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Online Tree, software and organization system

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By maven200 - Posted on 26 April 2014

Could anyone recommend an online site where I could house my tree with images and invite family to view? Also any software to organize? I have several trees online but I want to consolidate to one place. My recent experience with myheritage and isn't good. I canceled my ancestry subscription after several years and yesterday when to my shoebox only to find I can't access any of my saved files! On my heritage I cannot click through to see my actual saved files- this is with a subscription. I don't mind paying annually but would like to be able to make charts and books for some of my older relatives. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Sent from my iPad is excellent. It's free and you can make it private if you want to, I let's you invite family/friends and upload photos, create stories, videos, and add citations such as baptisms, marriages, deaths.

Jose Carlos de Leon

I use The free version is pretty powerful and easy to use, you can upload/download your full gedcom files, it creates very useful lists, charts, maps, privacy is completely customizable, and my favorite part is the custom graphic trees (some are beautiful!). The site works in many different languages at the selection from a drop-down box. You get alerts for matches among other geneanet trees and even for connections in other databases. The site is developed/managed in France and so is all originally in French, but again, use the drop-down selection to choose English, Spanish, etc, 10 languages in all. I like using it very much, check it out and see if it'll suit your needs.

Sandra Velez

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