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"Le Pasaron Por Las Armas"

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By rojasdelgado - Posted on 01 June 2014

While researching my paternal side, I came across a list of over 20 men and it just says, "Le pasaron por las armas" I looked for a translation it appears that all these men were executed under a firing squad. It was around Jan 1812. Was this still during the Mexican War of Independence and can they be connected. Can anyone please shed some light.I included the link to image.,176796202,176865501


Gil Ramirez wrote:
War of Mexican Independence 1810-1821. Would be interesting to find out which side the 20 men were fighting for. My Great grandfather x6 sided with the Spanish Royal Crown. He was Teniente de Justicia and Comandante de Armas. I can't say he was a soldier because I cannot find a document indicating that. He was killed by the Insurgency in 1812. There were 8 others who died with him on the same day, each one of them with their own entry in the list of Difunciones.

Hi Ruben,

Like Gil said it means they were executed by firing squad. I have found similar occurences in Autlán in 1811-1813. In Autlán is says the ones there were executed "pasados por las Armas del Rey," which more clearly indicates that they were Insurgentes, executed by royalist soldiers. Interestingly, among the victims there were members of all castes, including Spaniards. It also lists their widows.,171935102,172641301

I have also found documents where people were killed by Insurgents. I will try to find it.

These documents give us a different picture than the one sometimes fostered by textbooks. These scenes are what everyday people saw and experienced.

Keep it up!

Sergio Salés

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