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Possible Family of Benito de Isla and Petronila de Moctezuma

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By The Genealogist - Posted on 26 May 2015


I have recently discovered that I descend from a Benito de Isla whose many descendants spread throughout Nochistlan. I hit the brick wall there, and I do not know who Benito’s wife was. Normally I would assume that the traceable ancestry ends there. However, I have spotted miscellaneously placed postings that allude to a specific ancestry for Benito de Isla and his unnamed wife when they are all placed together. Unfortunately I have been unable to pinpoint the sources for most of these postings – this is where I need help.

But to start with:

PART 1: What is Provable:

From the primary sources that I have been able to access and see with my own eyes, I have mapped out the following:

Benito de Isla was the father of Magdalena de Lavezaris (wife of Francisco Gonzalez) and Maria de Isla y Moctezuma (wife of Capitan Andres Martinez de Sotomayor). This same Benito de Isla also had a natural mestiza daughter named Maria de Isla.

There is another Maria de Isla who was married to Christobal Martinez Lozano and had a family in Aguascalientes. This Maria de Isla (wife of Christobal Martinez Lozano) had a sister named Petronila de Isla.

PART 2: What I suspect (Part A): The Maria de Isla’s:

I think that the Maria de Isla (the mestiza) is possibly one and the same with the Maria de Isla who was married to Christobal Martinez Lozano. However, I have not seen this Maria de Isla (wife of Christobal Martinez Lozano) ever mentioned as anything but “espanol;” the same goes for her children. Then again I have seen many examples within these Mexican colonial records were people who are more accurately and originally described as mixed race, appear later in life described as “espanol”. If these two Maria de Isla’s are the same person then Benito de Isla is also the father of Petronila de Isla.

I do not think the Maria de Isla (wife of Chritobal Martinez Lozano) is the same person as Maria de Isla y Moctezuma (wife of Capitan Andres Martinez de Sotomayor). There seem to be too many children born to both of these women to be same one.

Does anyone have any opinions on this?

PART 2: What I suspect (Part B): The Lavezaris Connection:

Since Benito de Isla had a daughter who used the name Magdalena de Lavezaris. That name must have come from somewhere further back. I think that Benito de Isla is the son of a Bernardino de Isla and another Magdalena de Lavezaris who was the sister of Guido de Lavezaris, Governor-General of the Philippines.

Does anyone have any opinions on this?

PART 2: What I suspect (Part C): The Moctezuma Connection:

Since Benito de Isla had a daughter who used the name Maria de Isla y Moctezuma. That name must have come from somewhere further back. I suspect the connection was matrilineal but have never seen a wife listed for Benito de Isla from my own research. (Benito de Isla possibly being the father of Petronila de Isla also comes into play here.)

I have spotted a few interesting postings that allude to Benito de Isla’s wife. However, they are un-sourced postings, I have been unable to make contact with the people who posted them, and have not been able to pinpoint any primary sources for the following:

From other’s Postings:

1. I have seen a forum (here at Nuestros Ranchos) where a Petronila de Isla is described as being the daughter of a Benito de Isla and a Juana Navarro. I have been unable to contact the person who posted this. Does anyone know where this information comes from?

2. I have seen a tree on where Benito de Isla is married to a Juana Navarro. Here Juana Navarro dies 28 Dec 1651 in Teocaltiche. The death records in Teocaltiche do not go back that far. Does anyone know where this information comes from?

3. In another tree on, Benito de Isla is married to a Juana “Navarro y Moctezuma.” Wonderful, if her name actually appears this way, but does anyone know where this information comes from?

4. I have seen forums of the couple Martin de Gabay Navarro and Petronila de Moctezuma as having 4 children: Ana-Francisca, Maria, Christobal, and JUANA. Ana-Francisca, Maria, and Christobal are provable children via various dispensas. But where does the information of this couple also having a daughter named Juana come from? Does anyone know?

PART 3 Conclusions?:

All of this starts to lean in a certain direction. Let us assume that, outside of what is provable, what I suspect is true and what others have posted is also true; that all that is needed is to pinpoint a few more sources. Then the following is a possible reconstruction of the whole picture:

Benito de Isla (son of Bernardino de Isla and Magdalena de Lavezaris) married a Juana Navarro (daughter of Martin de Gabay Navarro and Petronila de Moctezuma) and had as daughters Magdalena de Lavezaris (named after her paternal grandmother), Maria de Isla y Moctezuma (partially named after her maternal grandmother), Petronila de Isla (also partially named after her maternal grandmother), with the additional Maria de Isla (the Mestiza daughter born from another woman).

Chronologically it fits, though a little tight on Petronila de Moctezuma’s side if we assume she was born about 1552, allegedly had the said Juana by 1572, Juana having Magdalena de Lavezaris and Maria de Isla y Moctezuma by the time she was age 15 c. 1587, and both Madalena and Maria also starting to have children by about age 15, since most of their traceable children have their earliest estimated birth years in the late 1600’s early 1610’s. Keep in mind that 15 is a typical age for young girls to marry in this time period.

I would appreciate any opinions, corrections, or primary sources on these matters which may prove or refute the possible reconstruction of this tree.




Can you send me a copy of the marriage of Antonio Trillo and Mariana Villalpando, please? They are my husband's ancestors (his 6th great=grandparents).


Port Orchard, WA

> Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2015 00:53:34 -0700
> From:
> To:
> Subject: [Nuestros Ranchos] Christobal Martinez Lozano (I) & Francisco Gonzalez as Brothers
> Hello Nuestros Ranchos Forum,
> I've been really following this post with a lot of interest since I
> recently traced myself to Antonio Trillo and Mariana Villalpando and on
> their marriage it says Mariana Villalpando is the daughter of Ysabel Lozano
> Gardea and so I'm really interested in posts about the Lozano's and
> learning where Ysabel Lozano Gardea fits in. I don't know much about these
> families and don't have much to contribute, but, I located this document
> recently looking up information on Nueva Galicia and I noticed it mentions
> Magdelena Lavezares.
> Danny C. Alonso

Danny and Emilie,

You got lucky. Ysabel Lozano Gardea exists in my files. This is how you fit in:

Capitan Juan Lozano m. Ynes Martinez Baca y Gonzalez

Christobal Martinez Lozano (I) m. Maria de Isla

Christobal Martinez Lozano (II) m. Mariana Gonzalez/Perez de Gardea

Isabel Lozano y Perez de Gardea m. Diego de Villalpando

Mariana de Villalpando m. Antonio de Trillo

Maria de San Juan Belasco de Trillo m. Nicolas Garcia

I recommend looking up Isabel Lozano y Perez’s will dated 20 Oct 1702 in Aguascalientes

Go to:
User name: sigue.publica
Password: publica

Where it says: CONTRATANTES Type: “Isabel Lozano y Perez” (without parenthesis)
Click the “Submit” button


1. Ysabel Lozano y Perez de Gardea’s mother is named as “Mariana Lozano de Gardea.” The “Lozano” should be “Gonzalez” or “Perez.” This is an error by whoever wrote the will.

2. Mariana de Villalpando appears as “Maria Ana” in the will.

3. Page 3 of the will has a lot of genealogy information.

4. Also check out:
But be sure to double check the sources.




Thank’s for the Ynes Gonzalez Martinez information. She is new to my files.


Holcombe’s letters has road mapped to some new information. I will be posting this later.

Regards to all,


now that I know where Ysabel Lozano Gardea fits in I'm even more excited. I
didn't realize I was actually connected to this same Lozano in the subject.
I'm trying to now piece everything together and am curious on the dropbox
letter where it says

“Bernardino’s parents come next on the Tree. Francisco González Martínez
and Magdalena de Labesares. He came from Matabuena, Obispado de Segovia, in
Spain, a son of Pedro Martínez and María González. Two brothers married in
Aguascalientes.” This conflicts with what Holcombe says in his notes pg 8:
“A probable other son of Juan Lozano and Inés Martínez was Francisco
González Martínez.”

Does that mean Bernardino is from Obispado de Segovia, Spain and the son of
Pedro Martinez and Maria Gonzalez or do they mean Francisco Gonzales
Martinez is?

Also did someone answer the question about the where the family group
letters were.

ps Emilie, here is the marriage for Mariana Villalpando

Danny C. Alonso

I still have the link to the Family Group Sheets but they appear to no longer be available to the general public. I believe if you're a member of the LDS Church or have a membership with affiliated organizations you probably can access the records as they're still online, but only available to members. A regular Family Search sign on won't work, but, here is the link if you can find someone with an account:
Christopher de Cuellar

I finally took some time to figure out how to find the information on the Family Group Sheets by Jaime Holcombe Isunza. They are part of Patron ordinance submission sheets, 1969-1991

The families can be searched at

So if you search for Cristobal Lozano then you will see a tree for Cristobal Lozano and Maria Isla at and at the top right it says Submitted 6/12/2012 by jholcombe50905 and on the left it says Batch Number 8676301

Searching for 8676301 show it to be in film 1396287 and if you click on it you can put in an order for the film to be sent to the local Family History Center. You don't have to be a member of LDS to be able to do that.

The family of Martín Pérez de Gardea and Mariana González de Ruvalcaba (maternal grandparents of Mariana Gonzalez/Perez de Gardea alias Mariana de Bermejo) is at Batch 8683206 Film 1396252

I searched for some other families that are mentioned in this thread that I didn't already have sheets for such as Benito de Islas and so on but I couldn't find anything by Jaime Holcombe.

The Family Group Sheets at are for Family Group Records Collection, Archives Section, 1942-1969 so the submissions by Jaime Holcombe Isunza aren't there.

Another piece of the puzzle for the family of Benito de Isla appears in this dispensa that can be viewed in 2 places:

1. Here:,171974101,175900201

2. And Here:,171974101,175907901

Holcombe also adds some details to this family in his letters pages 76 and 171.:

For clarity, below is the tree of the dispensa with the additional details of Holcombe in brackets [ ].

Trunk … presumably Benito de Isla

Gonzalo Gomez...................1.......Maria de Isla
[m. c. 1628 Agustina Martin]............m. [Andres Martin de Sotomayor]

Antonio Gomez Garcia............2.......Margarita de Sotomayor
m. [Francisca Florez.d.l.Torre].........m. [N.N. de Leon]

Maria Blanca Gomez..............3.......Rosa Manuela de Leon
m. Pedro Alonso de Hinojos..............m. Pedro de Delgadillo

Nicolas Alonso de los Hinojo....4.......Petra de Delgadillo

[Other notes extracted from Holcombe’s letters page 171. Agustina Martin and Andres Martin de Sotomayor are both the children of Andres Martin Camacho and Maria de las Ruelas (de Sotomayor)] So two siblings from one family married two siblings from another.

Also, I have seen another dispensa showing that the name “Gomez” sometimes appeared as the compound “Gomez Garcia” in this family.

If the Maria de Isla in this dispensa truly is the same one that was married to Andres Martin de Sotomayor as Holcombe says, then our Benito de Isla was the father of Magdalena de Lavezaris (wife of Francisco Gonzalez Martinez), Maria de Isla y Moctezuma (wife of Andres Martin de Sotomayor), Gonzalo Gomez (husband of Agustina Martin), and a natural mestiza daughter Maria de Isla (who I suspect, though cannot prove, might be the same one who was married to Christobal Martinez Lozano (I), who also had a sister named Petronila de Isla).

And if what I just stated proves to be true, then how interesting that two daughters of Benito de Isla married two sons of Juan Lozano and Ynez Martinez Baca y Gonzalez, and two additional children of Benito de Isla married two children of Andres Martin Camacho and Maria de las Ruelas (de Sotomayor)

Finding marriage information surrounding Gonzalo Gomez who married c. 1628 Agustina Martin might reveal more about the family of our Benito de Isla since he is presumably his father.

Since both sides used so many surnames let’s keep an eye out for a Gonzalo Gomez/Garcia/de Isla being married to an Agustina Martin/Camacho/de las Ruelas/de Sotomayor.



A long post script for those who are thorough:

Although Holcombe’s work sometimes has errors, I suspect he was correct regarding the Martin de Sotomayors and their connection to the Islas and Gomez Garcias.

I would advise looking at Holcombe’s letters pages 76 and 171.:

Holcombe pg. 171.:

“…Andrés Martín y de Ma. de las Rroelas.” (She also used the surname Sotomayor). This couple was already married in 1603, … They had at least 12 children: [1]Jacinta (md 1619 Antonio Jiménez); [2]Agustina (md 1628 Gonzalo Gómez); … [10]Andrés (who married María de Isla [y Moctezuma]);…and [[12]]Ysabel (md [16]17 Juan Díaz de la Huerta).”

And then looking at the following 3 dipsensas, all of which can be worked out, with the aid of Holcombe’s Letters, to trunk with Andres Martin Camacho and Maria de las Ruelas (de Sotomayor:

1. Andres Martin de Sotomayor (husband of Maria de Isla y Moctezuma) and Ysabel Martin (wife of Juan Diaz de la Huerta) being brother and sister is confirmed in the following dispensa found here:

Trunk … Andres Martin Camacho m. Maria de las Ruelas (de Sotomayor)

Andres Martin de Sotomayor......1.......Ysabel Martin
m. Maria de Isla y Moctezuma............m. Juan Diaz de la Huerta

Andres Martin Camacho...........2.......Josefa Diaz
m. Beatriz de Mayorga...................m. N.N.

Andres Martin de Sotomayor......3.......Angela Diaz
........................................m. Isidro Villalobos

................................4.......Juana Cayatana de Villalobos

2. Nicolas Gomez Garcia (son of Antonio Gomez Garcia and Francisca Florez de la Torre) and Catalina de Ruvalcaba (daughter of Joseph de Ruvalcaba and Petrona Diaz)

Found here:,171974101,175712003

It says that the father of the husband (Antonio Gomez Garcia) and a grandmother of the wife (unkown by name to me) are first cousins.

Trunk … Andres Martin Camacho m. Maria de las Ruelas (de Sotomayor)

Agustina Martin...............1.........Ysabel Martin
m. Gonzalo Gomez........................m. Juan Diaz de la Huerta

Antonio Gomez Garcia..........2.........N.n. Diaz (maybe Josefa Diaz?)
m. Francisca Florez de la Torre.........m. N.N.

Nicolas Gomez Garcia..........3.........Petrona Diaz
........................................m. Joseph de Ruvalcaba

..............................4.........Catalina de Ruvalcaba

3. Alvaro Carrillo de Sandi (son of Nicolas Carrillo de Sandi and Agustina Jimenez de las Ruelas) and Josepha Gomez (daughter of Antonio Gomez Garcia and Francisca Florez de la Torre)

Found here:

It says that the mother of the husband (Agustina Jimenez de las Ruelas) and the father of the wife (Antonio Gomez Garcia) are first cousins.

Trunk … Andres Martin Camacho m. Maria de las Ruelas (de Sotomayor)

Jacinta de las Ruelas...........1.......Agustina Martin
m. Antonio Jimenez de Castaneda.........m. Gonzalo Gomez

Agustina Jimenez de las Ruelas..2.......Antonio Gomez Garcia
m. Nicolas Carrillo de Sandi............m. Francisca Florez de la Torre

Alvaro Carrillo de Sandi........3.......Petrona Diaz

This trucking may prove to be wrong, but between these dispenses and Holcombe’s letters filling in the blanks, all trunking with Andres Martin Camacho and Maria de la Ruelas (de Sotomayor), I am inclined to believe that Holcombe was right about: Antonio Gomez Garcia being the husband of Francisca Florez de la Torre, Gonzalo Gomez being the husband of Agustina Martin, and Maria de Isla, from the first dispensa before the post script, being the same one who was married to Andres Martin de Sotomayor.

What this means for our Benito de Isla is that he had an additional son, Gonzalo Gomez.

4 Other Thoughts:

1. Elvira de Islas and Maria de la Concepcion de Islas are provable sisters to each other as per the following dispensa:

Benito de Isla came alone and single to Mexico. If Elvira and Maria de la Concepcion were his sisters, then perhaps they came at a later date. However, Elvira and Maria de Concepcion being sisters to our Benito de Isla creates odd trucking issues which should have required dispenas, but as of yet we have not seen evidence for this. Until this evidence surfaces, we may have to assume that Elvira and Maria de la Concepcion may be related to our Benito de Isla in some other way (aunts, daughters, nieces, cousins?). Benito, Evlira and Maria de la Concepcion being cousins or cousins once removed seems to avoid the consanguinity that would require a dispensa.

If a dispensa exits for the marriage of Diego Delgadillo and Petrona de Isla, and if it can be found, it might reveal more.

2. Holcombe’s letter page 16:

“Juana Navarro, wife of Benito de Isla, was buried in Teocaltiche on 28 Dec 1651. The albaceas of her will were Antonio de Ruvalcaba and Miguel Martínez de Alarcón, vecinos de Teocaltiche. This information was extracted from an unmicrofilmed death record in Teocaltiche.”

Does anyone have a contact in Mexico who would be willing to physically verify this?

3. Has anyone spotted any evidence of the couple Martin de Gabay Navarro and Petronila de Moctezuma having an additional daughter named Juana?

Holcombe’s Letters pg 166:

“In Mexico City’s Castillo de Chapultepec is an oil painting made in the early 1700s of a woman that descended from the Aztec Emperor and had the surname Isla y Moctezuma. Said lady’s genealogy must have been investigated and is to be found somewhere.”

Does anyone know how to contact the Castillo de Chapultepec on this issue or have a contact in Mexico who would be willing to look into it?

If the said painting exits, maybe someone could take a picture of it and e-mail it to the rest of us. Who knows, we might get lucky. Sometimes those old colonial portraits would have a shield or boarder with genealogical information written right in the painting.


I don't know if this helps but theres a wikitree for Petrona de Isla and
Diego Delgadillo. IT has her parents and has 1 of his parents. It looks
like 1 of his parents is Maria De La Conception de Islas, I don't know if
that's the same person mentioned or how accurate the tree
information is. There's also a book mentioned at the bottom the authors
name is Hilton, but, I don't have the book so I don't know what it says
about them. The wikitree is here...

Danny C. Alonso

The wikitree sited belongs to a member of NR and is quite well researched. The book referenced at the bottom is Sagrada Mitra de Guadalajara Antiguo Obispado de la Nueva Galicia by Maria de la Luz Montejano Hilton. Here is the passage you're referring to:

Nochistlán. Zac. Diciembre 17 de 1716. Exp. 22 - Dispensa de tercero con cuarto grado de consanguinidad - Joseph González Lozano, español de 20 años de edad. vecino y natural de esta feligresía de Nochistlán, hijo legitimo de Bernardo González, español difunto vecino que fué de esta feligresía, y de Josepha Lozano, que vive: con María Díaz Montañez, española, doncella de 16 años de edad, hija legítima de Nicolás Díaz Montañez, español difunto, y de María Flores de Sandi, española vecina de esta feligresía. Declaración del pretenso: Mi madre y Petronila de Islas, bisabuela de María Díaz, fueron primas hermanas, hijas de dos hermanas que es segundo grado, y Mariana de Sandoval, abuela de la susodicha sobrina de mi madre en tercero grado, y María Flores de Sandi, mi prima en cuarto grado, y la dicha María Díaz se halla en quinto grado. Declaración de Bartolomé de la Dueña, español de 76 años de edad: Por ser la pretensa bisnieta de Mariana de Moscoso y Sandoval, y el pretenso nieto de Josepha de Moscoso y Sandoval, hermanas, la madre del pretenso Josepha Lozano y Petrona de Islas. primas hermanas, bisabuela de la pretensa, Joseph González pretenso y la abuela de la pretensa que lo fué Mariana Delgadillo. Se otorgó la dispensa en la Ciudad de Guadalajara. en 22 de diciembre de 1716 12 fojas. 


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