonilla rendered information in Zacatecas and Colotlán in 1779. Born in Colotlán 26 February 1743 his legitimate parents were Francisco Tadeo Bonilla and María Manuela Márquez de los Olivos (+). Paternal Grandparents: Salvador Bonilla and Rosa Saldaña. Maternal Grandparents: Felipe Márquez and Francisca Xaviera Sánchez, natives of Zacatecas. Paternal maternal Great Grandparents: Joseph Márquez de los Olivos and Gertrudis Rincón Berrótegui. Maternal-maternal Great Grandparents: Bartolomé Sánchez and Josepha Cabañas.”

Does anyone know how to look up the original “órden sacerdotal” document that Holcombe refers to here?

I know nothing more about Bartolome Sanchez and Josepha Cabanas, but a marriage record of Joseph Marquez de los Olivos and Gertrudis Rincon does exist as found here:,171934502,173508701

It shows that Joseph Marquez de los Olivos was a natural son of Capitan Miguel Marquez de los Olivos and Luisa de Figueroa. Apart from his natural son, Capitan Miguel Marquez de los Olivos was legitimately married to Maria Rincon widow of Capitan Joseph Martin Gallardo.

This is confirmed in the book:
La hacienda "Ciénega de Mata" de los Rincón Gallardo: un modelo excepcional de latifundio novohispano durante los siglos XVII y XVIII, by José Fernando Alcaide Aguilar, 2004.
Pages 66, 226, and 470.

An interesting note on page 470: footnote number 488 at the bottom of the page shows Capitan Miguel Marquez de los Olivos becoming Alguacil Mayor de Juchipila and mentions him as the brother of a Diego Marquez de los Olivos. The record that footnote number 488 is referring to can be referenced at:

2. click on the tab labeled “Busqueda Sencilla,”
3. where it says “Buscar” type in “Miguel Marquez de los Olivos”
4. click Audiencia de Guadalajara
6. click “Ver imagenes”

The problem is that I am not able to find where it mentions Diego Marquez de los Olivos.

In any event, the only Diego Marquez de los Olivos that I know of who fits this time period would be the Diego Marquez de los Olivos (1617-1672) who was the son of a Joseph Marquez de los Olivos and a Maria de Ornelas. Could this also mean that Capitan Miguel Marquez de los Olivos is their son?

Holcombe only offers one clue to the parentage of Capitan Miguel Marquez de los Olivos
In Holcombe’s letters page 174-175:

“He [referring to Capitan Miguel Márquez de los Olivos] was from Juchipila or Jalpa and a natural son of Captain X Márquez de los Olivos -- don’t recall the details.”

I wish he had recalled the details and I wish I knew what source he extracted this information from. Could this mean that (Capitan?) Joseph Marquez de los Olivos married Maria de Ornelas and had Diego Marquez de los Olivos, but also had a natural son Capitan Miguel Marquez de los Olivos. Has anyone seen evidence of Joseph (husband of Maria de Ornelas) ever being a “Capitan”?

Anything further back becomes extremely sketchy. Holcombe only offers two possibilities to the parentage of Joseph Marquez de los Olivos (husband of Maria de Ornelas):

1. Holcombe’s letters Page 91:
“In the same volume of marriages from the Sagrario(Cathedral) parish in Mexico City (not microfilmed) … is this matrimony:

Entry No. 140: 2 July 1570. Joseph Márquez, a son of Joseph Márquez and Luisa de Acosta, and María de Lerma, daughter of Diego Hurtado and María de Lerma.. “Testigos fueron el Sr. canónigo García Machuca, sedero y Cristóbal Rodríguez Proaño.” Could be the parents of you know-who [referring to Joseph Marquez de los Olivos (husband of Maria de Ornelas)]. Suggest you see if pasajeros a Indias data for the parents of both is in the digests and look for christenings of the married couple’s children in the Sagrario, to see if they had a son Joseph (he’d be the third in a row). [If] … not in the Sagrario, try the Santa Veracruz parish.”

2. Holcombe’s letters Page 170:
“He [referring to Joseph Marquez de los Olivos (husband of Maria de Ornelas)] might have been related to somewhat older Lorenzo Márquez, the husband as of c.1602 of Beatriz López, daughter of Beatriz López de Fuenllana. They disappear from Lagos after 1610. Lorenzo could have founded Sauz de los Márquez and Joseph followed him to the hacienda on the Northern frontier. Look for Lorenzo as well as Joseph in the Tierras y Aguas records. What if Lorenzo married 2nd to Beatriz López and Joseph was a son from the first wife? In Ojocaliente some baptisms and marriages have been found in the 1650s. There’s not a lot, but it’s better than nothing. Photocopies will be obtained for the Historical Archives. They’re obviously not microfilmed.”

As for the previously mentioned Gertrudis Rincon:
The marriage record of Joseph Marquez de los Olivos and Gertrudis Rincon does not mention her parents. There is no corresponding info. mat. record for this marriage in Cienega. Oddly, there is an info. mat. for this marriage in Aguacalientes found here:,64894502,69793901

Originaly I thought that Gertrudis Rincon would turn up being the daughter of Capitan Nicolas Martin Gallardo and Juana Rincon de Ortega, and a granddaughter of Capitan Juan Rincon de Vivar. This is not the case. The Aguacalientes info. mat. does not name her parents but names Capitan Juan Rincon de Vivar as her uncle. Presumably, one of his siblings is one of Gertrudis Rincon’s parents. The problem is that Capitan Juan Rincon de Vivar’s siblings all had statuses that were not indicative to having children. That I know of, they are: Agustin (considered to have no descendants), Pedro (a priest), Francisco (who died as a child), Maria (went into a convent), and Elena (also went into a convent). This leads me to think that she may have been a natural daughter of one of them, but which one? Her age is given as 15 in the info. mat. which gives her a birth year of about 1656. Maria and Elena would have been aged 47 and 43 in 1656; a little old to be having natural children but not impossible. It would be more possible for older men to sire natural children. I don’t know if Agustin was alive in 1656 but Pedro was.

Does anyone have any other information that might clear this up?

I would appreciate any opinions or additional sources that may confirm or refute the possibilities presented here.



As for where you can find the órden sacerdotal document, I would look on the Family Search Diócesis de Guadalajara microfilms, the ones labeled Órdenes:

Several cover 1779.

Also there is a document regarding Pedro Félix Bonilla among the Órdenes Sacerdotales in the microfilms of the Arzobispado de Durango (1780-1782), but I don't know if they are online. Check page 322 of this PFD:

Hopefully there are two copies of the document, one in Guadalajara and one in Durango.

Victoriano Navarro

---Rodrigo Sánchez-Castellanos de Rodas (22/Feb/1662- Before 1703) (Casó con Juana de Luna de Haro( AB 1664-?)(aka Juana López de Luna)
-----Juana Sanchez Castellanos de Luna y Juan Marquez de los Olivos

Juana Sanchez-castellanos could be the sister of Francisca Xaviera because they lived in Colotlan almost at the same time and were maried both with Marquez de los OLivos.

the file you was searching is the number 27

I could download it.

I have it as GPEG
I couldn´t attach it here, tell me how can i send it to you

these ara the documented facts:

Jose Marquez??? (ver image 269 del archivo : Diócesis de GuadalajaraMatrimonios 1803, parte 1) hijo
1) Phelipe Marquez (de los Olivos)( +1722) & Francisca Xaviera Sanchez (+1723) hijos (Sauz)
1 1) Joseph Antonio Marquez (de los O) Sanchez (1700 -1772) (oo Mar 3 1726) & Juana Francisca Xaviera Gamboa Ortega (– 1783) (hija de Agustin y Simona) hijo
1 1 1) (Felix (o Feliciano) Ascencio Marquez (de los O) Gamboa (Apr 7 1766) & Ma Albina Victoria Romero de la Torre (hija de Juachin y Dominga?)) hijo
1 1 1 2) Agripita Marquez Romero (1788) (oo Sep14 1803) (film 248) & Gregorio Flores Hernandez (1778) (hijo de Juan Antonio y Ma Juana) hijo
1 1 1 2 1) Ma Cesarea Flores Marquez 1813 –
1 2) Josepha Marquez Sanchez (May 9 1720)
1 3) Juan Joseph Marquez (de los O) Sanchez (+ Jan 6 1749) (oo) (oo Nov 20 1735) & vda. Simona Ramirez Ortega(hija de Diego & Maria) (Viuda de Agustin Gamboa)
1 4) (a) J. Francisco Xavier Marquez (De Los Olivos) Sanchez & (1º oo) & (a) Manuela Perez (+ May 24 1750) hijos
1 4) ( b ) J. Fco. Xavier Marquez (de los O) Sanchez (2º oo Feb22 1751 )& (b) Ma Narcisa Sanchez Sandoval (hija de Felipe Manuel y Josefa de los Santos) hijos
1 5 ) Joseph Ygnacio Marquez (de los O) Sanchez (oo) & Ma Ysabel Florentina Valenzuela hijos
1 6 ) Anna de San Joaquin Marquez (de los O) Sanchez (bapt. Oct 25 1722)
1 7) Joseph Marquez (de los O) Sanchez ( oo Jan 28 1732, Colotlan )(film 117) & Monica Josepha Rosales, (hija de Joseph & Phelipa de la Trinidad) hijos
1 8) Miguel Marquez (de los O) Sanchez & Juana Ledezma ( Colotlan) hijo ( las cañas)
1 8 1) Phelipe Marquez (de los O) Ledezma (*oo May 12 1727) (film 72) & Gertrudis de Luna Valera (hija de Domingo y Thomasa) hijos (del Epazote, Colotlan, Jal) (*padrinos: Antonio Marquez y (Antonia) Marcela Marquez (su tia) y no es Marquez sino Reza, esposa de Mathias Nicolas)
1 8 1 3) Francisco Marquez Luna (20 y 28 de Jun 1747, Colotlan) (image 153)
1 9) Ma Manuela Marquez & Francisco Bonilla Saldaña (hijo de Salvador & Rosa) hijo
1 9 1) Pedro Felis Bonilla Marquez (cura)(Jan 31 y Feb 26 1743,Colotlan) (image 649)

victoriano, here's a link on family search to pedro feliz bonilla's ordenes,171974101,180122401

also can anyone tell me how juan marquez de los olivos(husband of josefa baptista robalcava) is related to felipe marquez de los olivos?

I'm thinking juan was born in colotlan also. he and josefa had at least 5 children: Juan jr., Miguel, Angela, Josefa, and Marcela.

I'm not sure when he was born, but i do know that his daughter angela got married in 1689 in tlaltenango, so i'm guessing he was born in the 1640's.

also either he or his wife is a sibling of either francisco ulloa or juana flores.

Hi Katy
I was looking in my Marquez files
I found this Juan & Josepha, do you mean this guys? let me know or send more info, thanks

Juan Marquez & Josefa Sanchez de Ruvalcaba hijo
1)Pedro Marquez Sanchez & Clara de Chavez hijo (Guacaxco, Colotlan)
1 1) Gregorio Marquez Chavez (oo Feb 24 1745, Colotlan) (image 350) & Ma Josepha de Haro Avila (hija de Francisco & Petra) hijos

There seems to be no relationshiop between this Juan Márquez (de los Olivos) de Ulloa, married to Josefa Bautista de Ruvalcaba, and the Márquez de los Olivos who lived in and around Colotlán.

Juan was born in Aguascalientes and baptized on 22nd April, 1645, the son of Nicolás de Ulloa (son of Alonso de Ulloa y Toro y Juana Muñoz de Jerez) and María REuíz de Esparza (daughter of Lope Ruíz de Esparza and Francisca Gabay).

I wonder where he took the "de los Olivos" from.

They are the same Juan Márquez and Josefa Bautista de Ruvalcaba (her parents were Mateo de Ruvalcaba and Mari López, some of whose relatives used the surname Sánchez).

Thank’s for posting the link to Pedro Feliz Bonilla’s Ordenes. Unfortunatly, it does not name Pedro’s great-grandparents as Joseph Marquez de los Olivos, Gertrudis Rincon, Bartolome Sanchez, and Josepha Cabanas, as Holcombe had in his letters. Perhaps there is another part to Pedro’s Ordenes hidden somewhere else.

Does anyone have an idea to where Holcombe could have rendered the information on Pedro Feliz Bonilla’s great-grandparents from? Or did he just assume who they were?



hfaizcorbe, how do you know that this baptism record was for him? if this is correct then juan and francisco ulloa are brothers.

also joseph marquez de los olivos is listed in the ordenes, you just have to read it carefully. i forgot what page it was on.

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