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What was Real De Asientos For In Aguascalientes During Colonial Times?

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By MADERA_32 - Posted on 25 May 2015

I am curious about what was Real De Asientos for in Aguascalientes and if there were those places in other towns of Mexico?

Also what is a Mercader?

I was going through the archives of Aguascalientes:

to get in username: sigue.publica
password: publica

Then I went to "Tipo Documental" and a long list came up and was looking at some. I looked at "compraventa esclavos" and it had a list of people that bought slaves, gives names, and the slaves they bought.

I was browsing through the names and saw that in 1724, "Melchor De Richarte Mercader, Fernando De La Campa y Coz Coronel De La Infantria Espanola" :

Here are the documents which is three pages:

It is document (hoja): 1F-2F

A mercader is a merchant.

mercader, ra.

(De mercado, forma del cat. y arag.).

1. m. y f. Persona que trata o comercia con géneros vendibles. Mercader de libros, de hierro.

2. f. coloq. desus. Esposa del mercader.

Real de Asientos was a specific mining town. A real de minas is a mining town.


~ de minas.

1. m. Méx. Pueblo en cuyo distrito hay minas, especialmente de plata.

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