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Introduction and my Quiralta, Quiralte, Quirarte research.

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By RJQ - Posted on 06 May 2014

Hi there all, I am glad to be part of the group, I've been (a bit at a time and slowly) researching my last name for little more than ten years now, although strictly talking about genealogy I just started a couple of years ago. Since the Internet is my only way of research I still need to find many links and pieces of information.

My research took me to the city of Nombre de Dios in Durango, in the second half of the 1600's, The film for this location and time is quite a challenge and unfortunately the time I got to review it, I wasn't doing genealogy yet therefore I couln't provide with a more detailed information like names and families other than my subjects but I am suspecting that some of them also lived in Zacatacas, I hope to revisit the files in order to extend the documentation since many records where skipped during the indexing at FamilySearch,(Film # 654868)

From there one of my ancestors moved to Nochistlán, Zacatecas and his children married among the Lozano, Leonel de Cervantes, Moscoso, Sandoval, Rodrigues de Frias.

One of my questions is about the town/village they mostly lived in, I noticed that the mentioned families lived in places like Los Lozanos, Los Mercados, Los Sandovales, Los Duranes/ Monte de los Duranes, etc. but there is this place that I can't locate geographically, named San Nicolas y Flores, (also San Nicolas, San Nicolas de Flores) in Nochistlán, I apreciate any information you may know of it.

From Zacatecas many Families moved around Nueva Galicia and end up all around Jalisco y Zacatecas.

I am also looking for the Rodriguez de Santa Ana (whom I am suspecting came also from Nombre de Dios, Durango). in particular there is a Fabian Rodriguez de Santa Ana married with Bernarda Gertrudis Ramires (or Mejía) whose kids born in Nochistlán.

I have a website where I am putting all my findings, is going to be updated constantly

This is also my file

Thank you for any information or comment, any help is greatly appreciated.
RJ Quiralte.

David Serna

This is a link to a .Pueblo now called Carrillos(San Nicolas) It shows a map and places it on Hwy. 205 just NW of Apulco, Zac. Between Nochistlan and Teocaltiche.

When looking for pueblos and ranchos, .. Use Google Type
the name + the nearby town + (either of these sites) telepaisa or pueblos America.

Telepaisa offers a map either satellite or road.
Pueblos America only satellite.

There is a third.. I have forgotten the name.. but I posted the subject on NR just two weeks ago. David

Saul Navarro
I also connect to the Quiralte, Lozano, Sandoval, Rodriguez y Frias, Venavides family lines in Nochistlan Zacatecas. Do you want to compare notes? you can write me at Saul

Thank you David, indeed, that place has the name on it, I come across with Los Carrillos a while ago, I just haven't found if they are the same, I guess I would have to search for the Carrillo family to find out if they owned that place and thus the change of name. thanks for the tip.

RJ Quiralte

Hi there Saul, nice to meet you, I don't really have that much of a genealogy done, my only information is the first generation of Quiralte in Nochistlán, which is far from complete, from there I just followed my line that went to Jalisco. but you can always check my website, there I will be putting all the information I have in Family Tree, (since they are not making it truly public) with explanations on each link. Any comment/correction are always appreciated.

RJ Quiralte

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