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Teniente de Justicia, Comandante de Armas

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By Gilberto - Posted on 30 May 2014

Gil Ramirez wrote:

I'm interested in finding more information on what it took to become a "Comandante de Armas". I also cannot find much information on the role of a "Teniente de Justicia". My Great grandfather x6 was both a "Teniente de Justicia" and "Comandante de Armas". My Gg x6 was apparently chosen as "Teniente" by Rosendo Porlier who was under the orders of brigadier Don José de la Cruz comandante general del Ejército de Operaciones de Reserva.

My Gg x6 Francisco Castillo, was later killed by insurgents on Oct 18, 1812. A few years later Francisco's son, My Gg X5, Luis Castillo Bonal, would also become Teniente de Justicia for the same town, Zacoalco de Torres, Jalisco, Mexico.

My Gg x5 Luis Castillo Bonal married a Captain's daughter.
My Gg x6 Francisco's daughter married a Teniente de justice from Tepatitlan, Jalisco, Mex.

I have also heard the title "Corregidor" and wondering if this title was just another name for "Teniente de Justicia".
Any information is greatly links, books, authors etc..

I am curious Gil Ramirez. What is the Comandante De Armas?

Because as I was looking through defunto records of our village of Huejuquilla. I found someone who was the "Comandante De Armas" of our village:

His name is "Chris Santos Gonzalez, Espanol" was 60 years old when he passed away in 1820. And it says "Comandante de Armas de este pueblo"


Also in 1814:

"Capitan Don Ignacio Martinez De Murguia" where he was 56 years old, passed away from hidropecia. Left his money to be divided up into the poor. He passed away at "La Hacienda De San Antonio De Padua" under the jurisidiction of our village "Huejuquilla El Alto" in Jalisco Mexico in 1814.

I am not sure what else it says about "esposa?"

I made copy and tried to fit it into one page:

Source starts at bottom of left page then continues on top of right page:,171931202,173088501

I'm sure someone here is familiar with these titles; Comandante de Armas, Teniente de Justicia.

Alicia Avelar Olmos de Carrillo
Per the on-line dictionary, this is what I found under teniente, but I didn't find teniente de justicia. It could be a police lieutenant, not a military lieutenant.

A. - noun masculine and feminine
tenienta SF a veces
1. (military) lieutenant , first lieutenant United States
·teniente coronel lieutenant colonel
·teniente de navío lieutenant
·teniente general lieutenant general
2. (=ayudante) deputy , assistant
·teniente de alcalde deputy mayor
·teniente fiscal assistant prosecutor
B. - adjective
·estar teniente >
** to be deaf

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