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What is "Hacientos De Hermanos Cofrades" in 1802?

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By MADERA_32 - Posted on 19 May 2014

Hi everyone,

I ran across this document called, "Hacientos De Hermanos Cofrades" for the year 1802 of our village. Is it a Fraternity of Cofrades Club? My Great Great Great Grandfather Juan Benancio Madera is listed there and it looks like he paid 2 pesos. He was 40 years old in 1802 since he was born in 1762 at Rancho De Los Maderas which is nearby.

Now there is a "Cofradia" right at community of village and number of ranches and nearby haciendas.

Today that Cofradia still exists but it is a ranch called, "La Cofradia" There is also an archive called, "La Cofradia" dated 1632 - 1700 which I already browsed some of it.

Here is a copy of the document "Hacientos De Hermanos Cofrades" which lists 4 pages of people and they all paid money. My Great Great Great Grandfather Juan Benancio Madera is listed on the first page:,171931202,172143001

Asiento means SEAT, and just as in English, it may mean someones place or post in a group (as in Seat of Congress).
It also means to write down in orden to registrer something.
So, it may be the Registry of the Brothers of the Cofardía, or the registry of the Seats of the Brothers of the Cofardía.

Victoriano Navarro

Thank you Victoriano. I am really excited about that my great great great grandfather Juan Benancio (Venancio) Madera born 1762, son of Francisco Madera of Rancho De Los Maderas had a seat on the Brothers of the Cofradia.

And there is a Cofradia that exists today but is a ranch and is about 10 minutes on car (distance) to Rancho De Los Maderas (San Jose De Los Maderas) and all the other ranchos and the village of Huejuquilla. Also the Cofradia is closer to the location of the Hacienda of San Antonio which is about 5 - 10 minutes past the Cofradia.

The Cofradia is old and existed back in 1632 - 1700:,171931202,173003001

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