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Which "Indio Tribe" are people from Mezquitic or Zacatecas area during Colonial times?

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By MADERA_32 - Posted on 09 April 2015

I have a question to ask? When I have been researching our ancestors in the LDS archives for the Mezquitic area of Jalisco, Mexico. And ran across people stated as "indio" which indio tribe?

Huichole? I don't know since the Huicholes were suppose to be originally from San Luis Potosi who migrated more into the remote areas of Jalisco and Zacatecas after the Spanish arrived.

Chichimeca's were the inhabitants when the Spanish arrived.

So how can we tell which Indio Tribe are the people from at the time when they were recorded in the Catholic Records?

well you can't from the records in most cases since the records rarely specify, and during/after the conquest many family and tribal units were torn apart/split up.

I wonder if the location or village name provided in the left margin of baptisms might be a clue to use with historical documents or linguistic research. This was done in the missionized areas of California after mission baptisms, marriages and burials were entered into a database. A researcher (Randall Milliken) was able to map the indigenous rancherias and associate them with language families and cultural affinity, even the many tribes that had vanished. Mexico is earlier, bigger and a lot different but it wouldn't surprise me if some historians might be working on it.

I am fairly certain that the indigenous ethnic group in the area of Mezquitic at the time of the conquest were Tepehuanes (Tepecanos). The Wixarrika (Huicholes) came as refugees during the Chichimeca wars and took over some of the remote villages of the Tepehuanes and absorbed some of their culture. Most of the Tepehuan communities in Northern Jalisco were assimilated into the Mestizo population soon after independence and the end of the separate legal treatment of their communities and lands. There are some communities that still survive further north in Durango.

where did you find that info arturo? I'm asking to see if that source names the tribes living the jerez/ tepetongo/ huejucar/colotlan vincinity.

Houston Institute for Culture

By John P. Schmal

the link below will take you to an interesting article on the indigenous people of Jalisco

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