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Petronila de Moctezuma

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By aldoromothurm - Posted on 29 September 2014

Has anyone further researched Petronila and found documents on her true identity?

This is what I have been able to put together from the internet, this is a assumption of her origins.

1. Axayacatl (b. 1469; d. 1492)

2. 9th Aztec Emperor Moctezuma Xocoyotzin (b. 1480; d. 1520)
Sp. Tzihuacxochitzin

3. Princess Marina Leonor Moctezuma (b. 1505; d. 1562)
Sp. Conquistador Cristóbal de Valderrama (b. 1501; d. 1562)

4. Leonor Valderrama de Moctezuma (b. 1532)
Sp. Diego Arias de Sotelo

5. Princess Petronila de Moctezuma (b. 1552)
Sp. Martín Navarro de Gabay

I would appreciate any thoughts or comments.

Mariana, not Marina
Mariana stopped using Mariana when she was confirmed as Leonor
It is important to not mix up Marina and Mariana
Even though martins descendants mainly used Navarro and most genealogists list him as You do as Martin Navarro de Gabay, I have changed how I list him in my records to Martin Gabai de Navarro, "El de Navarro"

The following document from before 1574 clearly states "doña Leonor alias doña Marina casada con Xpoval de Valderrama" then search on Moctezuma and 1574 then click on Mapas y Planos then click on Arbol genealógico de los descendientes de Moctezuma then click Ver imágenes



I've spent a fair amount of time looking for this connection, but have never been able to find anything documented.

The Codex Chimalpahin has some tantalizing information which I previously posted:

Leonore de Moctezuma's section named her husband Cristobal de Valderrama, their daughter Leonore, and her (the daughter Lenore) marriage with Diego Sotelo. Their children (Ana and Hernando Sotelo de Moctezuma) are called quadroons. Hernando [or Fernando from other records] it says had several children: five that are commonly seen in the published genealogies, and five more who are unnamed!! This is most interesting.

The section on Valderrama de Moctezuma / Sotelo de Moctezuma repeats this information, with some additions: It says the five children (still names unknown) are living with their father in Michhuacan. [Is "Michhuacan" Michoacan?] It says that these five children are all Spaniards because their mother was a Spaniard and their father was a quadroon. This was written in 1619.

The full post is at

University libraries should have the books (it's two volumes); the set is available from the University of Oklahoma Press, and other booksellers.

See also which sheds more light on the Arias de Sotelo family, but the link we are looking for is still not found.

Chipman's work, Moctezuma's Children, is very useful, but makes no mention whatsoever of Petronila, nor does he have quite the same information concerning the children of Arias de Sotelo (he has the usual five, but not the others noted by Chimalpahin).

There have been references here at NR to work that is said to establish the connection, but no documents have been publically identified that I'm aware of.

George Fulton
Pleasanton, CA


Aparte de otros documentos que comprueban que Leonor Valderrama de Moctezuma fue nieta del emperador Moctezuma existe un documento en el rollo matromonios 779562
Información matrimonial y actas diversas 1660- 1669 (incluye padrones)
que menciona al Br Don Antonio Moctezuma Cervantes hijo legitimo de Fernando Sotelo Moctezuma y María de Cervantes abuelos paternos Diego de Arias Sotelo regidor mas antiguo de la cd de Mex de los primeros pobladores de esta cd
y de Doña Leonor de Valderama Moctezuma su legitima mujer y la dicha Leonor hija legitima del Capt Cristobal Valderama y de Leonor Moctezuma hija legitima del emperador Moctezuma y de La ? Acatlanhijo del Rey de Soconusco.

Lo que nos falta a todos es una copia del documento que comprueba que Petronila era hija de Leonor Valderrama de Moctezuma. Guillermo Tovar y Teresa había encontrado ese documento y tenia planeado publicar la información y la fuente en un libro pero falleció el 10 de noviembre 2013. El 31 de julio Angelina Markle publicó que había leído en un articulo publicado en marzo que decía que Rafael, hermano de Guillermo, encontró un libro inédito de su hermano titulado "Historia de Mexico" el cual va a publicar.

Parte de la información que encontró Guillermo la compartió con Mariano González Leal y la publicó Mariano en 2011 en Retoños de España en La Nueva Galicia. Steven Francisco Hernández López compartió el contenido del apéndice Moctezuma de Retoños de España en La Nueva Galicia en Verás que asevera que Petronila era hija de Leonor Valderrama de Moctezuma y que "casó con Martín de Gabay, conocido como el Navarro y otras veces llamado Martín Navarro."


To Armando,
Thank you for correcting my statement regarding Mariana. I was unaware that she had also been referred to as Marina. It is important to not confuse her as the Marina that served as interpreter for Cortez. Other records name her as Mariana or Leonor.


Guillermo Tovar y Teresa also claimed that he would reveal in this new book a discovery that he had made regarding the ancestry of Diego Romo de Vivar.

I clicked on the link, but it doesn't populate anything. It gives me a error message.
Thank you Armando!!!


Thank you so much for this helpful information George!!!


Gracias Armando! Espero que si se publique ese libro.


Hopefully the book is published. I am very interested in the ancestry of Diego Romo de Vivar y Pérez.


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