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Was there another Mexticacan near Aguascalientes?

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By Steve G. Apodaca - Posted on 06 August 2014

I'm looking at the baptism record of my ancestor Juana Sanchez from Aguascalientes, back in 1619. Here's the link:

It mentions that his parents Francisco Sanchez de Montes de Oca and Ana Tomassina Ruiz de Esparza were residents of "parado de Mestiticacan." I assumed at first that it meant the town of Mexticacan, but I have my doubts because it is so far away from Aguascalientes. Could it be that at that time Aguascalientes was the closest parish?

I'm still at the beginning stage of my research on this family. I'm amazed to find so many messages regarding the Ruiz de Esparza family and all the fellow members researching this family. Once again, I'd like to thank Austin Perez, who provided me the info to connect my tree to this family. Before this, I had only found a connection with 4, maybe 5 nuestros ranchos members. Now, I guess I have many more primos!

Steve in NC

Hello Steve,

I believe that you were initially right in assuming Mexticacan, Jalisco. I had ancestors from a few families that traveled or left relations in the
Mexticacan/Nochistlan area that were originally from Aguascalientes. These families kept in touch and some moved back while some moved on to Tepatitlan/Jalostotitlan Jalisco.


Thanks for your reply R.A. Ricci. While having a closer look at how all these villages developed, it does make sense that it referred to Mexticacan. I read somewhere that at the beginning it was difficult to establish a settlement in Aguascalientes with newcomers, and for that reason, the Spanish crown started giving land grants to individuals already settled in other towns in the area.

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