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Diego Arias de Sotelo regidor

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By Denise Fastrup - Posted on 29 October 2014

Hi fellow researchers

This past Monday I came across a folder in PARES from 1583. It's about some property of Diego Arias Sotelo to which someone lays claim. My Spanish is not good enough to get much out of it, but there is a statement by Christobal Sotelo Montezuma (he swears by the four Saints and the Holy Cross and others, rather dramatic), and list of some of Diego's property. Diego is referred to as regidor of la Ciudad de Mexico and as "natural" of the villa de San Miguel de Ribera (north of Salamanca and southeast of Zamora). This document is from 1583, and since Diego signed a letter in Febr. 1582, this places his death to between the date of the letter, and the date of this document. The writing is not difficult to read, so I hope someone will take a look at it and see if there is anything new to add to Diego Arias de Sotelo's story.

It never works for me to save a link to a particular image in Pares, so I have made a pdf document with screendumps that show how I found the document, and three screendumps from the document itself, so anyone who is interested should be able to find it in PARES. The pdf document is in the File Folder (Member Genealogy Files) here in NR under the name "Diego Arias Sotelo regidor" - see under "D".