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Apozol,Jalpa and Juchipila pre 1800

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By rojasdelgado - Posted on 09 September 2014

Hello everyone, can someone please tell me if records ever existed for Apozol, Jalpa and Juchipila, Zac. prior to 1800. If not, did our ancestors have to travel to nearest town like Nochistlan for marriage, baptism etc...
As many of you already now, the records for these three places start about mid 1850's.

I am specifically looking into my Medrano Family, Jose Maria Medrano married to Maria Antonia Perez, the only children I was able to find were:
Feliciano Medrano (born about 1812 in Juchipila and died in 1886 in Jalpa) married to and Romana Macias and Maria Lucia Hernandez.
Pablo Medrano (born about 1817 in Juchipila)married to Maria Felipa Huerta

Both of their sons married and the families went back and forth between these three towns.

I found many Medrano Families in Nochistlan from that era, but I still have to make a connection.

Thank You

Ruben Rojas Delgado

Alicia Avelar Olmos de Carrillo
Historically, Juchipila and Jalpa were among the early towns that were settled during the colonial period, but unfortunately many of the records were lost or burned during the Revolution. My great aunt says her grandmother used to tell her stories of how they would enter the churches on horseback with torches and set the churches on fire in Jalpa. For about 10 years, I searched for records of my Olmos lineage and in January of 2012, I finally found a marriage record in Jalpa dating back to 1834. This was a big aha moment, knowing that my ancestors did not just appear out of the blue, their records are the ones that had disappeared. Most of my ancestors are from Nochistlan up until the early 1800's. As I trace further back, prior to Nochistlan, they were from Teocaltiche Jalisco and some were from Jalpa and still others from Tabasco or Villa del Refugio Mecatabasco. It's the ones who were from Jalpa that were elusive because of the lack of physical records.

Keep searching and in a roundabout way, you will find your family, that's how I was able to find mine.
Alicia, San Jose, Ca

Thank you Alicia, you put it best "Our ancestors did not just appear out of the blue"

I always figured these records existed at one point and probably destroyed during Revolution and Cristero Wars.

I will try nearby towns for clues.



I would not rule out Tlaltenango, Zacatecas as a place to look as well. I have an ancestor that lived in Aguascalientes and found her buried in Tlaltenango. It was a crazy find.

Hi Ruben,

La Villita in Jalpa is my primary area of research so I'm very familiar with the lack of records. That being said, I've been able to find documents from Jalpa related to my family going back to before 1690. I have collected some of the names in my webpage:

I have together my family trees from various sources some of which are not available online: 1. 1820 Jalpa Census (order film), 2. marriage dispensations from the Guadalajara Diocesis and Jalpa Church (both online) as well as Jalpa civil records (online), 3. Tierra y Aguas archive (order films), and 4. 1819-1827 Marriage book (privately obtained).

Like I said, these various pieces of information helped identify my relatives, including my 8XGreat grandparents, going back into the 1600s. I also found many, many maps of the land grants given (and fought over) to the families of Jalpa and surrounding areas like Huanusco, Calvillo, La Villita, etc. With these old maps and surveys, I used Google maps to trace the original land grant.

Let me know if you have particular question and hopefully i can help you out.

Best, Arturo G.

Hola Ruben,

I have also found records in Cuquio, Yahualica and Teocaltiche in Jalisco for Juchipila, Amoxochitl and Apozol prior to 1800. Search there.

For Jalpa specifically I wouldn't be surprised to find them in Nochistlan.

Hope that helps!

I am really interested in finding more Amoxochitl records.

Thank You Arturo,

I took a look at the link you provided and I see many familiar names already. One name that stands out right away is Juan Duran and Regina de Aguayo. They are my 9x GGP's.
If you are interested in the rest of their family, here is a link I received from Family Library in Utah. From "Genealogia de Nochistlan, Antiguo Reino de la Nueva Galicia en el Siglo XVII segun sus Archivos Parroquiales."

Thank You, I will continue my search.


Thanks Sandra, those are three places I have never considered before. I will take a look there.



Arturo, one last thing.

Are you familiar with the book "Census Records for Latin America and the Hispanic U.S." by Lyman de Platt

There is census records for Jalpa going back to 1760. If you are familiar with the book, do you know if we can view the microfilm online and does it even have family names?

There is a pdf page on this site under Files> Books and Articles> Census records for Latin America by Lyman Platt> Aguas Calientes y Zacatecas.

It only gives microfilm info.


Me too! I have looked in Cuquio, etc and have found some but not many.

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