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Looking for direct male descendant of Diego ROMO son of Diego ROMO DE VIVAR

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By Xayme - Posted on 09 February 2015

Looking for direct male descendant of Diego ROMO (abt. 1630) son of Diego ROMO DE VIVAR (1589-1650) with family tree showing direct male connections.

Also looking for any direct male descendants of Diego's male siblings, which as far as I know are:

Juan ROMO (Abt. 1632)
Pedro ROMO (b.1632 Ags, Mx)
Geronimo ROMO
Francisco ROMO (Abt. 1644)

Please feel free to correct any of my dates or information.

I am a direct descendant of Diego ROMO DE VIVAR (1589-1650) and would like to connect my research. If you have had your yDNA tested it would be great. If not, I'm willing to pay for your yDNA to be tested.

Thanks primos!

In the Genealogy of Mexico database there's one person who already took the test and there you can find his contact information:

It may take a while for the page to load.

In the Romo section it also appears a second Romo who took the test and is a 11/12 match to RM Romo. He appears as Anonymous, but maybe the administrator of that page can contact him in your name, or you can post in their Yahoo group.

Victoriano Navarro


There are more that have tested with FTDNA. Many of them are at under the group R1b-M269>L23>L51>L11>P312>U152>L2>Z367>L20 Descendientes de Diego Romo de Vivar b1550 Rielves,Toledo

Some of the Romo in that group have a solid tree which is why that group is separate and why it has that title. The other Romo that aren't R1b have a different genetic line.

Anyone that has had a 37 marker test can see their 37 marker matches and the email address of the match. So he is able to see the contact info of those that match his DNA as well as the trees that they have uploaded or created at FTDNA as long as the match still has an email associated with their FTDNA account.

I assume he is trying to use the TiP report to determine which lines his matches are from but I don't think that he is aware of how unreliable that program is. STR markers change very randomly but SNP markers are carried by all descendants. Sometimes it can take 10 generations for an STR to change or there can be two STR changes in a single generation. Sometimes people from a documented line are a closer match to a line from another son of the same patriarch. Once enough SNPs have been identified it will still take a lot of BigY tests to find conclusive matches SNPs and prove which line a person is from.

He was advised of this when he posted his story at


Here are two different examples of father-son Y-DNA testing showing the STR markers to have a GD (genetic distance) of 2 when tested out to 67 markers.

There are examples of paternal lines with a common ancestor from more than 5 generations ago without any of the STR markers changing.

So again, since STR markers change randomly, and sometimes switch back, there is no way to tell how far back the common ancestor is, other than well documented ancestry, until BigY testing becomes cheaper, commonplace, and those and/or other matches have had the BigY or a comparable test.


Interesting, just before I opened up this topic I was looking at these record images 208 to 220,,171933302,173003401

My Great Grandfathers great great grandfather, Francisco Del Castillo's daughter Maria Francisca del Castillo Bonal, married into the Romo de Vivar line from San Juan de Los Lagos. Image 218 details the surname Romo de Vivar.

Still researching their offspring but I know that Francisca del Castillo and Ramon Romo married in Zacoalco de Torres, Jalisco, Mex. Going to research this line to see if there is any relation.
Zacoalco de Torres is named after the insurgent "El Amo Torres".

Hello Xayme

I see that many have responded to your offer. You need to check the line of descent from whomever you are comparing yours to. Many many people have errors in their line so it is necessary that if you are comparing DNA samples that you also check out their line step by step. If you are stii looking for a direct diego romo de Vivar descendant with a line that can be verified, I can put you in touch with any of my numerous first cousins. My mother is a romo and any of my cousins from her brothers fit the bill. If you tell me where you live I can put you into contact with the cousin that lives closest to you. As to their descendancy from Diego Romo De Vivar, I can provide all the details.

R A Ricci

R A Ricci,

You should get DNA tests for you and your relatives so you can see how they work. If your Romo de Vivar relatives aren't willing to get DNA tests it would be of no value to Xayme.

I can also tell you that the people that match Xayme were recruited by me to the Nueva Galicia DNA project long before he made the offer. So they have nothing to do with the offer that he made. I know for a fact several of them have extremely well documented genealogies.

Thirdly, when the family trees at FTDNA have a lot of names the trees seem to indicate a different ancestor on the paternal line and seem to have inconsistencies but in reality they don't. Therefore, it can be hard to determine the line unless one has a large database of the descendants of Diego Romo de Vivar.


Hello Armando,
I will pay for the tests done by my first cousin. I am also curious about comparing the DNA of different Romo lines that have documented lines. I wasn't bringing up my cousins so they could get a. Free test from Jayme, I am interested in what results he gets from all the Romos that he can get. I do not know how to read these tests so besides getting copies, I would also like to have help reading them.
Thanks Armando


I wasn't insinuating that you were bringing up your cousins so they could get a free test. There would have been nothing wrong with that though. Some people have very limited budgets. It wasn't clear if your cousin would be willing be tested which is partly why I posted what I did. Once you order the test and have access to the account it will be easier for me to explain the results.

If your cousin has agreed to be tested put both his email and your email on the account so both of you will get emails with the password and updates. If you order the test through the project it is cheaper. You want at least the Y-DNA37. You can always upgrade to the Y-DNA67 and Y-DNA111 at any time. If you put the order in before March 1 you can use a coupon code of 15for15 which expires Feb 28 at midnight. The link to use to order the tests and join the project is at

Once you get the results you will be able to see the name, email, and family tree of the matches and how "close the match is" which isn't exact because DNA mutates randomly. If you and your cousin were to get the Family Finder you would be able to see the name, email, and family tree of autosomal matches.

I am willing to answer any questions, that don't reveal private information of participants, about DNA testing and results through whichever form of communication that you prefer.


Mr. Ricci,

I looked at the information Armando posted and it seems to be proof that
your person and our Diego Romo De Vivar are different people. it doesn't
seem there's really any evidence to suggest he is the same person. the
stuff on the internet and google books show lots of information on our
Diego Romo De Vivar and most of them show him buying property in
Aguascalientes and Chihuahua and pacifying Indians and being at the Mines
in Durango but nothing about the inquisition. Plus your person doesn't seem
to be called Diego Romo de Vivar, he seems to be called Diego Perez de
Vivar according to Pares and this site

Danny C. Alonso

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